The Best Interior Design Colleges in Florida

December 8, 2022
By AdmissionSight

The Best Interior Design Colleges in Florida

Enrolling in the best interior design colleges in Florida will expose you to a fantastic, creative career. You can make people feel perfectly at home by transforming an ordinary space into something extraordinary. It’s a popular career path to consider, with plenty of job opportunities and a flexible schedule.

What are the best interior design colleges in Florida?

Where can one find the most reputable schools of interior design in the state of Florida? If you are someone who is creatively passionate about interior design, you will need to look for the program that is the best fit for your requirements. Every one of these schools satisfies the requirements listed below:

  • An annual cost that does not exceed $6,000 onto
  • A starting salary that does not fall below $25,000 on average
  • Programs that have been accredited by recognized bodies

Best Interior Design Colleges in Florida

Indian River State College

4 Year; Fort Pierce, FL

Average Annual Cost: $2,003

The Interior Design program at Indian River State College offers prospective students a phenomenal educational opportunity that they should not pass up. Throughout your studies, you will explore a variety of creative, organized, and imaginative approaches that can assist you in getting your professional life off the ground. It is also anticipated that you will learn how to develop design solutions that are aesthetically pleasing for a variety of different spaces.

Indian River State College walkway leading to one of it's buildings

This is a one-of-a-kind program because it offers students the chance to be professionally prepared upon graduation. A well-rounded education is also offered, and this helps graduates find work in private homes, retail establishments, and even expand corporate businesses. If you have a degree in architecture and are interested in furthering your education, you could potentially find work with architectural design companies. Thus, Indian River State College is among the best interior design colleges in Florida.

Students have a few different options available to them when it comes to their academic pursuits at Indian River State College. The Associate of Science in Interior Design Technology program is by far the most popular choice among students because it prepares them for further study. Upon successful completion of this program, the IRSC may grant credit toward the Bachelor of Science degree.

Students also have the option of obtaining one of two different types of technical certificates. These can be completed concurrently with the studies toward the Associate of Science degree. Students currently have the option to pursue either a certificate in kitchen and bathroom design or a certificate in home staging as an additional area of concentration.

Palm Beach State College

4 Year; Lake Worth, FL

Average Annual Cost: $2,651

Palm Beach State College is recognized among the best interior design colleges in Florida. The college offers a program in interior design that is comparable to other schools’ offerings in the state of Florida. After finishing all of their required coursework, students will be able to earn an Associate of Science degree in Interior Design. You will concentrate on the technical and professional aspects of interior design while you are enrolled in this program.

three interior designers brain storming

Students will gain practical experience in working with cost-effectiveness, health and safety, and managing the needs of clients through this course. They will not only gain a technical understanding but also valuable knowledge that will assist them in becoming an expert in the aesthetics of understanding design and space planning.

Students will be required to study for three consecutive terms to complete the interior design program at Palm Beach State College. To graduate, students will need to have completed 75 credits, including 15 hours of general education and 60 hours of required coursework. When you enroll in this program, you will most likely be required to take the following kinds of classes:

  • Design Studio
  • Interior Design Graphics
  • Sustainable Design
  • Professional Practices
  • Technical Design
  • Building and Barrier Free Codes
  • CAD for Interiors
  • Interior Detailing

Florida State College at Jacksonville

4 Year; Jacksonville, FL

Average Annual Cost: $3,916

The Interior Design program at Florida State College in Jacksonville takes a novel approach by emphasizing the psychological aspects of the field. The programs will educate the students on the significance of imbuing a space with a particular mood, thereby presenting them with a fresh viewpoint on the design process. Having said that, it also emphasizes aspects that are addressed in other programs, such as the technical and aesthetic principles of interior design.

an unidentified interior designers comparing paint swatches

Students will graduate with an Associate of Science degree in Interior Design Technology, which will help them get ready for a career in the field. They also have the option of getting an Associate of Science degree first, then transferring to a bachelor’s degree program that is four years long. Florida State College is one of the best interior design colleges in Florida because it offers an excellent balance of training and experience that is both practical and relevant to real life.

