What Is It Like to Attend Princeton?

December 27, 2022
By AdmissionSight

What Is It Like to Attend Princeton?

How does it feel to attend Princeton University? There are a lot of things that we look into when searching for the right university but one of the greatest among them all is the feeling it gives.

To let you know “What is it like to attend Princeton?” the following are the things to ponder upon:

How is the college experience at Princeton University?

How does one go about college life at Princeton? What is it like to attend Princeton? Here’s a glimpse of students’ college life:

Campus Setting and Transportation Options

The campus of Princeton is quite friendly and simple to get around. The vast majority of students make their way to class on foot, and it will take only anywhere from five to ten minutes, on average, to walk from the dorm to one of the classes.

There are a few students who ride bicycles, but the vast majority of them are engineers who live in the dormitory that is located on the opposite side of campus from the buildings that are dedicated to engineering.

Availability of Academic Advisers, Professors, And Teaching Assistants to Students

The assistance provided by academic advisors is invaluable. Before you start your first year of college, a professor who will serve as your academic advisor (until the conclusion of your sophomore year, when you must choose a major) is chosen for you.

Group of students walking in the campus.

Because this advisor only has roughly eight students under their wing, there is plenty of opportunity for one-on-one interaction.

There are also fairs organized by subject area where you can also talk to professors, upperclassmen, and advisers.

Dorm Life – Rooms, Dining Options, Location, Socialization Opportunities

The college experience in the dorms is one of the major factors that students take into consideration before they decide to attend Princeton.

The university is broken up into six different residential colleges for the students to live in during their entire time there. Every residential college on campus has its dining hall, several intramural sports teams, and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Career Center and Student Assistance Services

The Health Professions Advising (HPA) center is a great source for a lot of students. HPA make sure that students were meeting all of the prerequisites by ensuring that they attended all of the required classes and finished all of the necessary application stages.

Town Vicinity

The town of Princeton is breathtaking. There is a great deal of locally owned businesses and places of historical interest.

What are students like at Princeton University?

How would you describe the typical Princeton student? Knowing what characteristics the students have gives us a better picture of “What is it like to attend Princeton?”.

Students that have an intellectual curiosity and have pursued and attained academic achievement are the kind of students Princeton look for. In addition, they search for students who have distinguished themselves in their personal lives and extracurricular activities.

As you work on your application, please do everything you can to ensure that they fully recognize your skills, academic successes, and personal accomplishments.

a female student looking at the camera smiling

Princeton anticipates that applicants will have, to the extent possible, completed coursework in the following subject areas: English, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Laboratory Science, and History.

In addition, they seek individuals who have stretched themselves academically by taking advantage of honors, advanced placement (AP), and dual-enrollment opportunities while they were available.

In general, the vast majority of students at Princeton were already academic stars in their previous schools. The vast majority of them also contributed significantly outside of the classroom with their time, energy, and skills.

But most importantly, students at Princeton are well-educated and ambitious, and they come from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. The current generation of students is highly driven, self-assured, and future-oriented.

What is the vibe of Princeton University?

How would you describe the atmosphere in Princeton? When most people think about what it is like to attend Princeton, an image of stereotypes often comes to mind but “What is it like to attend Princeton?”.

People frequently have the impression that those who attend Princeton are pretentious, WASP-like, and have an old-fashioned approach to fashion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

However, believe it or not, Princeton University has one of the most culturally diverse college campuses in the United States and is widely regarded as one of the top institutions in the country for foreign students. Here, you will come into contact with people of every nation, social background, and religious tradition imaginable.

That’s hard to believe, isn’t it? But, non-white students make up approximately 42 percent of all graduates.

The vast majority of students have a positive experience at Princeton, as evidenced by the fact that 98% of first-year students choose to continue their education there. This high proportion indicates that the vast majority of undergraduate students are very content with their experiences, both academically and socially.

At Princeton, all first-year and second-year students are expected to live on campus, and because housing is guaranteed for all four years of the undergraduate experience, an astounding 94% of students choose to do so. The close-knit community vibe in this neighborhood may have something to do with it.

Neither in terms of its reputation nor the way of life, Princeton is not like the majority of other universities. To say that life as a Princetonian isn’t what you’d anticipate it to be would be an understatement. However, the only way to truly understand it is to witness it for yourself. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing what it is like to attend Princeton University, you should go ace that application and get admittance.

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