Is National Honor Society Worth It?

December 26, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Is National Honor Society Worth It?

What is National Honor Society?

What is National Honor Society? Is National Honor Society worth it? Outstanding high school students are recognized by the National Honor Society, which also grants $2 million in scholarships each year. Discover the advantages of being a member of the National Honor Society.

Numerous honor societies reward outstanding students. However, the NHS stands out due to its lengthy history and dedication to college scholarships.

NHS allows high school students to join its chapters, unlike college honor societies. Students that fulfill the criteria for membership are welcome to join the organization to develop their leadership and service skills. Each year, the NHS also grants $2 million in scholarships.

What does the high school National Honor Society do?

Students who excel academically in high school are recognized by the National Honor Society. The company was established in 1921. Today, the NHS has chapters all around the world and involves more than 1 million kids.

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The NHS places a focus on service and leadership. Members uphold moral standards and use their prior leadership roles to benefit society.

Chapters of the group are present in nearby schools. According to the honor society, each chapter performs 1,000 hours of volunteer work annually. High school students who meet the qualifications can join the NHS.

Before answering the question, “Is National Honor Society Worth It?” let’s first discover its requirements.

National Honor Society requirements

What are the requirements for the National Honor Society? Is National Honor Society worth it? Through chapters set up at institutions with active ties to the NHS national office, students are chosen for membership.

If your school has a chapter, review the details of the selection procedure in your student handbook and on the school website. Each chapter is required to provide a summary of their decision-making process in a recognized school journal. The school handbook and website are just a couple of acceptable publishing venues.

If you can’t find this information, ask your school’s headmaster who the NHS adviser is for the chapter. The adviser is the teacher that the school administration has chosen to be in charge of the NHS chapter.

Members are chosen by a faculty council made up of five people. The council is chosen by the school principle along with the NHS adviser, and a majority vote of the faculty council is required for selection. Induction into the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society brings the selection process to an end.

Encourage your principal to understand how to establish a chapter if your school doesn’t already have one. (Note that only the school administration has the authority to charter NHS chapters.)

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In this portion, AdmissionSight will present the National Honor Society’s eligibility, the scholarly foundation of membership, service, leadership, and character.


All students who are interested in joining the NHS must be enrolled in a school where there is a functioning NHS chapter and must have completed the academic requirements for one semester. Students in grades 10 through 12 are eligible for chapter membership.

(The rules of the chapter and the public description of the selection procedure should specify which of these qualifying grade levels will be taken into account for membership in the chapter and when. Students in their first year or in the ninth grade are not eligible for NHS consideration, selection, or induction.)

Scholarly Foundations of Membership

In order to qualify as membership candidates, students must first fulfill this requirement. Each chapter must establish a cumulative GPA as their scholarship criteria in accordance with NHS national policy.

(A chapter may establish a comparable cumulative standard of excellence or a cumulative GPA of 85 (B, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale) as the minimum criteria for the scholarship. Each school chapter may establish a minimum cumulative GPA requirement. (A correctly implemented higher cumulative GPA cannot be reduced by the national office on behalf of a chapter.)


This involves unpaid, voluntarily performed contributions by a student. Evidence of service to the school, the community, or both may be required by chapters. Every chapter establishes its own standards for this criterion.


Students who are resourceful, skilled problem solvers, and idea contributors make good leaders. One can get leadership experience while working with or for others in school or community activities. Evidence of leadership from within the school, the community, or both may be required for chapters. Every chapter establishes its own standards for this criterion.


A student with good character works cooperatively, upholds high standards of honesty and dependability, and demonstrates consideration for others. When judging this criterion, a chapter’s faculty council may look at disciplinary records or think about them.

Is National Honor Society worth it?

Is National Honor Society worth it? Getting into the National Honor Society usually gives you a lot of benefits, like more help with many of your school activities and a better chance of getting into the college of your choice.

What are the main advantages of the National Honor Society?

Although belonging to this group has several benefits, the availability of scholarships is one of them. You have a strong chance of receiving a scholarship if you can keep up your status in the NHS.

There are more than 400 scholarship options available. The NHS is connected to several scholarship programs in addition to this. Being a member of the community may increase your chances of being approved for those opportunities.

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The NHS does make you a stronger candidate for scholarships, even if you don’t have direct access to the NHS scholarship. It shows that you are responsible, a good student, and have many other qualities that make you worth investing in.

What are the National Honor Society’s additional benefits?

The National Honor Society provides a lot of assistance to its users. While applying to colleges, the society may be very helpful.

They offer comprehensive background data on a number of universities, for starters. The association also offers webinars on how to submit a college application. They provide excellent advice on how to strengthen your application and move forward in line.

Not only that, but the NHS can assist you in getting ready for college life. All in all, the change can be extremely unexpected. The society teaches you how to navigate this novel situation so that you might succeed sooner.

The NHS is a fantastic place to network. You can attend conferences and socialize with other NHS chapter members.

Remember that many of these folks will go on to achieve success and hold important positions. As a result, building networks when you’re young can open up a lot of doors for you later on.

Since we already know the answer to the question, “Is the National Honor Society worth it?” and its additional benefits, let’s now uncover if it affects college.

What impact does the NHS have on college?

Do colleges care if you are or were in the NHS? This is what most people are curious about.

Being on the NHS will generally make you appear to be in good health. Is national honor society worth it? One benefit is that it demonstrates your ability to obtain and keep a good GPA throughout your high school experience.

This demonstrates both your aptitude for academics and your likelihood of succeeding in college. But the National Honor Society isn’t simply about obtaining good marks, despite what many people think. Only students with strong community ties, positions of leadership, and volunteerism are given this honor.

Because of this, colleges recognize that you are a well-rounded student when you join the NHS. You can use it as a wonderful way to differentiate yourself from other applicants.

If you are applying to an Ivy League institution, you should be aware that the NHS will make up the majority of the student body. As a result, joining the NHS may be beneficial for you if you only wish to meet the absolute minimum standards. So, is national honor society worth it?

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