The Top 10 Of The Best College Football Fans

December 12, 2022
By AdmissionSight

The Top 10 Of The Best College Football Fans

Who has the best college football fans?

Who has the most passionate fans of college football? There are a few factors that contribute to college football being the most popular sport in the United States, but there is one factor that stands out above the rest: the fans.

Fans of college football are known for their raucous and enthusiastic support, which makes them unique among fans of other sports. Even though fans of other sports are passionate and enthusiastic, the group that attends football games wears face paint, and has tailgates has a unique sense of camaraderie.

Some college football teams stand out from the rest due to the sheer number of fans they have, the great pregame festivities they put on, or the iconic chants they use. This is true for all college football teams.

These are the 10 best college football fans in the country.

1. LSU Tigers

There is no correlation between the Tigers’ recent victory in the National Championship and their position on this list in any way, shape, or form. Fans of the Tigers are known to be among the rowdiest in the nation.

It doesn’t matter where the Tigers play on Saturdays; LSU fans travel as much as fans of any other school in the country. On game days, Baton Rouge is transformed into a true paradise for college football. Tiger Stadium offers one of the most memorable experiences that a college football fan can have, and it is also home to one of the best tailgating experiences in the country.

LSU Stadium, the home of LSU Tigers

The heat alone is enough to wear down an opposing team, which is fitting for a place that is known as “Death Valley.” When competing teams face some of the most devoted and passionate fans in the country, it makes things that much more challenging for those teams. Bear Bryant, the legendary head coach of Alabama football, was quoted as saying that Death Valley is “the worst place in the world for a visiting team. It’s like being inside a drum.”

2. Michigan Wolverines

More than 100,000 fans attend each of Michigan’s home games, making their stadium one of the most packed in the country regardless of its size relative to others across the country. Over the past few years, the average number of fans attending each of Michigan’s home games has been greater than 112,000. This has helped the Wolverines lead the nation in attendance on multiple occasions. There is a good reason why it is referred to as the “Big House,” and the University of Michigan never has any trouble selling out the arena whenever the Wolverines play a game.

University of Michigan students in a football game

Additionally, the Wolverines have one of the most dedicated fan bases across all of the social media in the country. Thus, it is on our second list of teams with the best college football fans.

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are another team that hasn’t been as successful in recent times as they were in the past, but they certainly do not lack support from their fanbase. There are supporters of Notre Dame in every corner.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Fans of the Fighting Irish fill their home stadium, which has a capacity of 80,000 people, and it appears that the majority of those fans also travel with the team. Fans of Notre Dame University travel as much as those of any other university in the country, and possibly more.

4. Texas Longhorns

No place on earth plays football quite like Texas, even though the Southeastern Conference is widely considered to have the best players and fan bases. If you’ve seen the movies “Varsity Blues” or “Friday Night Lights,” then you already know that football is more than just a way of life; it’s almost like a religion.

Front view of a building in the University of Texas with a male statue at the very front

Even though the Longhorns haven’t had much recent success, they still have a large number of devoted fans who have continued to show their support for the team. The Longhorns are one of only a few teams in the country that draw an average of more than 100,000 fans per game throughout the course of an entire season.

5. Oklahoma Sooners

If you consider yourself to be a fan of college football, then there’s a good chance that you’ve participated in the “Boomer Sooner” chant at some point in your life. The Sooners have one of the best college football fans of any college team, with more than 85,000 people chanting their name at each game played in Norman.

Oklahoma Sooners celebrating

One interesting fact about the 85,000 people who watch games at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is the following: In terms of capacity, that is more than what the stadium is officially able to accommodate. That’s right: The Sooners are the only team in the nation whose average attendance at home games is higher than the capacity of their stadium.

6. Georgia Bulldogs

The Georgia Bulldogs are another SEC team with extremely devoted fans, as evidenced by the fact that they consistently rank near the top of the nation in terms of the number of fans who attend each game.

Georgia Bulldogs celebrating

More than 92,000 people come out to watch what is consistently regarded as one of the best teams in the country, year after year. It should come as no surprise that they have the best college football fans given that the atmosphere at their football games is consistently ranked among the best in the country.

