The Most Fun Jobs in the World

January 2, 2023
By AdmissionSight

The Most Fun Jobs in the World

What are the most fun jobs in The world?

What are the most fun jobs in the world? Although employment is frequently seen as a torturous procedure to make ends meet, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Some jobs are boring, while others are entertaining, intriguing, and fun. AdmissionSight prepared a list of 20 most fun jobs in the world that pay well to assist you in finding an entertaining profession that adds interest to your life. You could eventually feel bad for not reading this sooner:

1. Fashion Consultant

The national average compensation for a fashion consultant is $30,082 per year.

Fashion consultants, who are also called personal stylists, help people choose clothes and accessories that make them look better.

2. Radio Announcer

The national average income for radio announcers is $36,442 annually.

Radio announcers, who are also called disc jockeys (DJs), are in charge of playing music, giving news, and making comments during live broadcasts for radio stations.

3. Brewmaster

Annual average salary in the United States: $39,205

a brewmaster holding grains of malt

Brewmasters’ main responsibilities are managing the brewing process for breweries. They have an in-depth knowledge of the brewing process and frequently try out new ingredients and methods.

4. Pet Groomer

The national average wage for pet groomers is $41,105 annually.

Primary responsibilities: Pet groomers assist owners by shampooing animals, clipping their nails, and styling their fur. Dogs are what most pet groomers specialize in, although some also groom other kinds of animals.

5. Novelist

The national average wage for novelists is $44,276 annually.

Novelists’ main responsibilities are to pen fictional stories for publication. They generate plot ideas, build characters, establish stories, and do accurate research on plot points.

6. Race Car Instructor

The national average wage for a race car driving instructor is $45,458 annually.

primary obligations: Students are taught how to drive specially equipped automobiles, making it one of the most fun jobs in the world. They demonstrate to the pupils how to drive the vehicles, how to navigate the track at high speeds, and how to use the safety features.

7. Food Critic

The national average compensation for food critics is $47,707 per year.

primary obligations: For magazines, newspapers, websites, and other media outlets, food critics sample, examine, and write about the food. On radio or television, some food critics orally express their views.

8. Event Planner

The national average yearly wage for event planners is $48,494.

primary obligations: Galas, weddings, conferences, meetings, conventions, and other events are organized by event planners for both individuals and businesses. They investigate potential locations, create interior and exterior designs, and look for suppliers of lighting, furniture, and other requirements.

9. Sommelier

The average yearly wage in the country is $56,687.

a Sommelier preparing wines

primary obligations: Sommeliers advise customers on wines and offer them bottles of wine when they visit a restaurant. They study wines in order to find out the kind of grapes used, the vineyard that made the bottle, and the vintage or year that each bottle was made.

10. Mechanic for Race Cars

Annual median salary: $58,341 Main responsibilities: In order to get their cars ready for competition, race car mechanics test and fix them. They examine systems for functionality, check fluid levels, change tires, and test engines.

Most fun summer jobs

What are the most fun summer jobs? Let’s continue our exploration of the most fun jobs in the world. This time, let’s focus on the summer jobs. Check them out below:

1. Landscaping

Lawn upkeep and more involved landscaping, such as gardening and tree and shrub planting, are also examples of landscaping. This summer, if you already have expertise maintaining a lawn and have access to lawn equipment, you may start your own lawn business.

2. Lifeguard

Obtaining a certification is necessary to work as a lifeguard. One option is to work at a water park, making it one of the most fun jobs in the world; at a neighborhood pool; or at a local recreation center. If you enjoy spending time in the sun outside, it’s a terrific choice. A lifeguard typically makes $9.60 per hour.

3. Farm Worker

Teenagers in more remote locations can labor on nearby farms. Farm animals may need to be fed and cared for, while other tasks may include bailing hay, plow work, planting, and crop harvesting. Remember that working on a farm requires a lot of physical labor. According to who you are, that may be beneficial or harmful. Farm workers typically make $11.58 per hour.

4. A Nursery Worker

A nursery’s typical tasks include taking care of the plants, setting up displays, assisting customers in loading products into their vehicles, cleaning, and other similar tasks. Both client service and some heavy lifting may be required for this position. An outdoor nursery employee makes, on average, $14 per hour.