Students will become proficient in the art of computer-aided drafting as well as the performance of textiles in various environments. They will also acquire skills that are unique to space planning, as well as other fundamentals, such as the arrangement of furniture and accessories. Color selection and communication with customers are also two topics that are frequently studied.

Eastern Florida State College

4 Year; Cocoa, FL

Average Annual Cost: $4,955

The Eastern Florida State College’s Interior Design program takes a novel approach rather than the conventional one of providing a standard curriculum. Students at Eastern Florida State College, one of the best interior design colleges in Florida, also have the option of enrolling in the Drafting and Design program, which takes a more methodical approach to teaching its material. Students won’t be working with furniture and textiles anymore; rather, they’ll have a specialty in architecture that can turn into a lucrative career.

Eastern Florida State College main building with the college signage at the top of it

After receiving the degree, students will be qualified to pursue careers in both commercial and residential construction. It is also common for graduates to find employment with architectural design firms, where they are responsible for developing original ideas for private as well as corporate customers. They will be allowed to learn many fundamentals that will assist them in beginning a career in interior design while they are enrolled in the Drafting and Design Technology program.

During the course of the studies, students will become proficient in 3D modeling and CAD software, as well as visual guidelines, and they will use 3D printing to render concepts. They will have access to a wide variety of cutting-edge resources that can assist them in expanding the breadth and depth of their skill set.

Daytona State College

4 Year; Daytona Beach, FL

Average Annual Cost: $8,789

The goal of the Interior Design Technology program offered at Daytona State College is to better prepare students for successful careers in the design industry. If you have a degree, finding work in the building industry, architectural design, or interior design will be much simpler for you. It is a one-of-a-kind program that will help you design iconic spaces by striking a balance between academic requirements and aesthetic principles.

three interior design students working on a project; comparing paint swatches

The students will work through a variety of topics, such as computer-aided drawing, oral and visual presentations, and the theory of interior design. In addition to this, you will have plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience by working with textiles, as well as drafting projects and giving presentations.

There is no question that a large number of high-quality classes are included in this program because it is run by one of the best interior design colleges in Florida. During your time here, you will gain familiarity with several important ideas, including the following:

  • Sales
  • Space Planning
  • Visual Merchandising
  • CAD usage
  • Architectural concepts

How to become an interior designer in Florida?

How does one go about becoming an interior designer in the state of Florida? The practice of designing interior spaces, as well as the exteriors of buildings and homes, falls under the category of the art form known as interior design.

To design interiors that are appealing on both a visual and an emotional level, interior designers must draw on both their imagination and their knowledge of relevant technical aspects. Interior designers frequently collaborate with other professionals such as contractors, architects, and engineers. They might work for themselves or a small or large design firm, depending on their preferences.

Knowledge of design elements (like lighting and space), design software, structural requirements, and building codes are all important areas of expertise for interior designers to have. The majority of these professionals hold an associate’s degree in interior design at the very least, while others have earned bachelor’s degrees or even master’s degrees in the field.

What are the requirements for becoming an interior designer in Florida?

What are the necessary steps to become a licensed interior designer in the state of Florida? The field of interior design is not subject to any national regulations that govern the practice. Education and certification requirements for interior designers are governed on a state level.

To practice as an interior designer in Florida, one must first obtain the necessary license, making it one of the few states with such a requirement. The Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design, which is part of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, is in charge of regulating this process (DBPR).

You have to take and do well on the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam to get your license in the state of Florida. To be eligible to take the Interior Design Qualification Examination, you must first graduate from a degree program in interior design that is recognized by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation and lasts for a full four years (CIDA). Even though it’s not required, you should try to get into one of the best interior design colleges in Florida.

For further information, please visit the National Council for Interior Design Qualification website.

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