Dartmouth Deadlines

September 21, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Dartmouth Deadlines

What are the current Dartmouth deadlines for admission? The process of choosing new students to enroll at Dartmouth College is an annual event that requires careful consideration and deliberation.

The Early Action program for admissions is not one that is offered by Dartmouth, unfortunately. On the other hand, Dartmouth does have an Early Decision option. An early admission round known as Early Judgment, or ED, requires students to submit their applications by the end of November and provides them with a decision regarding acceptance by the middle of December based on the Dartmouth deadlines.

Students who apply through this method are making a commitment to attend Dartmouth in the event that they are granted admission to the institution (barring extenuating circumstances such as unforeseen financial hardship) should know more about Dartmouth deadlines. Applicants who choose to submit their applications via the Early Decision option are asked to sign an Early Decision Agreement, which states that they will attend Dartmouth University if they are offered admission.

Students who apply for admission to Dartmouth through the ED process are allowed to apply for admission at other schools through early programs that are neither restricted nor binding. However, if they are admitted early to Dartmouth, they are required to withdraw all other applications and enroll there.

The acceptance rate for Early Decision candidates is marginally higher than the acceptance rate for Regular Decision applicants; however, the vast majority of students in the incoming class are still admitted through the Regular Decision process. This application approach will allow you to obtain a decision from us substantially earlier than the standard application round if you already know that Dartmouth is your top choice and are ready to apply by November 1 based on the Dartmouth deadlines.

Group of students working on their desks.

You are encouraged to submit a formal Early Decision application for admission to Dartmouth if attending this school is without a doubt your top option. You will be able to receive a decision by the middle of December based on the Dartmouth deadlines, if you go through the early process, and if you are accepted, you will be able to finish the college search process without having to submit extra applications to other institutions if you are accepted.

It is not permissible for applicants to make early binding applications to other colleges; nevertheless, they are allowed to apply to other schools through application methods that are not restricted and do not require a binding agreement. In the event that an applicant is granted early admission to both Dartmouth and another school, it is expected that the applicant will enroll at Dartmouth and refuse any other offers of admission.

In addition, aside from Early Decision, there is also an admission round known as Regular Decision (RD), which is a round in which students submit their application by January 3 and receive a decision regarding their acceptance based on the Dartmouth deadlines, by the end of March or the beginning of April. Students who submit their applications during the Regular Decision cycle have the possibility to obtain acceptance during the spring semester. If they are offered admission, they have until May 1 to decide whether or not to accept the place they have been offered.

Early Decision Timeline

November 1

  • Application for Early Decision is due.
  • The application materials for financial aid are due.
  • Due to either the Application Fee or a Fee Waiver

Early November

  • Last date for testing. The Class of 2027 at Dartmouth College does not have to take any standardized tests.


  • Respond to the invitation for the Alumni Interview (which is optional).

End of November

  • Required before the end of each quarter are grades and progress reports that incorporate senior year grades.


  • Notification of Early Decision admission status. Notification of a possible financial assistance grant for candidates who have been admitted for financial help.

Late December

  • Deadline for indicating enrollment interest

The months of January and February

  • It’s time for the midyear report.
  • Applicants who had their Early Decision application deferred should provide a brief update regarding recent notable academic, extracurricular, and/or personal accomplishments; some applicants may wish to submit additional material, such as updated scores on standardized exams and/or an additional letter of recommendation.

On or before the first of April.

  • Notification of admission for Early Decision applicants who deferred their application. Notification of the awarding of financial aid for those who have been granted financial aid.


  • Accepted candidates for financial aid examine and perhaps appeal their financial aid packages (if necessary).

May 2

  • Deadline for freshly admitted Early Decision applicants to communicate their intention to enroll


  • Report and transcript for the final year of secondary school are due.

Regular Decision Timeline


  • Last date for testing. The Class of 2027 at Dartmouth College does not have to take any standardized tests.