In addition to that, who doesn’t adore the Georgia Bulldog as their team mascot?

7. Tennessee Volunteers

It’s been quite some time since Tennessee was a significant player on the national stage, or even in the SEC for that matter. Despite this, Volunteers’ supporters continue to demonstrate their undying loyalty to the team. Neyland Stadium, which is consistently ranked as one of the most raucous stadiums in the country, is a difficult place for opposing teams to play no matter how strong the Tennessee team may be in a given season.

Tennessee Volunteers celebrating

One of the best gameday scenes in the country can be found in Tennessee, thanks to the nearly 90,000 fans who tailgate along the Tennessee River.

Fans of the Tennessee Volunteers are desperate for the team to get back to its winning ways at some point in the not-too-distant future.

8. Florida Gators

Gainesville, Florida, is widely regarded as having some of the best conditions for college football in the United States. On a typical Saturday, the Swamp is home to nearly 88,000 fans. If you ask anyone familiar with football, they will all be able to perform the Gator Chomp.

Florida Gators celebrating

When you combine the climate and the crowds in Gainesville, you have one of the most challenging environments in which a team can compete.

9. Nebraska Cornhuskers

In recent years, Nebraska’s program has not been as dominant as it was in the past when it was considered a powerhouse. However, fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers are among the best college football fans in the country. They will continue to show their support for the team even if it is eliminated from bowl eligibility.

a stadium filled with Nebraska Cornhuskers fans

Fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers are so devoted to their team that every home game at the university has been sold out since 1962. That’s more than 350 games in a row, and the streak is still going. Even when their team is struggling toward the bottom of the Big Ten standings, Nebraska fans never stop showing their support.

10. Ohio State Buckeyes

Every year, the Ohio State student body and alumni turn the Horseshoe into one of the most hostile environments in which to compete. In addition to this, they traveled as much as any other fan base in the country did while the band was on tour.

Ohio State Buckeyes celebrating

At every one of their games, the stadium is expected to be packed to capacity with more than one hundred thousand fans, making it one of the largest stadiums in the country. Even their spring games draw close to 100,000 spectators each time.

The fact that the Buckeyes have been one of the best college football teams in recent history is also a big help. That invariably contributes to the growth of a rabid fan base.

What college football team has the largest fanbase?

Which college football team boasts the most devoted following? One recent study may have provided us with some insight as to which college football fan bases are the largest, even though it has traditionally been difficult to accurately count the number of supporters that each major college football program has.

TJ Altimore, a strategy consultant, recently conducted a study that provided some new data on the topic.

According to one of their findings, approximately 92 percent of the best college football fans root for schools that are a part of the Power Five, and approximately 50 percent of fans support teams that are ranked among the top 16 in the nation.

The following are some of the largest fan bases in college football, along with an estimate of how many people make up each one.

  1. Ohio State: 11.26 million
  2. Notre Dame: 8.21 million
  3. Texas: 7.82 million
  4. Penn State: 6.36 million
  5. Michigan with 6.26 million residents
  6. Florida: 5.89 million
  7. Oregon: 5.54 million
  8. Alabama: 5.34 million
  9. Wisconsin: 4.57 million
  10. USC: 4.46 million
  11. LSU: 4.02 million
  12. Georgia: 3.99 million
  13. University of Texas at Austin: 3.87 million
  14. Syracuse: 3.45 million
  15. 15 (Tie) Auburn: 3.27 million
  16. 15 (Tie) Tennessee: 3.27 million

Which college football conference has the most fans?

Which college football conference do the most spectators root for? The two conferences that will be expanding their footprint in the coming years by adding notable new programs also have the largest fan bases.

The following is a list of the top 10 conferences with the most fans:

  1. SEC: 54.1 million
  2. Big Ten: 44.6 million
  3. ACC: 31.7 million
  4. Pac-12: 23.5 million
  5. Big 12: 11.6 million
  6. Mountain West: 4.9 million
  7. AAC: 3.3 million
  8. Sun Belt: 1.8 million
  9. Conference USA: 1.1 million
  10. MAC: 0.7 million

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