Art of Problem Solving

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Art of Problem Solving: the key to the USA Math Olympiad

If you want to be an academic super star in the math and sciences and win national  awards, the Art of Problem Solving will help you get you to your goal. Garnering national awards in the math and sciences is a difficult feat, and requires that 10,000 hours of practice necessary to compete with the country’s best and brightest.

Now more than ever universities like MIT, Harvard and Caltech are looking beyond just SATs scores in Math, to ensure you have competed in competitions such as the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), American Invitational Mathematics Exam, and the USA Math Olympiad.

The Art of Problem Solving sets you up as a top competitor in these highly prestigious competitions through online courses and textbooks designed specifically to enhance your creative genius for winning medals in national contests.

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Why is the Art of Problem Solving useful?

Have you considered entering into the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) but don’t know if you have the basic building blocks to stack up against the rest of the competition? Or maybe you’ve already been victorious in the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) and want to go to compete in the USA Math Olympiads or be invited to participate in the American Invitational Mathematics Exam?

Then it’s the right time to purchase a book from the Art of Problem Solving online bookstore which offers volumes containing over 500 examples and exercises culled from contests such to learn and develop the skills you need to succeed in winning.

The bookstore and courses offer an introduction series in algebra, counting and probability, geometry, and number theory for all new competitors, an intermediate series in algebra, counting and probability, precalculus, and calculus, and 3 volumes focused on competition preparation. In addition to instructional material there are over 1,000 problems and answers which guide you through how to strategically solve and think about problems in the best way.

Rather than just teaching how to do problems, Art of Problem Solving teachers guide you through their thinking process. You’ll learn from several interesting areas like functional equations, generating functions, vectors/complex numbers, and convexity. A practice USA Math Olympiad course is offered to test your ability to think beyond standard procedures of solving problems and consider many solution methods before finding the one that works.

Lack of mathematical preparation often prevents high-aptitude students from excelling in competitions like the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), American Invitational Math Exams, or USA Math Olympiad. This type of unique, out-of-the-classroom instruction provides students with the ability to enrich their math knowledge and prepare to adjust to the higher standards and benchmarks that the US top ranked universities expect from prospective students.

Since the organization started in 1993, the Art of Problem Solving also expanded access to its services by establishing 10 campuses in eight different states from California, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, and is continuing to expand as the demand for extra circular awards on college applications has increased.

In-class coaching classes have qualified instructors who repeatedly hone in on the foundational information, and move towards more complex material once a student has a solidified grasp of the core concepts involved in getting into and winning competitions like the American Invitational Math Exams.

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Past experiences

Prior students found that the courses not only helped them win competitive math competitions which enhanced their chances of getting into Ivy League schools like Havard, MIT, or Yale, but also allowed them to learn to love solving problems in a fun and flexible online environment.

Applying new and old techniques, whether you are starting from an area of expertise or as a new beginner to courses such as programming, can help foster confidence and endurance for tackling real world problems and challenging college applications.

Once you’ve purchased an Art of Problem Solving book from the company website, and have enrolled in courses either online or at one of the academies is listed near you, then it is time to start putting your problem-solving skills to the test and registering for competitions.

Registration for the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) will open on January 3rd, and will close on January 9th. The final day to apply late is January 17th, and depending on how early you apply registration fees cost anywhere between $70-$128.

High schoolers take the exam to hopefully qualify for colleges.

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