January 3

  • Application for Regular Decision due today

January 3

  • Due to either the Application Fee or a Fee Waiver

The months of January and February

  • The midyear Report is due
  • Respond to the invitation for the Alumni Interview (which is optional).

February 1

  • The application materials for financial aid are due.

At the end of March or the beginning of April

  • Notification of admission through the Regular Decision process. Notification of the awarding of financial aid for those who have been granted financial aid.


  • Accepted candidates for financial aid examine and perhaps appeal their financial aid packages (if necessary).

May 2

  • Deadline for indicating enrollment interest


  • The report and transcript for the final year of secondary school are due.

June 1

  • The last day to submit a request for a gap year.

Transfer Timeline


  • Our Transfer Application must be used by any and all prospective students who are interested in transferring to Dartmouth.


Last date for testing

March 1

  • The application for the transfer is due.

March 1

  • Due to either the Application Fee or a Fee Waiver

March 1

  • The application materials for financial aid are due.


  • Notification of the transfer of admission. Notification of financial assistance awards for candidates who have been admitted to receive financial aid


  • Applicants who have been admitted to receive financial aid examine and, if required, appeal the financial help packages.

At the end of May

  • Deadline for indicating enrollment interest

Months of May and June

  • The final college transcript for the spring semester, comprising grades for the year, is due (required for all admitted students and applicants on the Wait List)
  • Gather the course syllabi and transcripts for the committee’s consideration.
  • Registrar of Dartmouth College and the academic divisions to determine transferrable credits (required for all enrolling students)

Does everyone get Dartmouth Interview?

Does everyone get Dartmouth Interview? Now that you know more about the Dartmouth deadline let’s explore about Dartmouth interview. If compared to other schools, Dartmouth’s interview process is quite different. There are no interviews that take place on campus. For the 2022-23 application cycle, interviews will be provided both virtually (via the use of the phone or a video chat) and in person. Interviews for admission to Dartmouth College are conducted exclusively by alumni, but not all applicants will be contacted for an interview. In addition, participation in interviews is voluntary.

After you have sent in your application, you might be given the opportunity to speak with a Dartmouth alum at an interview. There is no need to make an appointment for an interview. After you have submitted your application, the information that you provided will be distributed to volunteer alumni admissions ambassadors. Our previous candidates will then use the e-mail address you gave in the application to get in touch with you directly in order to organize the interview.

Young woman being interviewed by someone.

Interviews for individuals interested in Early Decision are often scheduled during the month of November. Interviews for individuals applying through Regular Decision take place between the beginning of December and the middle of February. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview. You will not be at a disadvantage in the admissions process despite the fact that you did not have an interview. However, if you are offered an interview, you should take advantage of the opportunity since it can teach you something new about Dartmouth and give you the chance to add a little bit more of your own voice to the application.

Does Dartmouth require SAT for 2022?

Does Dartmouth require SAT for 2022? Following the announcement that the testing policy will be put on hold in 2020 and 2021, it will be up to each individual student to decide whether or not to include their test scores. That judgment regarding the submission will be honored without any bias or consideration at Dartmouth. The components of each application, as opposed to those that are absent, will be given more weight in the evaluation process.

There is no advantage to either the SAT or the ACT for students who seek to include testing as part of their application for the next academic year. Both are very much appreciated. Dartmouth will not provide testing profiles or related data for the classes that are accepted and enrolled during this test-optional time. This is in line with previous announcements made in relation to the testing hiatus.

Two students studying in a library.

The University of Dartmouth will continue to adhere to the guidelines and standards established by the Ivy League in terms of the testing requirements that are necessary for prospective students who are interested in participating in the varsity athletic program. In addition, the requirement that international students who do not speak English at home and for whom English is not their native nor their primary language of instruction must take a language competence exam has not altered.

Students are highly encouraged to place their attention on the numerous facets of the application as a whole, particularly those that highlight their academic prowess and personal narratives. More than a century has passed since Dartmouth adopted the practice of holistic admissions evaluation, and the age-old objective of considering the applicant as a whole remains the guiding principle behind how we evaluate applications in these unprecedented times.

