Pfizer Internship: Everything You Need To Know

December 10, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Pfizer Internship

What is a Pfizer internship?

To begin with, what exactly is a Pfizer internship? College students participate in a meaningful internship through Pfizer’s Summer Growth Experience Program.

Pfizer’s Summer Growth Experience is an internship program that recruits college students every summer. The program provides chances for summer employment at a variety of Pfizer locations across the United States.

This program is intended to provide early-stage professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical business with assistance in developing a relevant internship experience. Pfizer interns get the opportunity to work on genuine, impactful initiatives while simultaneously building relationships and gaining knowledge about Pfizer. Projects are spread out throughout all of Pfizer’s businesses.

The purpose of the Summer Growth Experience Program, or Pfizer internship, is to provide both the intern and the Pfizer team with relevant experiences. Interns will be evaluated in accordance with the objectives that have been defined, and they will be given insightful comments that will assist them in further developing their skills and capabilities.

In addition, interns will, in most cases, have direct accountability for a project and will be included in their team’s regular activities, such as team meetings, design sessions, team building activities, and meetings with internal and external stakeholders. A significant number of interns also develop lasting ties with their mentors, advisors, and fellow interns.

What opportunities can you apply for?

So, which open opportunities are you eligible to apply for? Well, you will be prompted to select your areas of interest when you are going through the application process. The job categories that are presented on the portal are just meant to serve as a representation of the many types of roles; they do not actually represent the positions themselves that are open for placement.

You are free to choose more than one job category; however, we urge that you choose only the two job categories that provide the most accurate depiction of your interests and qualifications. Qualifications, areas of interest, and prior experience will be taken into consideration when matching qualified applicants with available positions within the program.

Below are some of the areas you can apply for the Pfizer internship:

Clinical Research

Students may have the opportunity to work alongside MDs and PhDs to gain knowledge of the procedures involved in conducting global clinical trials. This may include assisting with the writing of protocols, the analysis of data, the preparation of meeting minutes, the development of presentation materials, and the communication with disease experts, vendors, and study sites, among other tasks.

Digital and IT

Students might help with the design, development, implementation, or support of cutting-edge systems and tools that are essential to the company’s operations. Application data clean-up, application testing, web application development, report development, database development, and project management are all examples of possible projects. The occurrence of one or more of these experiences is possible as well.


An intern working in the finance function could potentially offer help with the financial initiatives of a business unit. Work on the project could include aspects such as creating a budget, making projections, or evaluating progress. Students may also be exposed to or given guidance in other areas, including price difficulties and risk management, for example.

General Business

Pfizer’s general business operations could benefit from the help that general business interns provide for project management. As a recipient of a Pfizer internship, work on the project might involve enhancing the capabilities of coworkers by developing training materials and other supporting resources; carrying out online research and competitive analysis; developing project management processes and approaches; and creating and organizing relevant materials for business meetings.

Human Resources

Pfizer’s companies could potentially benefit from the assistance that human resources interns can provide with project management. The work on the project may include enhancing the capabilities of coworkers through the production of training materials and supplementary resources; talent acquisition and global recruiting operations; the production and organization of pertinent materials; and so on. In this department are developed strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as project management processes and methods.

Legal Operations

Pfizer’s legal department may utilize the services of legal operations interns to assist with project management from time to time. Work on the project might involve enhancing the capabilities of coworkers by developing training materials and other supporting resources; carrying out online research and competitive analysis; developing project management processes and approaches; and creating and organizing relevant materials for business meetings.


A marketing intern could provide project support in the local planning and execution of local partnership events, regional conferences, and health fairs. The work on the project may also include the design of newsletter communications and content, as well as the research and development of novel digital and online tactics to achieve business objectives for priority brands.

Mathematical/Statistical Research

Projects that require statistical analysis, related data evaluation, programming activities, or statistical research will be assigned to students.

