Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate: 18%

February 10, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate: 18%

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Successful Applicant Profile

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What Should You Expect

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First founded in 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly known as Georgia Tech, is a public research university and institute of technology that is located in the bustling southern metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia.

If your dream is to attend Georgia Tech, you’ll be quite happy to hear that the Georgia Tech acceptance rate is nearly 25 percent! More specifically, the Georgia Tech acceptance rate hovers around 18 percent.

The universe has a rich history and diverse and notable alumni that includes some of the most important men and women in American history. While that is far higher than some of the most competitive.

Signage of Georgia Tech's name and logo at the entrance of the campus.

When it comes to getting into one of the top universities in the United States, it takes a lot of hard work and more! One of the very best ways to improve your chances of getting into a school such as Georgia Tech is to work with an experienced and brilliant admissions consultant who can help you beat the odds and get into the school of your dreams.

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When it comes to Georgia Tech, there is so much for students to take advantage of than just the fantastic faculty and classes alone. Located in the heart of Atlanta, students at Georgia Tech get the benefits of a proud alumni base that helps open doors for students and graduates alike.

There is no denying that no matter what university you want to go to, acceptance rates are competitive across the board. The same can be said for Georgia tech.

With that being said, no matter how competitive the Georgia Tech acceptance rate is, the fruits of your labor and dedication will be even sweeter when you accomplish your goal of getting into a fantastic learning institution such as Georgia Tech!

As we have said, the George Tech acceptance rate is just over 21 percent, which makes it less competitive than the most competitive schools in the country, but far harder to get into than the vast majority of schools.

When it comes to standardized testing scores, students who are accepted to Georgia Tech earn scores on the SAT between 1390 and 1540 or earn an ACT score between 31 and 34.

However, before we get into that, let’s quickly break down what a successful applicant profile looks like.

Successful Applicant Profile

Georgia Tech is an incredibly diverse institution that boasts a total of 28 programs and a top-notch faculty. Their six colleges and 28 schools are focused on Business, Computing, Design, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Sciences. Last year, 41,000 high school seniors applied to Georgia Tech.

When it comes to applying to Georgia Tech, your grades, course difficulty, standardized testing scores, extracurriculars, and more will be considered when you apply to Georgia Tech. You need to find a way to highlight your many achievements in order to increase your chances of gaining acceptance to Georgia Tech.

When you do get accepted to Georgia Tech, here is what your class will look like.

Where are Georgia Tech applicants from?

When you enroll at Georgia Tech, you will be joining a highly diverse student body.

When it comes to students who are coming from other countries out of the United States, Georgia Tech ranks amongst the best. In fact, they rank 25th out of 1,240 schools in a highly reputable survey of the Overall Best U.S.

Colleges & Universities for International Students. In all, some of the most common countries that students come from to enroll in Georgia Tech include Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, France, the United Kingdom, India, and South Korea.

When it comes to diversity, 49.3 percent of students identify as white. After that, 20 percent of students identify as Asian, 10.3 percent identify as non-resident Aliens, 7 percent identify as Hispanic/Latino and 6.7 percent identify as Black or African American.

In all, Georgia Tech is more diverse both ethnically and geographically than the national average.

What are some of the most common programs at Georgia Tech?

Based on the fact that Georgia Tech is indeed a technical institute, it is not all that surprising to find out that many of the most popular programs fall within STEM programs.

Diving a bit deeper, some of the most popular majors at Georgia Tech include, Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and Physical Sciences.

If you are wondering about whether or not you will be able to find the right major for you if you enroll at Georgia Tech, consider the fact that the average freshman rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, in 97 percent!

What is the average SAT/ACT score of admitted students?

When it comes to the test scores of students who were accepted to Georgia Tech, they are incredibly high considering the Georgia Tech acceptance rate.

When it comes to the SAT, half of the students who were admitted to Georgia Tech scored between 1390 and 1540. A quarter of the students who have been admitted scored above that range and a quarter scored below.

When it comes to the ACT, half of the students who were admitted to Georgia Tech scored between a 31 and a 34. One quarter scored above that range and one quarter scored below that range.

What about GPA?

If the high scores were not enough of an indication of Georgia Tech’s highly competitive nature, consider the fact that the average GPA for students who are accepted to Georgia Tech is 4.07. This makes Georgia Tech highly competitive.

If you are worried about earning a GPA that is comparable to the very high average, one great way to increase your chances of earning that type of GPA in high school is to enroll in weighted courses such as AP and honors courses. This will allow you to score higher than a 4.0, which will give you a better chance at competing with other students around the country who are applying to Georgia Tech.

Entry Requirements

Georgia Tech as a top-notch learning institution with a campus that covers 373 urban acres. In all, Georgia Tech is home to over 16,000 undergraduate students and over 16,000 postgraduate students.

When it comes to paying to attend, the prices vary greatly depending on whether or not the high school student who is applying is a resident of the state of Georgia.

As a public school, Georgia Tech offers both in-state and out-of-state tuition.

Student admissions breakdown fee

If you are looking at these costs and feeling your dreams of studying at Georgia Tech fly out of the window due to the costs, have no fear! Georgia Tech offers ample financial aid to make sure that every student who deserves to go to Georgia Tech gets the opportunity to do so.

