The Best Community Service Ideas for High School Students

December 9, 2022
By AdmissionSight

The Best Community Service Ideas for High School Students

How many community service hours for high school?

How many community service hours are in high school to get into the college of your dreams? Are there fun and meaningful community service ideas for high school students?

The purpose of the community service requirement is to give students the knowledge and skills they need for academic and professional success, as well as inspire them to become active members of their communities as leaders.

A federal, state or local agency may require students to complete community service hours through an organization. To earn community service hours that count towards the graduation requirement, students must also properly record them by turning in a signed, finished community service form.

a male student cleaning as a community service

The purpose of the community service requirement is to give students the knowledge and skills they need for academic and professional success, as well as inspire them to become active members of their communities as leaders. A federal, state, or local agency may require students to complete community service hours through an organization.

To earn community service hours that count towards the graduation requirement, students must also properly record them by turning in a signed, finished community service form. The number of hours of community service or volunteer work that high school students must complete in order to graduate varies by state in the United States.

Some states require high school students to do community service, while others require credit for service-learning programs (in the form of a course or a certain number of hours) toward graduation. Still, other states require that high school service requirements be set by each district.

In 22 of the 50 states, there are no legal requirements for the number of volunteer hours needed to complete high school.

The methods used to accumulate the volunteer hours needed to graduate from high school also differ. Some high school students can do their required hours of community service on their own time and in their own way, while others can join a school-run program for student volunteers.

Ideas for community service for high school students

Do you have any community service ideas for high school students? This can be done easily in a student volunteer program, where all students complete similar tasks created by the school. But students can also benefit from doing volunteer hours for high school graduation on their own time.

The only caveat here is that you must figure out how to track the hours they are volunteering and put them towards their total volunteer hour requirement for graduation. Check out the list of community service ideas for high school students.

1. Clean up a park.

Parks are an essential part of any neighborhood. Whether a child’s playground or a nature preserve, these areas provide a free option for families and individuals to break from modern society. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way about protecting the health of these locations. Litter looks nasty and can affect the animals who reside in these areas and the parks themselves.

2. Assist your neighborhood.

By asking your neighbors how you can help, you may also volunteer in your community quickly and easily. Your neighbors will be grateful for your help, especially if they are older or just became parents and have more responsibilities.

3. Political letter-writing drive

High school kids are not excluded from political participation. Some of the major influences on our politics have come from young people. Examine previous movements, such as the anti-Vietnam movement. The right to vote for those who are 18 years old and older was obtained by those students.

4. Read to children

Children whose parents are unable to spend so much time reading to them in school struggle academically more than their peers. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can inquire about volunteer reading programs at your neighborhood library or public elementary schools. If not, inquire as to whether you and a few friends can visit the kids after school to read to them.

5. Exercise stray dogs.

Each year, about three million dogs are brought into US animal shelters. Despite the fact that shelters work hard to care for these animals, they frequently lack the staff and are unable to provide all dogs with the necessary exercise.If you enjoy working with animals, your neighborhood shelter probably offers volunteer opportunities to play with cats or walk dogs.

6. Teach incoming immigrants English.

You are aware of how challenging learning a new language can be. Many immigrants experience this when they arrive in America. You could find it simple to teach English, but among the community service ideas for high school students, this is the most meaningful. A local literacy, immigrant, or educational organization might be looking for native English speakers to assist with tutoring recent arrivals. Join them and give back a few days a week by helping the recent immigrants.

7. Gather clothing and other necessities for foster children.

Did you know that in the US, there are around 424,000 children in foster care? Children placed in foster care may arrive with just a tiny bag of personal possessions, which can be traumatizing. Foster care agencies, whether public or private, typically lack funding and are unable to afford to give these kids a lot of clothes, toys, or personal hygiene products. To donate to these children, high school students can gather items from friends, family, and nearby businesses.

8. Enroll in Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a national non-profit organization that matches young children with high school-aged and adult mentors. These role models assist children with their homework and other daily tasks. High school students can help their younger siblings while classes are in session through the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters.

