Tips on How to Study for ACT

February 5, 2023
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Tips on How to Study for ACT

How to study for the act?

How to study for the ACT? Ever wonder how to use your time in high school while preparing for significant college entrance exams like the ACT and SAT? Your senior year can feel a little overwhelming with regard to college essays and the entire application process! We at AdmissionSight have put together this list of tips on how to study for ACT. Check them out below:

1. Get ready to learn.

Put on your thinking cap! Preparing for any standardized test is difficult. But taking them has the benefit that many people have already done so, and there are almost certainly a ton of free resources available online. It all comes down to getting organized and ready for whatever may come.

2. Do your research

You must first familiarize yourself with the format of the exam. The SAT and the ACT are two college entrance exams offered in the US. The ACT has a scientific portion that the SAT does not, despite the fact that they are quite comparable to one another.

Find the official ACT and SAT exams online, print them out, and take them on two different days to simulate the testing environment. This will help you pick which test to take. After taking both tests, grade your answers in accordance with the answer key to determine which test you performed better on. Most likely, you should take the test on which you did better.

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The next step in taking the ACT is registering for the exam on the ACT website. To ensure that you obtain the seat and testing center of your choice, attempt to schedule around two months in advance. Try to predict how your test day will go in order to reduce surprises and worry.

3. Obtain top-notch exam materials.

A content-review resource and a strategy resource are required. You might discover that alternative materials work better for you, though. By reading blogs and viewing videos, you might even learn more. Simply look for what is ideal for you and within your price range. Next, try downloading free resources from online PDFs or Reddit postings.

You want to find as many official old tests as you can once you’ve decided which materials you’ll use. “Official” because you can’t think like the ACT if you don’t study the tests made by the people who actually make the tests.

4. Studying for the ACT

One of the tips on how to study for ACT is you should create a schedule if you wish to stay on course. Count the days till your exam and move backward from there. Plan out how much time you will need to spend studying the content each day on paper or in a digital planner. Make sure to arrange practice exams for several days of the week.

Practice exams will enable you to assess your progress. Therefore, you should start taking them right away rather than delaying the tests until the very end. Include rest days in your calendar as well to avoid burnout.

Your whole effort up to this point has been focused on getting ready and setting up a strong study habits. Review the material in your book or video playlist, work through a few problems, and make notes. To explain some concepts you might have forgotten, you could even consult old high school textbooks.

You must commit these fundamental grammatical rules to memory for the English part. Formula knowledge is necessary for the math test. Contrary to popular belief, you are not required to learn important vocabulary words for the reading section.

On test day, you’ll benefit from being familiar with the passage format and its intricacy. You should be able to successfully complete the science portion with the knowledge you gained in high school. You’ll need to be able to read graphs and understand the experiment described in the passage.

5. Possible test-taking tactics

Once you are familiar with the test material, your score will start to rise. One of the tips on how to study for ACT is to apply possible test-taking tactics. By employing methods, you will be able to outperform the average. You should try out several approaches and put them to the test by returning to the same area often.

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Print out, for instance, two sections of reading. Take the first one while employing one method, and the second while employing a different one. See which strategy results in a higher score.

6. Getting ready for the test both beforehand and on test day

Let your diligent preparation pay off now that you’ve had time to do so. Do a practice drive to the examination location as the exam date approaches so you are familiar with the traffic patterns and parking options. Also, honestly, pay attention to where the restrooms are. On test day, when you have to go, you don’t want to freak out or start asking around during the breaks.

The night before, pack your backpack with two No. 2 pencils, erasers, a calculator, batteries, your exam ticket, and your ID. Get to bed early and set two alarms. Get a hearty breakfast before leaving in the morning, and make sure to dress in layers because the testing location can experience temperature variations. Try to arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand!

How long to study for the ACT

How to study for ACT? How long to study for the ACT? If you wish to increase your score by a given number of points, there are general rules. A 1-point increase on the ACT needs roughly 10 hours of study time. To retain material, you’ll need to study for 20 hours or more for 2-3 points, 40 hours or more for 2-4 points, 80 hours or more for 4-6 points, and more than 150 hours for anything above.

You get to choose how you wish to divide up these study hours. What level of rigor do you desire for your study sessions? When school and extracurricular activities start, how much time will you have left? Are longer study periods readily interrupted for you? Only once every two or three days are you open for an hour? Your schedule is best known to you. It is advised that you spend at least 10 hours studying in order to be ready.

Additionally, it is best to limit your study time to one to six months prior to the test because less time gives the material little chance to soak in. If it has been longer than six months, you might have forgotten some of the preceding knowledge.

How to stay motivated to study for the ACT

How to stay motivated to study for the ACT? Studying for the ACT is one of the most crucial things high school students can do. The best method to guarantee the highest possible score is to do this.

However, it might be challenging to maintain the motivation to prepare for this exam with all the other things going on in a high school student’s life. Here are some pointers to help you stay motivated as you prepare for the ACT and some additional tips on how to study for ACT.

1. Plan your study time.

Set aside some time each day to study for the ACT. When it comes time to study, having the time allotted in your head can be a terrific motivator.

2. Take away distractions.

Prepare a peaceful, distraction-free area for studying before you start. For the time being, put away any portable devices, or at the very least, block websites that will make you drowsy. You can download apps and programs to help you stay away from social media and other distracting websites.

3. Choose a study partner.

Sometimes we need outside motivation to stay motivated to study. You can test one another’s knowledge and be tested by it when you have a study partner, which might help you remember more of the material.

4. Always be ready.

When you are preparing for the ACT, make sure you have plenty of tools on hand, such as notebook paper and pencils. This will help you avoid getting distracted or having to stop what you’re doing to go get something.

5. Set objectives.

Last but not least, you should always set goals that will enable you to keep tabs on your daily study sessions. These objectives ought to be as precise as possible. Consider setting a goal to master a particular area of arithmetic rather than concentrating on studying for the test.

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You may stay motivated while preparing for the ACT by using these suggestions.. By using the tips on how to study for ACT, you can be sure that you are working hard to get a good grade and secure your future at the correct university. Contact us today to learn about the finest resources and strategies for ACT preparation.

If you’re not sure what a good score is for you based on the universities you want to attend, AdmissionSight is the best admissions expert to consult with. Furthermore, if your ACT score is below the range you desire, we may discuss your options and provide ACT score ranges for 38 prestigious universities.




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