Berkeley Graduate School

October 1, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Berkeley Graduate School

The University of California, Berkeley, is a public research university in Berkeley, California, that overlooks San Francisco Bay and is home to both modern and historic buildings on its campus.

Students have the opportunity to attend lectures given by influential thinkers such as United States Senator Elizabeth Warren and former President Bill Clinton outside of the traditional academic settings of classrooms, libraries, and labs. Performances can range from the world-renowned Joffrey Ballet to jazz greats Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock.

Students are provided with direction and assistance by the Berkeley Graduate School-Graduate Division, which serves as a central service center for the entire campus. This assistance begins at the time of admission and continues all the way through the completion of the degree requirements and the various milestones along the way.

Berkeley Graduate School provides academic, personal, diversity, and professional support services for Berkeley master’s, professional, and doctoral students. These services are critical to the student’s day-to-day well-being as well as their long-term success in their chosen fields.

The Berkeley Graduate School-Graduate Division is responsible for ensuring that the policies that govern graduate studies are administered fairly across all 14 schools and colleges that make up the Berkeley campus.

In its role as the most authoritative resource and chief advocate for graduate education, this division is also the chief advocate for graduate education.

As the administrative arm of the Academic Senate’s Graduate Council, it is Berkeley Graduate School’s responsibility to work in collaboration with the teaching and support staff of each graduate program, as well as the deans of each school and college, to ensure that the quality of graduate education at Berkeley continues to receive international acclaim.

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By meeting these obligations, the Berkeley Graduate School operates as a good steward of the generous donations made by individuals and organizations that fund graduate study at Berkeley.

In addition, the Berkeley Graduate School’s Graduate Division is dedicated to increasing the diversity of the student body at the University of California, Berkeley, and providing academic, personal, and professional support to students of all backgrounds, with a particular focus on those who come from underrepresented groups. This commitment was made in 2010.

How to get into Berkeley Graduate School?

How to get into Berkeley Graduate School?  The decision to go to graduate school is a significant one, and the institution in which you choose to pursue your education will place you on a course that will shape your professional trajectory for many years to come.

Discover what UC Berkeley has to offer, and then decide which program you want to enroll in by using this information. You’ll discover that many of the programs offered at Berkeley Graduate School are ranked well among the best in the country. Because there are more than one hundred different programs available, it is essential that you pick the one that best suits your needs.

It is recommended that you visit the campus on CalDay or organize a campus tour in order to get to know the teachers in your field of interest, examine the financial and lifestyle elements of attending the Berkeley Graduate School, and learn more about the campus.

After you have decided on a program, the next step is to check the application deadlines. As a result of the high number of programs that each has its unique set of application requirements and processes for evaluating applications, it is essential to research the admissions homepage for each program in great detail. Contact the department on their website if you still have questions you haven’t already.

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Examine the prerequisites for the program you are interested in at least three months before the application deadline. Per admission term, you are only allowed to submit an application to one single degree program or one concurrent degree program.

The University of California, Berkeley does not participate in any ad hoc joint degree program agreements with other educational institutions.

You can begin submitting your application for Fall admission as early as September. The majority of program deadlines are in December, but you can verify this information by reviewing the program list.

In order to apply online, you will be required to provide certain information, including your academic and professional background, transcripts, and possibly your curriculum vitae, résumé, or links to your portfolio.

You will also be required to supply the contact information for your recommenders, who will be asked to submit their recommendations after being encouraged to do so by you.

After that, you will be required to pay the application cost, which is non-refundable. The application price is $135, and it is waived if you are a current resident of the United States or a citizen of the United States. The price is $155 for all other customers. If you are having trouble paying the charge, you may also submit an application to have the fee waived.

You will be able to check the status of the materials received or processed once you have submitted your application. These materials include fee waivers, test scores, letters of recommendation, and admission decisions.

Additionally, you have the option to add other recommenders. You can get in touch with your division if there are any adjustments that need to be made or if you need to give any extra application materials.

After that, the Berkeley Graduate School will begin announcing its decisions for the Fall applications between the months of February and June.

During this time, the department faculty will try to identify and propose top applicants based on a variety of variables, and the majority of the graduate programs at Berkeley use a holistic approach to evaluating applicants. These include your academic degrees and records, your personal statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, test scores, your research interests, your background and life experiences, how well your goals align with the degree program, and your relevant work experience.

After then, the Graduate Division investigates the candidates that have been suggested for admission to check that they meet all of the prerequisites for enrollment.

When a decision has been made, you will get an email notifying you to check the status page that you have been given access to. If you have been offered a fellowship, you will shortly receive a separate email that contains information regarding the specifics of your grant.

If you have been extended an offer of admission, you will be prompted to indicate whether you will accept or deny the admission using a form titled “Reply to Offer of Admission.”

Berkeley Graduate School Requirements

What are the current Berkeley Graduate School requirements for admission? Before submitting an application to Berkeley Graduate School, the following are some of the most critical parameters that students need to make sure they meet. The program that you go with will determine which factors are relevant to your situation.

The minimal graduate entrance requirements are:

  • A bachelor’s degree or education that is widely acknowledged as being similar, obtained from a reputable academic institution;
  • A good academic average, which is typically defined as a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (B) on a scale from 4.0 to 0.0; and
  • Enough education at the undergraduate level to pursue graduate studies in the topic of your choice

Even if you meet the bare minimum requirements, there is no assurance that you will be accepted into the program because there are many more qualified applicants than there are available slots. As a direct consequence of this, we are unable to accommodate a significant number of highly qualified applicants.

Required Documents

You must include unofficial transcripts with your application in order to be considered further by the department. Make sure that you get an updated transcript from any institution of higher learning that you have attended after high school, including community colleges, summer sessions, and extension programs.