9. Supply Meals on Wheels with food.

The pandemic brought home to us how lonely life can be when you’re confined to your house. This insight has made us more aware of the lengthy lives that many seniors have led. High school students who just got their licenses can volunteer with Meals on Wheels to bring seniors in their neighborhood healthy meals and hang out with them.

two students handing out food as part of their community service

10. As a volunteer, assist a suicide crisis line.

These organizations need volunteers who are ready and able to assist because suicide crisis lines are occasionally the last resort for people before ending their own lives. Volunteers who have undergone training can assist those who call. Some groups also provide tools for schools that students can share and use to drive change where it is required if they don’t feel comfortable taking calls.

11. Assist a local Habitat for Humanity in construction.

Nearly every nonprofit makes use of other nonprofits, but Habitat for Humanity offers one of the most well-known and enjoyable volunteer options. For those who qualify, this charity constructs homes. This is opportunity is an example of fun and meaningful community service ideas for high school students.

12. Gather supplies for a food bank.

Food pantries are struggling to feed every visitor. You probably saw news reports during the pandemic about the lengthy lines at some of these institutions. There may have been some improvement, but not much. People still need to be fed, so lend a hand.

13. Help nearby NGOs by using your social media expertise.

Many organizations lack a dedicated social media team to aid in promoting their initiatives and events. If you were good at using social networking sites in high school, your skills are in high demand.

14. Offer free child care.

Although babysitting can be a lucrative side job, many families that require this service cannot afford it. This is especially true now that food and gas prices have increased.

15. Collaborate with a nearby nonprofit to host a talent show.

Do you enjoy dancing, singing, or playing an instrument? Here is one of the many community service ideas for high school students. You can raise money and aid a nearby nonprofit by using these skills. This event can be held at a park, your school, or another location.

16. Make a donation on your birthday.

You can always collect donations on your birthday in place of presents if you’re not ready to host an event. Anyone can start a fundraising campaign to generate money using online platforms like Donorbox.

17. Sleep-in protests

In order to give people a glimpse of what it’s like to be homeless and collect money to assist those who live with this reality every day, homeless shelters around the US have started to hold sleepout campaigns.

18. A bake sale.

A great and simple way to collect money is to do bake sales. You can start a bake sale and sell goods at your school or neighborhood farmers market if you enjoy baking or have a favorite dish to generate money for your preferred charity. A bake sale can also be conducted online!

19. Participate in a charity run.

If you reside in the suburbs, you have undoubtedly noticed a sign for a 5K or charity run virtually every week. Charity runs are now a well-liked method of funding charity organizations.

20. Contribute to the funding of care packages.

Everyone who receives a care box feels loved and supported. Due to the distance between them and their families, US troops abroad love getting gifts from home. Receiving a care box containing food, toiletries, toys, blankets, and other things will reassure them that they are not alone.

Virtual community service ideas for high school students

Do schools have virtual community service ideas for high school students? more challenging. While it used to be very simple to locate volunteer opportunities at neighborhood food banks, animal shelters, or any number of nonprofits, many businesses now have limitations on what can be done as a volunteer.

Male student typing in a table on a library.

Fortunately, performing community service during the pandemic does not need to be sacrificed in order to remain safe. Here are a few possibilities for a total of r who want to get creative:

Tutoring online. Tutors are constantly in demand. Fortunately, groups like have taken on the problem of providing students with tutors online. Along with providing additional volunteer options like instructing adult ESL classes or visiting seniors, they seek to match high school tutors with pupils from impoverished communities.

Send letters. The art of letter writing is undervalued and has mostly fallen out of favor. However, using snail mail might offer a worthwhile chance to assist others. Think about collaborating with groups like More Love Letters or Love for Our Elders to offer consolation and a personal connection to those experiencing loneliness and isolation. Your ability to complete your volunteer hours from home is the best part!

Unknown student writing on her table.

Make donations of homemade items to animal shelters. In addition to food and cat litter, shelters require a variety of items to maintain the well-being of their animals. The ease with which you can make dog toys and cat scratchers from items you already have lying around the house will astound you. Remember to ask your shelter what they require and whether they have any limitations on the donations they will accept.

Additionally, high school community service has a significant impact on your college application. The extracurricular planning tools offered by AdmissionSight can be very beneficial to you if you want to learn more.

The application process and, ultimately, the acceptance rate do depend on these non-cognitive qualities, yet getting into college is not an easy process. We offer tried-and-true suggestions and a step-by-step procedure for enhancing your extracurricular profile and application materials in order to help you stand out from the competition. Call us right away to schedule your introductory consultation.



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