Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech

High school is a time of exploration and self-discovery. If you’re seeking not just a degree but an exceptional learning experience, then the Anson L. Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech University is something you should definitely have on your radar.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech so special and why it might be the perfect fit for driven high school students like you.

Texas Tech University: A Brief History

Texas Tech University, often called Texas Tech or TTU, is a well-known public research university located in Lubbock, Texas.

It all began in 1923 when it was founded as Texas Technological College, with the goal of offering higher education opportunities to folks in West Texas. Back then, it started with just over 900 students.

Over the years, it expanded its academic programs and campus, and in 1969, its name was changed to Texas Tech University to reflect its broader mission. Today, Texas Tech is famous for its strong academic programs and research in fields like engineering, agriculture, business, and more.

It’s got a beautiful campus, cool traditions, and competitive sports teams known as the Red Raiders. Texas Tech is recognized for its excellence in fields such as engineering, agriculture, business, health sciences, and the arts and sciences.

It has a diverse and vibrant student body, a strong athletic program, and a commitment to research and innovation. Texas Tech University offers a comprehensive educational experience with a variety of opportunities for students to excel in their chosen fields.

The university has a wide range of academic programs and research areas that contribute to its reputation, one of them is the Anson L. Clark Global Scholars Program.

What is the Anson L. Clark Scholars Program?

The Clark Global Scholars Program at Texas Tech University stands as one of the most competitive and sought-after summer camp experiences.

With only 12 spots available each summer, this program offers students a valuable chance to acquire hands-on research experience.

What sets this research-intensive summer camp apart is its flexibility, as students can delve into a diverse array of academic fields, spanning from the sciences to the humanities.

It offers a unique opportunity for high school students who are passionate about learning, leadership, and community engagement to take their education to the next level.

The main goal of the program is to unite high school students and offer them an immersive research experience, where they collaborate closely with a faculty member.

Clark Scholars have the freedom to team up with any of our professors, spanning a wide range of fields, including chemical engineering, biological sciences, physics, cancer research, or even areas like English, the classics, or law within the humanities.

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Research Areas of the Global Scholars Program at Texas Tech University

The program at Texas Tech University provides Scholars with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on research experience alongside accomplished and seasoned faculty members. Here is a list of research areas* offered by the university:

  • Biology
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics/Business/Finance/Marketing
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering
  • History
  • Microbiology
  • Physics

*Offered during the Summer of 2023.

Who Can Apply for the Clark Scholars Program?

The applicant pool for the Clark Scholars Program is substantial, and they don’t actively promote the program. That’s how popular they are with high school students from all over the states!

In the previous year, they have reported to have received approximately 530 applications from individuals worldwide and from all fifty U.S. states.

Regarding the selection process, they evaluate academic records, consider the applicants’ standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), and review their extracurricular activities.

While prior research experience is a positive factor, it’s not a decisive criterion.

They even admit many students who haven’t engaged in research before, provided they can articulate a compelling reason for pursuing it.

For those of you who have conducted research, the team from Texas Tech will delve deeper into your experiences, focusing on what you have learned and the progress you’ve made.

Simply having research experience isn’t sufficient; applicants must demonstrate their knowledge and the evolution of their research.

How Old Should I Be to Apply for the Clark Global Scholars Program?

Prospective candidates must have reached a minimum age of 17.

This implies that you can join the program either during the summer preceding your senior year or the summer following your high school graduation.

International students are encouraged and eligible to submit their applications as well.

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Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech: The Application Process

Gaining admission to the Clark Global Scholars Program is a challenging journey, so it’s crucial to ensure you approach it with precision. Here’s the list of application components:

Online Application

Access the online application through the Sign Up link on their official website.

Click the “Apply Here” button, and when you’re taken to the application page, choose the “Sign Up” link located at the bottom to set up your account.

You will receive an email containing a link to create your password.

After setting up an account, the applicant can log in. Follow the application guidelines and save each section as you progress.


Your application will require short essays. Here are the essay prompts and character limits here, allowing you to work on them in advance.

Research Interest Essays

  1. Describe your primary research interest, being very specific. This will help with matching you to a research professor.  (2,000 characters including spaces)
  2. Optional – Describe your secondary research interest, being very specific. (2,000 characters including spaces)

Personal Essays 

  1. Tell the Selection Committee about yourself and your reasons for applying to the Clark Scholarship Program. Please include your future goals and how becoming a Clark Scholar would contribute to achieving those goals. (2,000 characters including spaces)
  2. Tell us about your most fulfilling service experience. (1,500 characters including spaces)

High School Transcripts

Upload your high school transcripts to the application. If you’ve taken AP courses, include your test scores as well. (International students should ensure their transcripts are translated into English.)

College Admissions Standardized Test Scores

Upload your test scores. If SAT or ACT scores aren’t available by the deadline, at least a PSAT score is required. International students are encouraged, though not required, to submit scores.

Is there a minimum GPA or test scores required?

If a student has faced challenges during their high school journey, their chances of acceptance may be limited.

Occasionally, they have to consider the circumstances in which you’ve grown academically.

While diversity is important, it’s not the only factor to consider when making admissions decisions in the Clark Global Scholars Program.


You need three recommendations. Two must come from teachers, while the third can be from a teacher, research mentor, principal investigator, or a volunteer organization.

Note that recommendations are completed through an online questionnaire, not in written letter form.

Make sure to inform your recommenders, and instructions will be sent automatically to them once their information is input and saved.

Recommendations are due two weeks later than the student deadline. International applicants must also have recommendations translated into English.