In the event that you are accepted and choose to attend, we will require official transcripts that demonstrate the awarding of your bachelor’s degree.

The Berkeley Graduate School requires that official transcripts either be submitted in sealed envelopes that have been supplied by the school(s) that the applicant has attended or be sent from a secure electronic system to the email address of the Berkeley Graduate School.

If you have previously attended UC Berkeley, please ensure that unofficial transcripts are included in the application package for the department’s initial assessment. If you are accepted, official transcripts along with verification that your degree was awarded will not be required.

Evidence of English Language Proficiency

Official evidence of English language ability is required to be submitted by all applicants who have earned a basic degree in a nation or territory where English is not the official language. This requirement applies to all applicants.

You are exempt from having to take a standardized test if you have finished at least one year of full-time academic course work with grades of B or better in residence at a recognized U.S. institution and have met the requirements to graduate. Instead, you will be required to produce an unofficial transcript from the U.S. institution that you attended.

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Only TOEFL examinations that are conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and are provided to us directly by the TOEFL office will be considered for admission to the Berkeley Graduate School. The TOEFL ITP Plus for Mainland China and Duolingo are both disqualified for admission to Berkeley Graduate School.

You are also able to submit scores from the Academic Modules of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is jointly handled by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council, and IDP: IELTS Australia.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The GRE General Test, GRE Subject Tests, the GMAT, and the MCAT are some examples of standardized examinations that may be required of applicants by some bureaus, institutions, and organizations.

You are welcome to inquire about the department’s requirements directly with the department to which you are applying.

Recommendation Letters

It is necessary that you submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation. Applicants should consult with the department they are interested in working for to see if there are any questions about recommendation letters. Make careful to let your recommenders know the deadline that the departments have set.

Your recommenders will be requested to provide their subjective assessments of your intellectual capacity, their confidence in their ability to conduct research or perform professional skills, the quality of your prior work, and the possibility for you to produce fruitful scholarship in the future.

The Graduate Division of the Berkeley Graduate School has the authority to investigate the veracity of academic letters of recommendation by contacting either the recommending institution or the recommender.

Application Fee

When you apply, you will be required to submit an application fee. The application fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

The application fee is $135 if you are a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident in good standing at the time of submission; the charge is $155 for everyone else. However, there are a few programs that do not call for an application fee to be paid.

Applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States and can provide evidence of financial hardship are eligible to request a cost waiver for the application.

Statement of Purpose

It is the responsibility of the statement of purpose to persuade the readers, who will be faculty members on the selection committee, that you have a track record of significant accomplishments that bodes well for your ability to succeed in graduate study.

Consider the statement of purpose to be a composition that consists of four distinct sections. Be sure to consult the website of the relevant department to determine whether or not your statement should include any additional or specific information.

Personal Statement

To offer the admissions committee an idea of who you are as a person and to provide proof of your potential contributions to the academic community, your personal statement should include specific examples.

In this section, you should also demonstrate that you have the potential to bring to your academic career a critical perspective that is rooted in a non-traditional educational background, or that you understand the experiences of groups that have historically been under-represented in higher education, and that you are committed to increasing the participation of a diverse population in higher education.

What is a Good GRE Score?

What is a Good GRE Score? The fact that standardized examinations can have a substantial influence on your life can make taking them a stressful experience. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is essential since it helps determine which graduate programs you may be accepted into.

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The Graduate Record Examinations (both the general exam and the advanced subject test) are not necessary for admission into the Berkeley Graduate School, nor are they required for entrance into the majority of other programs.

Students will not be penalized in any way if they choose not to include test scores as part of their application, despite the fact that several departments offer applicants the opportunity to submit their own self-reported scores.

If you don’t do well on the GRE, you might have to settle for a program that you’re not as enthusiastic about as an alternative if you want to get into the school that you want to attend.

Most standardized examinations, including the GRE, do not employ the letter grading scale or the scale ranging from 0% to 100% which is common practice among students. Because of this, it may be difficult to determine whether or not your score is satisfactory.

Because of the odd nature of the grading structure, it can be difficult to determine what constitutes a decent score on the GRE.

On a standard exam, a score of 130, along with any additional credit earned, would be considered an excellent performance. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) has a minimum score requirement of 130.

You are in luck because ETS occasionally publishes data that includes average test scores in addition to scoring percentiles, both of which you can use to evaluate how well you have performed.

The GRE was taken by approximately 1.64 million persons between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2019, inclusive. The following is the typical score on the GRE:

  • The score for verbal reasoning was 150.37.
  • The numerical reasoning score is 153.39.
  • Critical Thinking in Writing: 3.58

If you achieve a score that is higher than these values, you can have a degree of confidence in the fact that you have outperformed the average score on the GRE. However, if you have your sights set on enrolling in a prestigious graduate school, you could get the impression that you need to do more than just outperform the other applicants.

Researching the programs that interest you will give you an idea of the goal GRE score that you should strive to get. Many educational institutions provide information about the average GRE score of their incoming class on their websites. Although receiving a score that is higher than the program’s average will not ensure that you will be accepted into the program of your choice, it certainly won’t hinder your chances either.

Berkeley Graduate School Acceptance Rate

What is the current Berkeley Graduate School Acceptance Rate? Admission to Graduate School at UC Berkeley is extremely competitive, with only 17.5% of applicants being accepted on average.

There were 3,539 international students accepted into the graduate program out of a total of 42,000 applicants. This represents a 19% acceptance rate for international students. The application process for admission to the University of California, Berkeley begins in the month of October and continues through the end of November.

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