The International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP)

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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The International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP)

Are you a high school student who loves exploring the mysteries of the universe? If you’re into theoretical physics and thinking about studying physics in college, the International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP) could be your way to an awesome two-week adventure.

Imagine diving deep into the cool stuff that makes up the universe for two weeks. ISSYP is like a special ticket for curious students who want to learn more than regular high school classes offer. If you’re excited about studying physics in college, this program can give you a taste of what’s to come.

It’s not just a summer thing; it’s a chance for high school students passionate about understanding how the universe works. ISSYP is like a sneak peek into the world of theoretical physics. It’s a stepping stone, helping you prepare for the exciting challenges you might face in college.

Exploring Physics at the Perimeter Institute

For the past twenty years, ISSYP has etched its mark as a transformative program, not merely a passing summer engagement. Nestled within the distinguished Perimeter Institute, this initiative has become a beacon for young and brilliant minds, transcending geographical boundaries by welcoming over 900 participants from an impressive 60 countries.

Its longevity speaks volumes about its impact, transforming it into a globally recognized opportunity for aspiring physicists.

ISSYP isn’t just a local affair; it’s a convergence of intellects from every corner of the globe. The program’s diverse participant base contributes to the richness of perspectives and creates an international community of budding physicists.

Physics major student surrounded by physics-related items

This global exchange of ideas and experiences adds more depth to the learning environment, fostering a unique cross-cultural atmosphere for ISSYP.

What to Expect

The International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP) stands out with its impactful and concentrated two-week online program. This initiative is designed for both Canadian and international high school students, targeting those who have a genuine interest in theoretical physics.

Unlike generic summer programs, ISSYP is tailored to captivate the minds of young individuals fascinated by the intricacies of theoretical physics.

The heart of ISSYP lies in its curriculum, which goes beyond the ordinary and provides a comprehensive exploration of fundamental concepts that shape the landscape of modern physics. In these two weeks, participants are not just scratching the surface but taking a deep dive into the core principles that underpin our understanding of the universe. Topics covered include quantum mechanics, special relativity, cosmology, general relativity, and the mysterious realm of black holes.

The significance of ISSYP lies not only in its duration but also in its targeted focus on theoretical physics. By concentrating on these foundational concepts, the program ensures that participants thoroughly understand the principles governing the physical world.

This specialized approach sets ISSYP apart, catering specifically to the intellectual curiosity of those students who see the beauty and excitement in unraveling the mysteries of theoretical physics.

The curriculum’s inclusion of quantum mechanics, special relativity, cosmology, general relativity, and black holes reflects the breadth of knowledge that ISSYP aims to instill. These subjects are not merely covered; they are explored, discussed, and demystified, providing students with a unique opportunity to grasp the profound ideas that have shaped the field of physics.

The goal is not just to transfer information but to foster a deep appreciation and understanding of the theoretical foundations that drive scientific inquiry.

Interactive Learning Experience

But it’s not all lectures and textbooks. ISSYP believes in a hands-on approach to learning. Participants are encouraged to prepare before sessions, diving into readings and gearing up for some simple experiments that can be conducted at home. This interactive learning style helps solidify the theoretical foundations introduced during the mini lessons.

Meet the Experts

Ever wondered what life is like for a physicist? ISSYP connects you with alumni and researchers who have walked the path you aspire to tread. Through enlightening sessions, they discuss the profound mysteries confronting 21st-century theoretical physicists. Do you have burning questions about university, research careers, or the day-to-day reality of life as a physicist? These experts have the answers.


SSYP distinguishes itself by offering more than a conventional learning experience—it provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the dynamic world of physics.

Beyond acquiring theoretical knowledge, the program is crafted to enable participants to witness physics in action, transforming abstract concepts into tangible and practical insights.

Over two weeks, ISSYP promises theoretical understanding and a firsthand encounter with the day-to-day realities that define a physicist’s life.

The essence of ISSYP lies in its commitment to providing participants with a holistic perspective on theoretical physics. It’s not just about learning theories from textbooks; it’s about understanding how these theories are applied in the real world.

Little Boy Mixes Chemicals in Beakers.

By the program’s conclusion, participants can expect to possess a heightened comprehension of theoretical physics and invaluable insights into the pragmatic aspects of a physicist’s professional journey.

For those individuals who harbor a passion for physics and aspire to translate that passion into a purposeful pursuit, ISSYP stands as the gateway to an exciting journey.

In essence, ISSYP is an invitation to embark on a transformative experience. It’s a call to all those who see physics not just as a subject to be studied but as a path to be walked.

By participating in ISSYP, individuals are not merely spectators of theoretical physics; they become active participants, contributing to and gaining from the immersive journey into the world of physics.