What GPA is required for Dartmouth?

What GPA is required for Dartmouth? Although there is no hard and fast official GPA criterion for admission to Dartmouth College, the average GPA (Grade Point Average) of students who are accepted into the college is 4.11. Because Dartmouth College has such a high average GPA, getting into the school is extremely difficult. Prospective students need to have an academic profile that places them in the top decile of 95% of all applicants. This indicates that in order to attend Dartmouth, you will need to be at the very top of your class.

In order to compete with other applicants, you will need to have practically perfect grades in all of your subjects. In addition, you must demonstrate that you are capable of easily handling the academic rigors of college by enrolling in challenging subjects such as Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate programs.

Unidentified students studying in a table.

Having said that, Ivy League schools such as Dartmouth College don’t usually have a set minimum GPA requirement because it varies so much depending on the major you want to pursue as well as the rest of your application. It is possible to gain admission to Dartmouth College with a grade point average lower than 4.11 if the applicant demonstrates exceptional success in a variety of extracurricular activities, athletic endeavors, standardized test scores, or other noteworthy accomplishments that set their application apart from those of other applicants.

However, if you are now junior or senior, it will be difficult for you to adjust your grade point average in time for college applications. If your grade point average is 4.11 or lower, you will need a better score on either the SAT or the ACT in order to compensate for it. Because of this, you will have an easier time competing successfully against other applicants who have higher GPAs than you do.

What kind of student does Dartmouth look for?

What kind of student does Dartmouth look for? The Ivy League institution Dartmouth College is committed to promoting a culture of excellence among both its student body and its faculty and staff. The ideal student at Dartmouth is motivated by both an intellectual and social curiosity, which serves as the driving force behind everything they do. Dartmouth attracts ambitious students from a diverse range of backgrounds and provides them with a community that is deeply rooted in the traditions of academic success and commitment to the local community.

Students gathered around in a room and talking.

Dartmouth, much like many other prominent universities, uses a holistic admission process to search for individuals who will excel academically at the institution. This method considers the applicant’s entire history, not simply their academic record and college application while making a decision about whether or not to accept them.

Students at Dartmouth come from many walks of life, representing a wide range of ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and family structures. However, the overwhelming majority of these students uphold the same set of values that Dartmouth University does its best to instill in its students and is proud to celebrate.


It is of such paramount significance to Dartmouth that the phrase “fostering a feeling of curiosity and wonder about the world we live in” is one of the first words that appear on the admissions web page for Dartmouth. The students are encouraged to investigate and create their own ideas while simultaneously challenging the students’ preconceived notions. The desire to continue one’s education and develop as a person is what pushes the ideal Dartmouth student to excel in their studies.


On campus, Dartmouth works to instill a feeling of honesty and responsibility in all of its students, employees, and teachers. Students are instilled with the importance of keeping one’s word, not only to oneself but also to one’s classmates and the communities in which they live.


The sense of awe for the world that should characterize a Dartmouth student goes beyond basic curiosity about the outside world. Sixty percent of students at Dartmouth take part in at least one off-campus study program during their time at the university, and study abroad programs are an extremely important component of Dartmouth education.

Students at Dartmouth are known for their daring and exploratory nature, so an adventurous spirit will fit right in. Even during their first year, students have the chance to participate in local field trips organized by their classmates who are continuing their education.

Social responsibility

It is well recognized that Dartmouth students have a strong inclination for working together and communicating with others, both on and off campus. This is because the ethos of the Dartmouth campus promotes free discussion that is conducted in a respectful manner as well as teamwork. Throughout their time at Dartmouth, students are encouraged to fulfill the social duties they have not only to themselves but also to the greater environment in which they live.

If you need help putting the finishing touches on your early applications, or want some advice on whether or not applying Early Decision or an Early Action is a good option for you, at AdmissionSight, we have over 10 years of experience guiding students through the competitive admissions process, including our athletic recruitment program.

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