Medical Affairs

The role of the Medical Affairs intern is to provide assistance to members of the team in the process of conducting and summarizing searches of medical literature, as well as providing assistance in the generation of medical information.

Manufacturing, Operations, and Supply Chain Management

Another prospective job during a Pfizer internship, students may help the organization with inventory analysis, the development of products, processes, and system flows, data collection from the various markets that are engaged in the projects, as well as the formulation of project plans.

Regulatory Affairs

An intern in the Regulatory Submissions department can get the chance to work on regulatory submission milestones and ensure that the company is in compliance with relevant regulatory obligations. This position may also entail exposure to the regulations and quality standards of the relevant industry, as well as the technological aspects of submission management.

Science and Laboratory

Experiments might be conducted in a controlled laboratory setting or in a plant-based environment. The student will improve essential laboratory skills in close collaboration with a supervisor. They will also conduct manual and computer-assisted literature searches, as well as maintain accurate collection and documentation of experimental results.

a female biomedical engineer working with a specimen inside a laboratory

The student’s advisor will give the student a specific research proposal, and the student will provide scientific evidence for that plan. Opportunities may include but are not limited to, the following: assay development, compound management, tissue culture, histology, biomarker analysis, small molecule structural analysis, protein expression, protein characterization, drug formulation development and analysis, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and organic synthesis.

Science and R&D

Students provide support for projects that do not involve the laboratory. Some examples are virtual compound screening, patient advocacy, data management, imaging, non-MD clinical study support, statistical support for preclinical studies, clinical pharmacology, three-dimensional drug modeling, and computerized literature searches.

Who is qualified for the Pfizer internship?

Who is eligible to apply for the Pfizer internship? In order to be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have the proper documentation to lawfully work in the United States.
  • Must be at least 18 years old prior to the date that the program is scheduled to begin.
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate program at the present time and expect to have finished at least two years of undergraduate study.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 as of the most recent semester that you have finished.
  • Be currently enrolled in either an undergraduate or graduate program for the academic semester that immediately follows the completion of the summer program.
  • Interns are required to be enrolled as full-time students working toward a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at an ACPE-accredited school or college of pharmacy during the academic year, with the expectation that they will graduate.

How to apply for the Pfizer internship?

So, how can I submit my application for the Pfizer internship? In order to apply, candidates are required to accomplish and submit the following:

  • Online Application
  • CV or Resume
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Letter of Good Academic Standing

Why work at Pfizer?

Given countless opportunities, why should you work for Pfizer? Well, Pfizer jobs are unlike any other jobs in the industry. The company gives bright people the opportunity to own a profession that has a genuine impact, and employees go to work every day knowing that every growth indicates actual, positive progress.

They are all confident in the employees’ abilities to make advancements in medical care in the future and in their potential to impact the lives of millions of people. The work that they perform reaches practically everyone, everywhere, and caters to almost every medical requirement in every region of the world.

a Pfizer logo in an unidentifiable person's breast pocket

Pfizer attracts the most talented individuals and makes sure that the workers can flourish in an atmosphere and culture where they can actively promote diversity and inclusion on a daily basis, everywhere in the world.

The breadth of these ambitions brings with it great potential, which in turn creates an atmosphere in which professionals who are determined and resilient can learn and improve. It fosters an environment that is vibrant, full of unique personalities, and where everyone has an equal opportunity to make a significant contribution to the company’s overall success.

At Pfizer, a better future isn’t just something you look forward to; it’s something you work for every day. It is something that can be shaped with your assistance and something that can be defined by active participation. Pfizer employees are dedicated to finding innovations that improve the lives of patients, and if you have the same enthusiasm, you’ll realize that joining the Pfizer internship can open doors for you.

We at AdmissionSight are aware that students’ academic and extracurricular profiles can benefit from participation in prestigious summer programs. We help you find the best summer programs to apply to based on your unique academic interests and profile, and we craft your essays thoroughly to improve your chances of getting accepted. Contact us to book your initial consultation.


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