National Business Honor Society (NBHS)

December 22, 2022
By AdmissionSight

National Business Honor Society (NBHS)

Should students join the National Business Honor Society (NBHS)?

Are you seeking a means to acknowledge and recognize the excellent students who have participated in your business education program on a national level? No need to look any further. Your students deserve more recognition, and so does your business education program. The National Business Honor Society (NBHS) is an excellent approach to accomplishing both of these goals.

You will be able to encourage and reward the academic accomplishment of your energetic students in business education at the secondary level if you establish a chapter of the National Business Honor Society (NBHS).

Who is qualified to apply? Students in their junior or senior year of high school who have successfully finished or are presently enrolled in their third business course and have a GPA of at least 3.0 overall and 3.5 in their business courses.

Which institutions are eligible to find a chapter? A secondary school that reflects the National Standards for Business Education in its business education curriculum is eligible to apply for a local chapter charter. This includes both public and private secondary schools.

Two student walking in the campus.

Keep in mind that this is an excellent opportunity to garner further attention for your students as well as the business education program that you run. In these times when business education programs are shutting due to cuts in the financing, make sure you do something to provide more life and marketing to your program.

In these times, business education programs are closing owing to cuts in funding. This is one method that can provide a significant amount of advertising as well as add value to your program.

During the course of the year, there will be two separate approval procedures. The first of October or February is the deadline for submitting applications for new charters. The completion of the review of your charter application could take up to two months, so please plan accordingly.

You will be notified in the event that the charter application contains any inconsistencies of any kind. The application will be denied if the inconsistencies are not corrected within the allotted time frame of thirty days.

What is the National Business Honor Society (NBHS)?

The National Business Honor Society is an organization that can be found in schools all around the United States. Its purpose is to recognize and honor students for their dedication and hard work in the field of business education.

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NBHS works toward promoting and recognizing academic achievement in business education; fostering and recognizing leadership skills and character development; assisting members in growing morally and socially by promoting and encouraging an interest in the business and encouraging member involvement in service learning instinctive.

Why be in NBHS?

Why do you need to be part of NBHS? The National Business Honor Society is an excellent opportunity for students to strengthen their applications for college, scholarships, and jobs, and it is a valuable addition to the portfolios and resumes of all students who participate in society. In addition to this, you will be able to assist in the promotion of your business program if you sign up to be a member of the NBHS. You will also get a cord as a symbol of recognition for your efforts during the graduation ceremony.

Documents and information for existing chapters, as well as those interested in starting new chapters:

Participating Chapters

Active chapters are required to either renew their chapter online or to download and fill out a form in order to renew their chapter annually. Before the first of October of each renewal year, payment must be encased within the renewal invoice. Every business instructor working at the chapter’s school is required to be a current, paid member of the NBEA. We cannot accept purchase orders for subscription fees at this time.

A professor giving instructions to a student.

When chapter member certificates or digital badges are required such as the Request Certificates and Digital Badges (EXCEL), active chapters are required to download and fill out this form. Certificates will only be given out to those who have just joined the chapter.

On the other hand, beginning in the year 2020, National Business Honor Society (NBHS) will begin issuing digital badges to each and every new and returning student. Badges are only valid for a single year and have an expiration date printed on them. The National Business Honor Society will award your certificates and digital badges once we receive this completed Excel file at

The purpose of the National Business Honor Society (NBHS) is to:

  • encourage member participation in service learning initiatives
  • promote and recognize academic achievement in business education
  • foster and recognize leadership skills and character development
  • foster and recognize leadership skills and character development
  • assist members in growing ethically and socially by promoting and encouraging an interest in business


  • Current sophomores and juniors may apply.
  • Must have successfully finished their third business class or be enrolled in one at the present time.
  • GPA in the business field of at least 3.5
  • Overall GPA of at least 3.0
  • Citizenship that is either satisfactory or outstanding across the board.
  • In order for students to keep their active membership in the NBHS after they have been admitted into the society, they will be expected to perform eight hours each year of NBHS-approved service.

