Complete List Of ED2 Schools

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Complete List Of ED2 Schools

Are you a high school student who is eager to secure a spot at your top-choice college or university? Early Decision 2 (ED2) schools might be the answer you’re looking for. ED2 programs allow students to apply early and potentially increase their chances of getting accepted to their preferred school. Below, we’ll provide the complete list of ED2 schools, how ED2 differs from other college admission programs, and determine whether ED2 is the right choice for you.

What is ED2?

What is ED2? ED2 stands for Early Decision 2, a variation of the Early Decision (ED) college admission program. Like the traditional ED program, ED2 allows students to apply early to their preferred college or university with a binding commitment to attend if accepted. However, ED2 has a later application deadline than ED, usually in January or February, and delivers admission decisions in February or March.

ED2 is an excellent option for students who missed the Early Decision deadline or want to compare financial aid offers before committing to a college. By applying for ED2, students can demonstrate their strong interest in the school and increase their chances of getting accepted. However, ED2 is a binding commitment, which means that students must enroll in the school if accepted, regardless of financial aid offers or other circumstances.

What are the advantages of ED2?

What are the benefits of ED2? There are several advantages to applying to an ED2 school:

Increased chances of acceptance: By applying for ED2, students show their strong interest in the school, which may increase their chances of getting accepted. ED2 programs typically have a lower acceptance rate than regular decision programs but a higher rate than Early Decision programs.

Get admission decision earlier: ED2 programs usually have a later application deadline than Early Decision programs but deliver admission decisions earlier than regular decision programs. This means students can get an admissions decision sooner and have more time to plan their next steps.

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Potential for better financial aid: Since ED2 is a binding commitment, schools may offer more favorable financial aid packages to students who apply for ED2 than regular decision applicants.

Opportunity to compare financial aid offers: If a student is accepted to an ED2 school, they can compare the financial aid offer with other schools’ offers before making a final decision. This can help students make a more informed decision about which school to attend.

Overall, applying to ED2 schools can be a strategic move for students who have a clear first-choice school and want to increase their chances of getting accepted while also having the opportunity to compare financial aid offers. However, it’s important to carefully consider the binding commitment aspect of the program before applying.

Which schools offer Early Decision 2?

Which colleges have Early Decision 2 available to their students? The complete list of ED2 schools during the 2022-2023 admissions cycle, including application deadlines, is below.

College / University Early Decision 2 Deadline
American University January 15
Antioch College January 2
Babson College January 4
Bates Colleges January 11
Baylor University February 1
Bennington College January 15
Bentley University January 7
Boston College January 10
Boston University January 4
Bowdoin College January 5
Brandeis University January 1
Bryant University January 15
Bryn Mawr College January 1
Bucknell University January 15
Carleton College January 15
Carnegie Mellon University January 3
Case Western Reserve University January 15
Catholic University of America January 15
Claremont McKenna College January 11
Clark University January 15
Colby College January 1
Colgate University January 15
College of the Atlantic January 15
College of the Holy Cross January 15
College of William and Mary January 2
College of Wooster January 15
Colorado College January 15
Connecticut College January 15
Davidson College January 2
Denison College January 15
Dickinson College January 15
DePauw University January 15
Drew University January 15
Emerson College January 3
Emory University January 1
Fairfield University January 15
Franklin & Marshall College January 15
Furman University January 15
George Washington University January 5
Gettysburg College January 15
Grinnell College January 1
Grove City College December 1
Hamilton College January 4
Hampshire College January 4
Harvey Mudd College January 5
Haverford College January 6
High Point University February 1
Hobart and William Smith Colleges January 15
Illinois Institute of Technology January 1
Jewish Theological Seminary January 1
Johns Hopkins University January 4
Kenyon College January 15
Lafayette College January 15
Lake Forest College January 15
Lehigh University January 1
Loyola Marymount University January 8
Macalester College January 1
Marist College February 15
Middlebury College January 3
Mount Holyoke College January 4
Muhlenberg College February 1
New York University January 1
Northeastern University January 1
Oberlin College January 2
Occidental College February 1
Pitzer College January 8
Pomona College January 8
Providence College January 15
Reed College December 20
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute December 15
Rhodes College January 15
Rochester Institute of Technology January 1
Rollins College January 5
Santa Clara University January 7
Saint Joseph’s University January 15
Sarah Lawrence College January 15
Scripps College January 5
Sewanee: The University of the South January 15
Skidmore College January 15
Smith College January 1
Southern Methodist University January 15
Springfield College January 15
Stevens Institute of Technology January 15
Stonehill College February 1
St. Olaf College January 15
Swarthmore College January 4
Syracuse University January 1
Texas Christian University February 1
Trinity College January 15
Trinity University January 15
Tufts University January 1
Tulane University January 8
Union College January 15
University of Chicago January 4
University of Denver January 15
University of Miami January 1
University of North Carolina Asheville January 15
University of Richmond January 1
University of Rochester January 5
Ursinus College February 1
Vanderbilt University January 1
Vassar College January 1
Villanova University January 1
Wake Forest University January 1
Washington and Lee University January 1
Washington University in St. Louis January 1
Wellesley College January 1
Wesleyan University January 1
Wheaton College January 1
Whitman College January 15
Worchester Polytechnic Institute January 15

In conclusion, Early Decision 2 (ED2) programs can be an attractive option for students who have a clear first-choice school and want to increase their chances of getting accepted. By applying ED2, students can demonstrate their strong interest in the school and potentially receive an admission decision earlier.

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Additionally, ED2 applicants may have the opportunity to compare financial aid offers before making a final decision. However, it’s essential to understand the “binding commitment”t aspect of ED2 schools before applying, as it requires students to enroll in the school if accepted. Overall, students should carefully consider their options and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of ED2 before making the right decision.

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