Harvey Mudd Supplemental Essays 2022-2023

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Harvey Mudd Supplemental Essays 2022-2023

When it comes to applying to the top schools in the country, your application is vitally important. In order to give yourself the best chance of gaining admission, you need to make sure all aspects of your application are top-notch. In this post, we’re going to do a deep dive into how to write Harvey Mudd supplemental essays and everything you need to keep in mind as you write.

Harvey Mudd uses the common app, and this means that you will be asked to answer essay questions contained in the common app. But like many top schools, Harvey Mudd also requires that you complete an essay about your interest in the field of science and a shorter essay about your other academic interests. The Harvey Mudd supplemental essays 2022-2023 allow applicants a certain amount of freedom when choosing their supplemental essay topic, but we’re going to look at each essay prompt and discuss the best way to respond to each topic.

So, let’s start by looking at the supplemental essay prompts, and then we will discuss how to approach them.

When it comes to answering the Harvey Mudd supplemental essays 2022, there are some things to keep in mind. First, these essays are in addition to the personal statement found in the common app. Second, because Harvey Mudd specializes in the sciences, their supplementary essay is a bit different from those you’ve seen on other applications. Let’s take a look at the prompts, and then we’ll go into more detail.

  • “Scientific research is a human endeavor. The choices of topics that we research are based on our biases, our beliefs, and what we bring: our cultures and our families. The kinds of problems that people put their talents to solving depends on their values.” – Dr. Clifton Poodry
  • How has your own background influenced the types of problems you want to solve, the people you want to work with, and the impact you hope your work can have? (500 words or less)
  • Many students choose HMC because they don’t want to give up their interests in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts – or HSA as we call it at HMC. Briefly describe what you’d like to learn about in your dream HSA class. (100 words or less)

The first thing you might notice about the first Harvey Mudd supplemental essays 2022-2023 is that it allows you quite a bit of room to respond. The Harvey Mudd supplemental essay word limit is 500 words, so you can go into considerable detail in your response.

The second thing you might notice is that it is a very broad prompt that requires you to do an extensive reflection about your past and your future.

The second, shorter essay only allows you to write 100 words, so your response will need to be concise and brief.

How to write the Harvey Mudd supplemental essay?

As we mentioned, the Harvey Mudd supplemental essays 2022-2023 are a bit different from other supplemental essays you will write. It is more sharply focused on your experience in the sciences, but if you look closely, you will have to answer two questions in order to write a good response. Let’s start with the first part of the prompt.

The prompt begins with a quote explaining that scientists choose their field and the problems they want to solve based on their values and prior experience. It adds that our cultures are part of what establishes our passions and our goals. This is an interesting way to think of the sciences because it forces you to think about where your passions came from.

The second part of the prompt asks you to reflect on your background, your culture, and your experience to determine why you want to solve certain problems. Why have you chosen your field, and what led you to it?

So, many of you are probably still wondering how to write the Harvey Mudd supplemental essay. It’s a difficult one because it asks you to find the connection between things that may not feel connected.

Think back to when your interest in science began. It’s time to think about those stories from your past that illustrate how you gained a passion for the sciences. Was there a family member who introduced you to a certain field when you were young? Did you take part in a science-based activity outside of school that sparked your interest? Or perhaps you noticed problems in your community that needed to be solved with scientific solutions.

Harvey Mudd wants students who not only excel in the sciences but who have a specific passion for their field. This is your opportunity to explain where your passion comes from, and what you want to do with it in the future.

Many students choose HMC because they don’t want to give up their interests in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts – or HSA as we call it at HMC. Briefly describe what you’d like to learn about in your dream HSA class. (100 words or less)

One of the wonderful things about Harvey Mudd is that you can continue to study liberal arts subjects while pursuing your passions for science. Since this likely won’t be your main field of study, Harvey Mudd wants to know what area of the humanities you would study if you could choose anything.

There isn’t really a concrete way to respond to this prompt, but the goal should be to demonstrate your academic curiosity as well as your creativity. Since you don’t have a lot of space for this response, try to model your essay on a course description you might see in a college catalog. You need to give your course an eye-catching title and make the reader want to take your course. The subject of the course isn’t as important as your passion and enthusiasm for the subject, so make sure to be as creative as possible.

At AdmissionSight, our goal is to help you with every step of the college admissions process. The Harvey Mudd supplemental essays 2022 can seem daunting at first, but our experience and expertise will help you navigate the entire process with confidence. Hopefully, this guide to the Harvey Mudd supplemental essays 2022-2023 has been helpful, but if you want more information about how AdmissionSight can help you realize your dreams, set up your free consultation today.





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