5. Golf Caddy

Working as a caddy on a golf course is a lucrative job for teenagers, making it one of the most fun jobs in the world. The payment varies by golf course. Older, private courses frequently offer caddy programs. Golf caddies are often paid by the bag and can make between $100 and $120 while carrying two bags over the course of 18 holes.

6. Official or Umpire

Teenagers are frequently hired as referees and umpires by local youth travel and recreation groups. Typically, referees and umpires are compensated per game. A referee makes $17 per hour on average. This can be a really effective approach to making quick money.

7. An Athletic Scorekeeper

Keeping score for junior sports leagues is another job that involves sports for teenagers, making it one of the most fun jobs in the world. Teenagers are typically paid the minimum wage for keeping score.

an athletic scorekeeper

To ensure accuracy, you must pay close attention to this task at all times. Scorekeepers occasionally deal with coaches as well. But if you enjoy sports, this is a fantastic possibility for an entry-level position.

8. Apple Collector

Consider becoming an apple picker if you live close to an orchard. Pickers are frequently paid per piece or bushel, while some orchards will pay hourly (the average wage for an apple picker is $11.27 an hour). Because of this, learning to pick quickly is advantageous. As a result, picking apples is a labor-intensive task.

9. Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaner is another fantastic outside job option. Despite how it appears on TV, the work is not simple. In addition to cleaning the pool, pool cleaners also regulate PH levels, clean and remove filters, and perform other tasks.

10. Swimming Coach

If you enjoy both swimming and teaching, working as a swimming instructor might be the ideal summer job for you.  You could work at a neighborhood recreation facility or a swimming pool complex. A swimming instructor makes, on average, $11.86 per hour.

Most fun remote jobs

What are the most fun remote jobs? Let’s continue our exploration of the most fun jobs in the world. This time, let’s focus on the remote jobs listed below:

1. Audio Director

There is a game production studio with headquarters in the United Kingdom that strives to make “amazing games on cutting-edge hardware.” This is a full-time, completely remote job that can be done from anywhere in the UK.

2. Buyer, Nursery, and Decor

To make parenthood easier, there’s a store that provides informative articles, a carefully curated store, and an online baby registry. In order to enhance profitability and efficiency, the nursery and decor buyer will collaborate with the ecommerce team to build business strategies and goals. This is a full-time position that can be filled remotely from anywhere in the United States.

3. Senior Narrative Designer

Senior Narrative Designer for an award-winning, independent, employee-owned video game development company that creates “hopeful” environments to foster devoted player communities and lifetime connections. The job is entirely remote and full-time.

4. Children’s Animation and Education Partnerships Director

The Children’s Animation and Education Partnerships Director job is full-time and can be done from anywhere in the United States. Anyone in the country can apply for it.

5. Fashion Editor

This is an online multimedia platform and magazine company that offers millennials material in the areas of music, fashion, entertainment, and pop culture. The job is full-time, partially remote, and requires some travel.

6. Author of Literature Study Guides

This is a completely remote, freelance job that can be done from anywhere in the United States and has a part-time, flexible schedule.

7. Designer of Motion Graphics

This job post is for a broadcast media firm that broadcasts sporting events like dog shows, sailing, horse racing, golf, rugby, the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, soccer, and more.

a graphic designer working on a project

For show packaging, the motion graphics designer will design and implement animated and graphic elements. For a full-time, short-term project, this is freelance, temporary work that can be completed entirely online.

8. Producer of Rides and Events

Producer of rides and events for a nonprofit group with a local office in Seattle, Washington. Its mission is to “build a better biking community” in the Puget Sound area by promoting cycling as a mode of transportation and for enjoyment. The work can be done entirely from home, and the hours are flexible.

9. Reporter for Senior Entertainment

A media and entertainment organization publishes articles on social media, business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, and international news. It is possible to work in this full-time, entirely remote position from anywhere in the United States.

10. Staff Writer

Staff Writer for a well-known sports publication in the United States. The article will be covered by the staff writer across print, web, video, and social platforms. All U.S. applicants are welcome to apply for this partially remote position with a full-time alternate schedule. To cover in-person events, some travel is necessary.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide what you perceive to be the “most fun jobs in the world.” If you are driven and inspired to learn more about a certain subject, look into careers in that industry. Selecting your passion that offer you a sense of purpose is the first step in finding a cool career.

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