The National Business Honor Organization (NBHS) is an academic honor society that seeks to reward high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the field of business. The National Business Honor Society (NBHS) gives awards to students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, character, leadership, and service and who are considering a future career in business.

The yearly induction ceremony takes place in May of the student’s senior year, and those students who have met the induction standards (one year of successful membership) are acknowledged during the ceremony. Your membership in the National Business Honor Society (NBHS) and entrance into the society both serve as significant honors and are enticing additions to your college applications.

The National Business Education Association recognizes the National Business Honor Society as an official division of the association (NBEA). The NBEA is the one that comes up with the requirements, while the local chapters are the ones in charge of enforcing them.

The Southern Business Education Association, sometimes known as SBEA, is a regional affiliate of the National Business Education Association in addition to being a professional association for business instructors. SBEA provides its members who are engaged in teaching, administration, and research in business education with leadership training, conferences, and publications to assist in the development of people who are competent, productive, and able to function in an international setting.

SBEA is comprised of the following 12 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

  • A means by which students can strengthen their applications for jobs, college, and scholarships
  • An asset that should be included in the portfolio and resume of every student
  • An opportunity to raise awareness about your company’s initiative in the community
  • The most prestigious organization under the National Business Honor Society, which is presented by the National Business Education Association.
  • Encourage academic success in secondary school business education, and acknowledge those who have achieved it
  • Encourage the development of leadership skills while also acknowledging progress in character
  • Assist members in their moral and social development by fostering an interest in business and promoting it to other members
  • Motivate members to get involved in community service learning projects

For other high schools, the requirements may be different. For example, take a look at this these membership requirements:

  • Class standing equivalent to junior or senior year
  • Currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the third business course.
  • The national minimum standard grade point average for business classes is 3.5 on a scale of 4.0
  • The overall requirement is a 3.0. Local organizations may raise GPA requirements
  • Selection carried out by the neighborhood membership committee

Public or private secondary schools that offer a business curriculum that is aligned with the National Standards for Business Education are eligible to apply for a charter for a local branch or chapter. It is required that the institution be found in either the United States of America, any of its territories, or Canada.

A teacher talking to a female student holding her book.

The National Business Education Association (NBEA) requires that all business education teachers at the secondary school where the chapter is located have an active and ongoing professional membership in the organization. In the event that this requirement is not met, the charter will be revoked.

The major objective of business education is to educate students about many aspects of the business world. Students who study the subject of business education develop the skills necessary to become productive members of society who are also able to make intelligent choices regarding their own personal finances.

There is a rising need for employees who have experience in business and who are able to assess and respond to trends as American companies adapt to successfully compete in the global marketplace. This demand is driving the need for more employees who are able to analyze and respond to trends. It is essential for pupils to gain the talent to comprehend change and adapt to it in order to succeed in today’s high-tech society.

Students who have received a solid education in business will go on to establish themselves as prominent professionals who make substantial contributions to the economic well-being and political security of both our state and our nation. Members of the business education profession in the state of Massachusetts have, over the course of several decades, established and contributed to building on a proud heritage.

They have also expanded on a tradition of making significant contributions to the economic well-being of this state and its citizens. This mission is being accomplished by our organization to the extent that we are adhering to the purposes outlined for our association in the Massachusetts Business Educators Association, Inc. by-laws

The FBLA members who actually excel in their academic preparation and who intend to pursue a profession in the business sector in the future are the ones that the National Business Honor Society seeks to recognize and honor. Members of Pennsylvania FBLA are aware that in order to achieve success as genuine business leaders, they need to be well-prepared in terms of their academics, job skills, and leadership development. This is something that the organization stresses to its members.

Candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 overall, a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 in a minimum of two completed business courses, exhibited leadership, and a clearly stated career aim in order to be considered.

For aspiring business majors, we at AdmissionSight would encourage students to join the National Business Honor Society (NBHS) to pursue their interests in marketing, operations, finance, management, leadership, technology, and others. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how we could help.


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