Stanford Campus Life

November 29, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Stanford Campus Life

Stanford campus tour

It’s the time of the year for the school trips and lucky you landed in this blog for the Stanford campus tour. Stanford University is a private research university that was established in 1885. It is famous for its emphasis on interdisciplinary work, research, and academic quality. It is renowned for its innovative spirit and close ties to Silicon Valley, the center of many digital start-ups and major corporations like Facebook, Apple, and Google.

Where is Stanford University? The university is situated about 30 miles south of San Francisco in the small city of Stanford in the Northern California Bay Area. With 8,180 acres, the main campus is one of the biggest in the country.

a stanford student on campus tour

The reputation of Stanford University is unmatched worldwide. The screening committee receives over 50,000 resumes each year from all over the world, but only 4.5–5% of future students are chosen from them.

Now that you’ve read about Stanford University, it’s time to do a Stanford campus tour by learning how to take a self-guided tour prepared by AdmissionSight.

1st stop

Start your Stanford campus tour with the Stanford Dish Trek. It is a 3.7-mile loop hike that bears the name of a radio telescope on the hill where it is situated. Thanks to the nearly 500-foot elevation gain, the views from this trail are spectacular; on a clear day, you can see as far as East Bay. It is a fantastic location to see a variety of California wildflowers in the spring. The hike can be accessed from Junipero Serra Boulevard or Alpine Road.

2nd stop

The New Guinea Sculpture Garden at Stanford University (476 Lomita Dr., Stanford, CA 94305), a lovely garden with original Papa New Guinea sculptures made of wood and stone, is located in the west area of the campus, tucked away amid eucalyptus trees.

3rd stop

Labyrinth at Windhover Contemplative Center (just adjacent to Stop #2). According to research, consciously walking in a circle can improve your life’s sense of direction. The rhythm and ease of following a well-defined path can calm your mind, assist you in finding balance, allow you to pray, and enable meditation, insight, and celebration.

4th stop

Contemplative Center at Windhover. The Center serves as Stanford’s place of solace and meditation. Usually, you’ll need your Stanford ID card in order to enter the Center. However, the university offers public tours every Saturday at 11 a.m. that provide an in-depth look at Nathan Oliveira’s Windhover series, which is displayed throughout the building, and explain the concept behind the physical structure.

5th stop

Memorial Church. Stanford’s center is Memorial Church. Leland Stanford’s wife erected a memorial to her late husband as one of California’s most recognizable structures. It is a must-stop on this journey because it is exquisite both inside and out. This should be the one item you see on campus if you only have time for one thing.

6th stop

Hoover Tower. A bell tower called Hoover Tower is located immediately next to Memorial Church and the main quad. The tower has a library and an archive, but you should visit it for the spectacular panoramic view of the entire campus that awaits at the top.

front view of the Stanford tower

7th stop

Rodin sculpture. You will pass through a courtyard with Rodin statues on your way from Memorial Church to the Cantor Arts Center to the east; more sculptures are situated directly next to the Art Center.

8th stop

Cantor Arts Center. The Center is a fantastic trip for art lovers. Its permanent collection includes more than 38,000 works of art, but the Center also regularly hosts a number of temporary exhibitions. For instance, you can find intriguing items from the Stanford family collection as well as the African and Asian collections here.

9th stop

Anderson Collection. Cantor is next to the Anderson Collection building. It exhibits the Anderson family’s collection of modern and contemporary art, which was given to Stanford.

This exhibit features works from several different art styles, such as Bay Area Abstraction, Bay Area Figuration, California Light & Space, Color Field Painting, Contemporary Painting, Funk, Hard-Edge Painting, the New York School, and Post-Minimalism.

10th stop

On the south side of the mausoleum, off Quarry Road, between Campus Drive and Arboretum Road, lies the Arizona Garden, a historic garden. The Cactus Garden is another name for the garden.

The garden is at its most beautiful in January and February when the cactus is in bloom.