The program, with its blend of academic exploration and practical insights, sets the stage for a meaningful and purpose-driven pursuit of knowledge in the fascinating field of physics.

Applying to ISSYP: A Simple Guide

Are you ready to dive into the International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP)? The application process is straightforward, and we’ve got all the details you need.

1. Online Application Steps

Your entire application happens online, no paperwork required. It’s made up of seven tasks:

  • Personal Information Form: Tell them about yourself.
  • Extracurricular Activities List & Application Essay: Share your hobbies and thoughts.
  • Teacher Assessment (Confidential): Let a teacher share their thoughts about you (confidentially).
  • Reference Letter (Confidential Option): Optional, but you can include a reference letter too (confidentially).
  • Upload Transcript and Interim Report Card: Show them your academic journey.
  • Applicant Consent Form: Give your consent to be a part of International Summer School for Young Physicists.
  • Parent/Guardian Consent Form: Get your parent/guardian’s nod.

2. Application Progress

Don’t worry about finishing it all at once. You can save your progress and return later to edit before submitting the final version. It’s all about making it stress-free for you.

3. Application Deadline

Mark your calendar for March 16, 2023. That’s when your application needs to be in. Take advantage of the deadline!

4. Need Specific Assistance?

If you have a disability, Perimeter Institute is here to help. They’ll work with you to ensure the application and interview process fit your needs. Just shoot an email to [email protected] for assistance.

5. Cost of Attendance

The ISSYP program comes with a $250 price tag. Make sure to keep that in mind while planning your application.

Perimeter Institute: An Overview

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, often referred to as PI or simply Perimeter, stands as an independent research center in foundational theoretical physics. Situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, it came into existence in 1999, thanks to the efforts of Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Mike Lazaridis.

The original building, crafted by Saucier + Perrotte, opened in 2004, earning recognition with a Governor General’s Medal for Architecture in 2006. Later on, the Stephen Hawking Centre, designed by Teeple Architects, joined the scene in 2011, proudly achieving LEED Silver certification in 2015.

View of students taking an exam.

Beyond its primary focus on research, Perimeter steps into education and public outreach. The Educational Outreach team takes charge of these efforts.

The team engages the public through various avenues, including a monthly public lecture series, a two-week summer camp for top science students worldwide, a set of in-class resources, week-long workshops to enhance the skills of science teachers, cultural activities featuring local and international artists, an online collection of educational materials, a vast network of science teachers sharing content across Canada, and numerous special events and science festivals contributing to physics outreach. Not limited to national boundaries, Perimeter Institute extends its impact through an international outreach program.

For educators, the annual EinsteinPlus summer school lasts a week, offering high school physics teachers a chance to delve into the subject.

Simultaneously, the International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP) hosts a two-week physics camp for high school students. This unique program gathers around 20 Canadian students and 20 international students aged 16 – 18 each year, bringing them together at Perimeter Institute.

Perimeter Institute’s Focus on Theoretical Physics

Perimeter Institute stands as a significant hub for theoretical physics research, drawing in a diverse group of resident and visiting scientists from various corners of the globe. Driven by curiosity, these researchers generate fresh ideas about space, time, matter, and the fundamental nature of our universe, aiming to uncover its deepest secrets.

Perimeter’s selection of nine research fields is strategic, combining critical insights into the fundamental laws that govern the universe. This spans from the tiniest subatomic scales to the tabletop scales of condensed matter systems, reaching all the way to describing the entire cosmos. The emphasis on ambitious, unrestricted scientific exploration has resulted in a lively and expanding research community.

The Impact of Theoretical Physics on Technology

Theoretical physics holds a unique position as a high-impact, low-cost area of basic research. It propels our foundational understanding of the universe and lays the groundwork for future technologies.

Breakthroughs made by theoretical physicists underpin a range of technologies, including solar cells, computers, wireless technologies, and diagnostic imaging. The reason is clear: technology relies on the laws of nature, so a better grasp of these laws enables the creation of more powerful technologies.

Take electromagnetism, for instance, discovered by theorist James Clerk Maxwell, building on the experimental work of Michael Faraday. Maxwell’s comprehensive theory paved the way for electric motors, generators, and a secure electric power grid.

The application of Maxwell’s electromagnetism by Guglielmo Marconi gave rise to wireless messaging, evolving into Wi-Fi, cell, and satellite communications.

Albert Einstein’s exploration of gravity provided the knowledge essential for GPS. His contemplation of space and time unexpectedly unveiled that matter is a concentrated form of energy, shaping our understanding of how fusion powers stars like our Sun.

Today, we explore the potential of fusion to address global energy challenges and minimize human impact on the environment.