Back view of volunteers.

List of Top 5 Activities

Compile a list of what you consider your most significant involvement activities and accomplishments.

These can encompass academic honors, research programs, and extracurricular activities both inside and outside of school.

Keep in mind that there is an opportunity to write about a sixth activity in response to the essay prompt regarding your most fulfilling service experience.

Please note that a resume or an additional list of activities is not permitted.

By following these steps and preparing your application materials in advance, you’ll be in a strong position to submit a competitive application for the Anson L. Clark Scholars Program!

Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech: More Info

Once you’re accepted into the program, they will pair you up with a mentor they believe will be a great match for you.

Even before the program officially kicks off, they will get in touch with you. Often, your mentor will share reading materials or research to help you get ready for the program.

Every Thursday during the program, they host seminars. At the program’s start, applicants jot down topics they’re keen on exploring further – it could be anything from politics to the environment.

We bring in experts to facilitate discussions and provide insight on these topics, creating a rich learning environment.

When the weekend arrives, they spice things up with outdoor activities like hiking, camping trips, or visits to prehistoric sites. It’s a chance for you to explore Texas and witness research in action!

They also throw in some competitive tennis matches against some mentors. As you can see, they are all about building a close-knit community, regardless of your field of study.

Program Fees, Accommodation, and Other Important Information

Great news! When it comes to the program registration, you won’t have to worry about any fees – it’s absolutely free!

Plus, the program takes care of some fantastic things for you, including on-campus dining, a cozy place to stay right on campus, and exciting weekend activities and programs to keep you engaged.

Now, here’s the deal: while the program covers all those awesome things, there are a few expenses it doesn’t include.

You’ll need to handle the costs of getting to and from the program location, your personal spending money, and any medical expenses if they pop up.

This program isn’t just about research and academics. It’s also packed with fun social activities to keep you entertained, and you’ll get to be part of some cool weekly seminars.

And the cherry on top? If you successfully complete your research project report, you’ll earn yourself a sweet stipend of $750.

So, not only will you have an amazing learning experience, but you’ll also have some extra cash in your pocket to celebrate your achievements. Exciting, right?

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Key Highlights of the Clark Scholars Program

Scholarship Opportunities

One of the most attractive aspects of the Anson L. Clark Scholars Program is the financial support it offers. Scholars receive a significant scholarship that covers tuition, fees, room, and board.

This means you can focus on your studies and personal growth without the burden of student loan debt.

Small Class Sizes

As a Clark Scholar, you’ll enjoy smaller class sizes, allowing for more personalized attention from professors. The program only accepts 12 students, remember?

This fosters a tight-knit academic community where you can engage in meaningful discussions and form close relationships with faculty members.

Challenging Curriculum

The program offers a rigorous and interdisciplinary curriculum that encourages critical thinking and intellectual exploration.
You’ll have the chance to engage in stimulating coursework, research opportunities, and discussions that go beyond the traditional classroom experience.

Leadership Development

The Anson L. Clark Scholars Program places a strong emphasis on leadership development.

You’ll have access to leadership workshops, seminars, and mentorship opportunities to help you develop the skills needed to make a positive impact in your community and future career.

Community Engagement

Giving back to the community is a core value of the program. You’ll have opportunities to participate in community service projects and engage with local organizations, fostering a sense of civic responsibility and empathy.

Often, the participants of the program have entirely different academic interests, like one studying humanities while the other focuses on biology. However, they hope that they leave the camp as close friends.

Additionally, this camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore their passions.

They can delve into a particular research topic and, in some cases, continue to pursue it after leaving here.

Some may realize that research isn’t their calling. Regardless, the experience equips them with the ability to think critically and analytically, a skillset essential in any field.

You need to think, analyze, make decisions, engage in discussions, and put your ideas into action, no matter where your career leads.

Lastly, Texas Tech aims to help young scholars grasp the idea that they can contribute to the generation of new knowledge.

Research involves doing something for the very first time in human history, and students get to uncover some truly remarkable discoveries.

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Some Tips for an Aspiring Clark Global Scholar

Here are a couple of tips from us to help you prepare and jumpstart your journey into becoming a Clark Global Scholar.

Focus on Excellence, Not Quantity

Rather than trying to participate in a multitude of activities, concentrate on excelling in one or two areas of genuine interest. Dedicate yourself sincerely to these pursuits.

Meaningful Volunteering

When volunteering, choose opportunities that hold personal meaning for you and contribute positively to your community. It’s not just about quantity but the impact you make.

Teacher Recommendations

Understand that what your teachers have to say about you matters. Build strong relationships with your educators, as their recommendations can play a crucial role in your application.

Be Unique

Show a clear rationale for your choices and demonstrate a commitment to making a meaningful difference in your life and the world around you.

Final Thoughts

In the exciting journey of higher education, the Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech University stands as a beacon of opportunity and excellence. As Dr. San Francisco aptly puts it, the path to success lies not in the quantity of your endeavors but in the quality of your commitment.

By focusing on what truly ignites your passion, dedicating yourself sincerely to your chosen path, and seeking to make a meaningful impact on your community and the world, you’re not just preparing for a university program; you’re laying the foundation for a future where your unique strengths shine.

Remember, every step you take, every choice you make, and every commitment you honor can shape not only your life but also the greater story of humanity.

So, embrace the challenges, seize the opportunities, and continue your journey with unwavering determination.

Who knows what incredible discoveries and achievements await you as you embark on this remarkable adventure as a Clark Scholar at Texas Tech University?

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