If you are starving while doing the Stanford campus tour, you don’t have to worry. The following are the on-campus restaurants located at Stanford.

Places to eat on Stanford campus

After drooling over how cool the university is at the Stanford campus tour, it’s time to discuss the places to at on the Stanford campus.

1. CoHo

While you stare blankly at instant replays of the football game that you missed due to the bio test, you can bond with the unimpressed, struggling musicians at the open mic over the lovely coffees and sandwiches. It doesn’t even understand what polyploidy is, so take it out on that whole wheat bread.

2. The Treehouse

Treehouse is the ideal spot to call home for the taco-eating, guitar-playing, low-light-seeking hippies in all of us. The only thing holding you back is the jealous eyes of those on the treadmills at the Tresidder gym as they watch you eat all the guilt-inducing fries you could possibly want.

3. Ike’s

Ike’s is the ideal spot to eat twice as much as you wanted to, at double the price, only arriving so late due to the “college student budget” tax. There’s no ignoring the warm pull of those mozzarella sticks or the sweet victory of that honey mustard, but if you’re on a meal plan, save it for a rainy day.

4. The Axe and the Palm

When you’re tossing and turning over that one integral and decide that the only derivative of your frustration should be extra barbeque sauce, please, Axe and Palm is the terribly overrated and simultaneously excellent burger establishment of choice.

5. Tresidder Memorial Union

Not to mention, our student center has a beautiful selection of establishments to make the typical American feel right at home. Between Panda Express, Starbucks, and Subway, it’s like you’re back in kindergarten, gazing out the vehicle window at passing suburbia.

6. Coupa

There is no place better than Coupa to get the stylish “Starbucks.” “What, Starbucks?” look you’ve always desired. This tiny cafe has everything you need, from smooth crepes to thick and creamy chai teas. You may even look Green in the eye while doing it to let the people in the window know what they’re missing.

7. Ricker Dining

After your climb up Santa Teresa, you’ll deserve a dish of mashed potatoes the size of your head with gravy, turkey, and fries—anything but the color green that haunts your soul. Ricker is your dining hall if you’re searching for some activity to balance out your emotional eating.

8. Thai Cafe

Perhaps your midterm was during the day, and you don’t want to confront that one arrogant neighbor who will point out what you did wrong while you were frolicking in blissful ignorance. Visit the Thai Cafe on the quad if you want to retreat from the world for a bit; the quiet solitude of eating hearty noodles and fragrantly spiced vegetables from a Styrofoam container will soothe any wound.

a group of students eating on a table

9. Olives

Olives will get you in and out quickly on those “Stanford has nothing on me,” grab-and-go days. Olives will serve you some variation of the sushi and salmon you’ll actually be eating as a CEO one day, plus it’s slicker than a dining hall and less expensive than a real restaurant (after you pass CS 107, of course).

10. Lakeside Late Night

Nothing like a guilty pleasure to relieve that study guilt. The question “Peanut butter oreo milkshake?” can easily be changed to “Was it A or C?” and unlike your exam, you still have the option of responding, “Both please.”

In case you’re wondering what campus life is like at Stanford, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Stanford University campus life

The Stanford University Campus Life is not just robust and alive towards its academic community, but students are nonetheless open to having fun in other ways. Both as competitors and as supporters, they have a special enthusiasm for athletics. As of 2016, at least one Stanford athlete had won a medal at every Olympics for more than a century, making Stanford’s number of Olympians really noteworthy.

Students at Stanford campus compete in 32 club sports and 36 varsity sports. Their most well-known rivalry is with the California Golden Bears of UC Berkeley, which is resolved every year in a hugely anticipated football game and associated festivities. The “Stanford Axe” trophy is given to the victor.

There are many opportunities to participate in non-athletic events on the Stanford campus as well. There are currently 625 student organizations at Stanford, which is great. These organizations span a wide range of interests, including performing arts, appreciation of culture, community service, and volunteering. There is something for everyone in the Stanford community because there are more than 11,000 students who live on campus.

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