MIT Official Mascot

December 25, 2022
By AdmissionSight

MIT Official Mascot

What is MIT’s Official mascot?

Who or what is the official mascot of MIT? Since the early years of the institute, Tim the Beaver has been an integral part of MIT’s community; making it the MIT official mascot.

Who brings a smile to MITers young and old?

Who is always up for a big hug?

Who is the most photographed person on campus?

Tim, The Beaver!

The college mascot has traditionally been an integral part of displaying school spirit and singing fight songs.

In spite of the fact that they have been in existence for a considerable amount of time, school mascots continue to play a vital role in the development of school spirit. They become good advocates for academic institutions such as universities and colleges.

a beaver, the inspiration behind MIT official mascot

This article will introduce you to Tim the Beaver, the mascot of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as well as discuss how Tim’s presence influences campus life at MIT. We will also include some fun facts, such as the official colors of the school and their very own cheerleading team.

In addition to that, a supplementary discussion on mascots having large heads (just like Tim the Beaver).

So how did the Beaver come to the MIT community? Below, we narrate the humble beginnings of the mascot and why MIT chose the beaver as its symbol.

Because of its outstanding abilities in engineering and mechanics, as well as its hardworking nature, the beaver was selected to serve as the mascot for the Technology department.

On January 17, 1914, the Technology Club of New York hosted its annual dinner at the Hotel Plaza. The late President Maclaurin was the evening’s distinguished guest of honor. At the banquet that followed, a collection of beavers depicted in their natural environments was given as a token of appreciation to the guest of honor.

It was suggested then that a beaver should be used as the mascot of the institute. During the fellowship dinner, President Maclaurin approved the idea, and later on, D. Gardner gave the presentation address and humorously pointed out that while Princeton has its tiger, Yale has its bulldog, and Wisconsin has its badger, Tech has no mascot.

He then emphasized the peculiar appropriateness of the beaver as a symbol of technology in general and of Technology’s president in particular due to the beaver’s one-of-a-kind industry and its modest and inconspicuous acquisitiveness.

D. Gardner, in the course of introducing the Beaver Group, stated:

“On behalf of the Technology Club of New York, I have been asked to present you for your consideration as a mascot for Tech, these Beavers. It may interest you to know how the Beaver came to be chosen. But before proceeding, I, like every other good loyal Tech man, take off my Beaver hat to President Maclaurin.

We turned to Mr. Hornaday’s book on the Animals of North America and instantly chose the Beaver. As you will see, the Beaver not only typifies the Tech man but his habits are peculiarly our own. Mr. Hornaday say, “Of all the animals of the world, the beaver is noted for his engineering and mechanical skill and habits of industry.” His habits are nocturnal, he does his best work in the dark.'”

Regarding the name, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that people started referring to him as Tim. Before that, the name of the mascot had various iterations, including Bucky, Chipper, and Eager. Many people would say that Tim is MIT in reverse (which we find cute and catchy).

The year 2014 saw Tim the Beaver’s 100th birthday, and CAC posters commemorating the occasion featured Tim wearing a blue tropical shirt.

Why do mascots have big heads?

Why do mascots like the MIT official mascot Tim the Beaver have such large heads? The heads of the most popular mascots are typically disproportionately huge compared to the rest of their bodies. The idea behind these dimensions is that they reflect the body shape of babies, which will help the mascot come across as friendly and approachable.

View of a students talking.

Big heads also increase performer visibility, which is a crucial factor that needs to be considered when considering a mascot head. It is essential for a performer to have adequate vision in order to give their best performance.

Active mascot performers, such as those used in races, demand increased visibility and a more unobstructed line of sight. The same goes for a more sedentary mascot performer or a show mascot performer who must have enough vision to see where they’re going.

It is important for the line of sight inside a mascot’s head to be flexible, particularly if several performers of varying heights will be wearing the mascot outfit at the same time.

Adjustability is generally not a characteristic of many inexpensive and relatively small mascot heads. This may result in eyesight and adaptability issues in the future.

What are MIT’s colors?

What kind of colors does MIT use?  MIT’s graphic identity, including that of Time the Beaver, MIT official mascot, places a significant emphasis on the use of color.

It was intended for the MIT logo to be utilized in two different colors so that the three individual letters could be highlighted.

Black and red, red and gray, and black and gray are the three color pairings that are considered to be the primary color combinations of MIT. PMS 201 C and PMS 423 C, in addition to black, have been designated as the official colors of MIT for all purposes, including specifications. When a lighter shade of gray is required to contrast with PMS 423 C, another option is to use PMS 420 C.

Does MIT have a cheerleading team?

Are you wondering if MIT has a cheerleading team? Yes, they have! Aptly named The MIT Cheerleading team, they are considered as a club sport at the institute. Together with MIT official mascot, Tim the Beaver, they show their support during home football games, but the primary focus of the team are the cheerleading and cheer dance competitions. Over the course of the previous few years, they have participated in both regional contests and the NCA Nationals held in Daytona Beach.

Female student holding her books while smiling for the camera.

Already completed are the tryouts for the 2019-2020 academic year’s athletic endeavors. You can send an email to if you are still interested in joining the group.

The MIT Cheerleading Team encourages participants of many levels of experience to join. People who came to MIT having never cheered before were some of the best members in the past, as were many of the team’s previous captains.

You can meet Tim the Beaver with our help

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