In the quest to unravel the mysteries of the atom, theoretical physicists developed quantum theory, the foundation for technologies like the transistor (at the core of nearly every electronic device), the laser (used in global fiber-optic networks), MRI, and numerous other technologies.

group of students studying

The trailblazers at Perimeter leverage their analytical and technical skills across academia, industry, and all facets of society, advancing human knowledge for the collective understanding and benefit of all.

Perimeter Institute’s Innovative Location

Perimeter Institute’s unique building, designed in collaboration with scientists, is located in Waterloo, Ontario. The architecture is tailored to enhance research, training, and scientific outreach activities.

Inside, you’ll find spaces filled with blackboards for thinking, casual meeting areas, formal seminar rooms, and a friendly restaurant, creating a collaborative environment that significantly contributes to the research culture.

Key Features:

  • Size: Spread over 120,000 square feet (11,000 square meters).
  • Capacity: Accommodates up to 250 researchers and trainees.
  • Interaction Areas: Boasts 11 designated spots for spontaneous, multidisciplinary research activities.
  • Presentation Spaces: Seven formal areas equipped with advanced audio-visual technology for scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, and educational outreach activities.
  • Mike Lazaridis Theatre of Ideas: A 205-seat venue for discussions and presentations.
  • George Leibbrandt Library: A two-story library space.
  • Black Hole Bistro: A hub for meals and meetings, fostering community connections.
  • IT Infrastructure: State-of-the-art technology supporting visualization, complex calculations, and remote collaboration.

Perimeter’s facilities have evolved over time. Research operations began in a converted historic post office in 2001. In 2004, the first custom-built facility opened, winning the national Governor General’s Medal for Architecture.

As the community expanded, Perimeter Institute inaugurated the Stephen Hawking Centre in 2011, doubling its capacity to host 250 researchers and trainees. Situated on the edge of Silver Lake in Waterloo, the institute is conveniently located just an hour’s drive from Toronto.

Waterloo is a vibrant hub, home to two universities, a high-tech cluster with over 800 companies, and two performing arts centers. Perimeter Institute borders Waterloo Park, providing 111 acres of parkland and recreational facilities.

On the other side lies the growing urban core of Waterloo, featuring cafes, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, galleries, and more. The University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University are both within a 10-minute walk.

How can ISSYP Help Incoming College Students

The International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP) offers incoming college students a host of valuable benefits that can significantly impact their academic and personal development. Here’s an elaborate exploration of the advantages:

1. In-Depth Exposure to Theoretical Physics

ISSYP provides a deep dive into theoretical physics, allowing students to explore complex concepts that go beyond the typical high school curriculum.

Exposure to foundational theories such as quantum mechanics, special relativity, cosmology, general relativity, and black holes lays a robust groundwork for advanced studies.

2. Hands-On Learning and Experimentation

The program encourages students to conduct simple experiments at home, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.

Practical application of theoretical concepts enhances understanding and prepares students for future laboratory work in college.

3. Interaction with Experts and Alumni

ISSYP sessions are often conducted by alumni and researchers in the field, providing students with the opportunity to engage with and learn from seasoned professionals.

Discussions about the challenges and mysteries faced by theoretical physicists offer valuable insights into the realities of pursuing a career in physics.

4. Preparation for University-Level Studies

ISSYP mimics the intensity and rigor of university-level research, preparing students for the academic challenges they will encounter in college.

Exposure to advanced topics and methodologies equips students with a head start, boosting their confidence as they transition to higher education.

Low angle view of four university students on campus

5. Global Networking

The program brings together students from diverse backgrounds and countries, creating a global network of aspiring physicists.

Interacting with peers from around the world fosters cultural exchange, broadening students’ perspectives and preparing them for collaboration in an international academic setting.

6. Counseling on Career Paths

ISSYP sessions often include discussions on research careers and the life of a physicist, helping students make informed decisions about their academic and career paths.

Insights from professionals in the field can guide students in choosing specialization areas and understanding the various opportunities within theoretical physics.

7. Enhanced Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

The challenging nature of ISSYP’s curriculum cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential for success in college-level physics courses.

Students learn to approach complex problems with analytical precision, a skill set valuable in various academic and professional pursuits.

8. Preparation for Research Careers

ISSYP introduces students to the world of theoretical physics research, laying the groundwork for those interested in pursuing research careers.

Exposure to cutting-edge ideas and methodologies inspires a passion for research and innovation.

9. Boost in College Applications

Participation in ISSYP enhances college applications, showcasing a student’s commitment to and passion for physics.

The program’s reputation and affiliation with the Perimeter Institute add credibility to a student’s academic profile.

In summary, ISSYP provides a comprehensive understanding of theoretical physics and equips incoming college students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary for a successful academic and professional career.

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