What financial aid opportunities are available?

Georgia Tech undergraduates receive more than $105 million in need and merit-based aid. For students who are curious about their options when it comes to financial aid, the best place to determine whether or not they are available is to follow one of the many step-by-step guides created by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Here are a number of places where you can get vital information about financial aid at Georgia Tech based on your standing as an incoming student:

At Georgia Tech, the average financial aid package for an incoming student is $20,157. Approximately 67 percent of first-year students at Georgia Tech obtain some type of financial aid, most of which is through scholarships and grants.

The school is committed to making education and opportunities available to all.

What are the application requirements for Georgia Tech?

When it comes to getting into Georgia Tech, first-year applicants will be reviewed in a selective, holistic admission process. Their holistic review includes consideration from the following factors:

  • Academic preparation
  • Standardized testing
  • Contribution to community
  • Personal essays
  • Recommendations
  • Interview
  • Major selection
  • Institutional fit

On top of that, applicants will have to pay a non-refundable application fee of $75. For international students, the fee is $85. Students who qualify for a need-based fee waiver will indicate this on their application.

Georgia Tech accepts both the Coalition Application and the Common Application for first-year admission. They make it clear that they do not have a preference and that there is no advantage given to students based on either application. Whichever you like most, works for Georgia Tech!

It is important to double-check everything once you have filled out your application before you hit the submit/send button online!

What are the timelines for the Georgia Tech application?

When it comes to applying to Georgia Tech, or any college or university for that matter, it is very important that you keep in mind that important dates that relate to an application.

To make that process as easy as possible for you, we have included the dates and deadlines for applications that Georgia Tech posts on its own website.

College Application Schedule

Application Schedule What to Expect

When it comes to attending any college or university, high school students want to feel as though they are going to be attending the right school for them. A lot of factors go into deciding that. Whether it is student culture, student demographics, the strength of specific programs, sports teams, school pride, and more!

If you are wondering about whether or not Georgia Tech could be the right school for you, one of the very best ways to figure out is to simply ask current or former students. However, chances are pretty good that you just don’t know anyone who is attending Georgia Tech!

Don’t worry, IveCollegeAdmit has got you covered. We have found some quotes from current students at Georgia Tech so that you can get a good feel about what they think about their school.

“Georgia Tech is a very welcoming and well-rounded school that is very student-oriented,” one student wrote. “The students and professors are very friendly and welcoming and always have answers to any question I have.

The food is great, and the campus is beautiful and has many accommodations for its students. This school is labeled one of the best in American and for good reason. It really is and it’s evident why so many want to attend here. The programs they offer are very nurturing and give you exactly what you pay for.”

“Georgia Tech is a great school filled with great people,” another said. “The academics are top 3 in the nation for public universities, with similar rankings among all universities in the fields of computer science and engineering. With the cost of attendance as low as it is, there’s no reason not to go to Tech.”

Georgia Tech is a school filled with diverse and engaged students. Outside of the classroom, students can get involved in groups, clubs, co-ed sports teams, and more. Some of the most popular student-led programs at Georgia Tech include:

  • Student Alumni Association
  • The Campus Kitchen Project
  • Young Americans for Liberty
  • Humans vs. Zombies
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • For The Kids
  • College Republicans
  • Climbing Club

Of course, there are many more clubs that you can take part in as well. If you want to join a club that does not yet exist on campus at Georgia Tech, the school gives students the tools to create one!

What academics are offered?

Georgia Tech has six unique colleges that offer an array of programs, majors, and minors. The six colleges are as follows:

  • Scheller College of Business
  • College of Computing
  • College of Design
  • College of Engineering
  • Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Sciences

In all, students will get to invest their time and energy in over 30 majors and over 40 minors. No matter your passions, there is little doubt you will be able to invest your collegiate career in expanding your knowledge on the topic.

What about athletics?

When it comes to athletics at Georgia Tech, the schoolhouses 17 varsity teams that compete in Division I of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Some of the most popular sports at Georgia Tech include:

  • Football
  • Men’s basketball
  • Women’s basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Who are some famous Georgia Tech alumni?

At schools that are prestigious as Georgia Tech, students go on to accomplish great things. For that reason, there are a number of famous people who started their success at Georgia Tech. Some of the most famous alumni include the following:

  • Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States
  • Jeff Foxworthy, comedian
  • Dean Kamen, businessman
  • William S. McArthur, astronaut
  • Wallace Potts, film director
  • Chris Bosh, basketball player
  • Calvin Johnson, football player

If you are hopeful of one day having your name added to this list, you can do all that and more with the right grades, scores, and essays.

Georgia Tech is considered to be one of the best public schools in the United States. That means that the admissions process is heavily competitive.

With that being said, there are a number of things that you can do to make your application stand out and get to the top of the pile in the admissions officer’s office.

A letter of recommendation and a strong essay can do wonders for your application. In addition, having a rigorous course schedule and participating in meaningful extracurricular activities can also improve your chances. AdmissionSight can help you bring forth your achievements and compelling stories in the best possible light so that your application gets more than cursory consideration.



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