Summer Introduction To Engineering (SITE) at Notre Dame

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Summer Introduction To Engineering (SITE) at Notre Dame

As the summer sun begins to cast longer shadows and the end of the school year approaches, many high school students start looking for opportunities to expand their horizons. If you’re someone who is intrigued by the endless possibilities of engineering and eager to delve into this dynamic field, the Summer Introduction to Engineering at Notre Dame could be your gateway to an extraordinary adventure.

This comprehensive blog will guide you through everything you need to know about this prestigious program.

What is the Summer Introduction To Engineering at Notre Dame?

The University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering invites high school students entering their senior year to embark on an explorative journey into the realm of engineering. For two weeks, you will be immersed in the world of engineering but also:

  • An experience of college life
  • An opportunity to explore our campus and engage with the College of Engineering’s faculty
  • Insights into the evolving career paths within engineering
  • An expansive view of the diverse branches of engineering
  • A foundational understanding of engineering design principles and computer programming
  • A guided exploration of our cutting-edge computer laboratories
  • Interactions with experienced professional engineers

Why Should You Go to Summer Introduction To Engineering at Notre Dame?

Joining the Summer Introduction To Engineering at Notre Dame (SITE) is akin to turning the pages of a book that could define the next chapter of your life. You are about to step into a future that you can start shaping right now. Why wait until college officially begins to delve into the intricate and fascinating world of engineering when you can start this summer?

Imagine yourself navigating the historic halls of Notre Dame, where every corner resonates with innovation and academic excellence. SITE is for curious minds, a gathering of potential future leaders in STEM, and a prelude to what your academic life could be. Here’s why you should seize this incredible opportunity:

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Discover Your Passion and Potential

The world of engineering is vast and filled with opportunities to make a real impact. At SITE, you’ll get a panoramic view of the many facets of engineering, from civil to software, and discover where your true passion lies. You’ll engage in hands-on projects that push you beyond the theoretical and into the realm of creation and innovation.

Experience College Life Firsthand

This isn’t just shadowing a college student; it’s living the life of one. You’ll reside in the dorms, eat in the dining halls, and navigate the campus. This immersion is priceless—it demystifies college life and gives you a head start in adjusting to the independence and responsibilities that come with it.

Learn From the Best

Notre Dame’s faculty are not just teachers; they are mentors and industry leaders. They’ll provide insights not just into engineering but into critical thinking and problem-solving. These are the skills that will stand you in good stead, no matter where your career takes you.

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Stand Out in College Applications

Participation in SITE is a testament to your commitment and your ability to excel in a rigorous academic environment. It’s a distinctive experience that can provide a compelling edge in the college admissions process.

Interactive Approach

The Introduction to Engineering Program is designed to be a dynamic and participatory learning experience tailored to be responsive to your curiosities and inquiries.

The program begins with a series of casual yet informative lectures delivered by esteemed faculty members from the University of Notre Dame and by seasoned professionals who are actively working in various engineering sectors.

These sessions are structured to encourage engagement and dialogue, providing you with the unique opportunity to dive deep into the subjects that pique your interest.

This approach allows for a more personalized educational experience, ensuring that the content is not only relevant but also ignited by the specific passions of the attendees. You’ll be able to interact directly with experts, gaining insights from their academic and practical experiences in the engineering field.

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Introduction To Engineering Areas of Focus

Throughout the duration of the program, we’re going to immerse ourselves in a wide array of topics that paint a comprehensive picture of what engineering is all about today. Here’s a deeper dive into what the curriculum entails:

Understanding the Expanse of Modern Engineering

  • You will delve into the time-honored fields of engineering like aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.
  • Explore burgeoning areas in the discipline, including computer and environmental engineering.
  • The necessary academic requirements and typical coursework for engineers will be outlined.
  • Examine the array of career opportunities available to engineering graduates.
  • Discussions will include the importance of professional ethics and the engineer’s role in societal responsibilities.

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The Essence of Engineering Design and Project Work

  • Participants will be introduced to the intricacies of design challenges.
  • We will look into generating various alternative design solutions.
  • The journey from a design’s feasibility study through to its development and optimization will be covered.
  • Engaging in design competitions will showcase practical applications of theoretical knowledge.
  • The program features the construction and programming of a computer-controlled robot.

The Foundations of Computer Programming

  • An introductory segment on programming in a language similar to C.
  • Hands-on experience with computer workstations to aid in learning.
  • Utilizing computers as a tool for solving complex engineering problems.

Insightful Guest Lectures

  • Esteemed Notre Dame faculty will share insights from their professional and research experiences.
  • Practicing industry engineers will provide real-world perspectives.
  • Notre Dame’s science professors will offer additional academic viewpoints.
  • Admissions counselors will give advice on the university application process.
  • ROTC scholarship advisors will discuss opportunities for funding education through service.

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Educational Field Trips

  • Guided tours to local engineering-centric manufacturing and industrial sites will be conducted.
  • A field trip is planned to the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago to broaden perspectives on the impact of engineering.

Each aspect of the program is carefully curated to ensure a full, well-rounded experience that gives a clear view of what a future in engineering can hold. Whether it’s getting to grips with the very building blocks of engineering or meeting the minds shaping its future, this program is your portal to understanding and engaging with the multifaceted world of engineering.

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Schedule Overview of the Summer Introduction To Engineering at Notre Dame

Morning Sessions: Each morning will feature two hour-long presentations led by distinguished faculty from the aerospace, mechanical, computer, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering departments.

Afternoon Activities: Participants will engage in practical computer workshops that cover a variety of skills, including programming, the use of spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, web development, and more. These sessions will make use of both PCs and Unix systems.

Excursions: The program includes a visit to an active engineering manufacturing plant to see theories put into practice, as well as a culturally enriching trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Assignments: Evening assignments will complement daytime learning, with students expected to complete homework tasks and compose reports reflecting on each lecture.

Project-Based Learning: The principles of engineering design will be a key focus, with students applying these concepts hands-on as they take on projects such as constructing bridges or robots. Outstanding projects, particularly from winning teams, will be recognized and celebrated.

Banquet Friday

There will be a celebratory banquet on the final Friday of the second week. This event is complimentary for all program participants and their parents. Other guests are welcome to join for a nominal fee of $10, provided that a reservation is made by the beginning of the second week of the program.

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How to Get Into SITE at Notre Dame?

Gaining admission to the SITE program involves demonstrating your academic prowess and a genuine interest in engineering. The admissions committee looks for students who have a strong foundation in mathematics and science and who show leadership, community involvement, and a passion for learning.

How to Apply

Ready to apply? The process is straightforward. You’ll need to fill out an online application form, which includes providing your high school transcript, a counselor recommendation, and a personal essay that reflects your interest in engineering and why you wish to join the program.

How Hard Is It to Get Into SITE at Notre Dame?

The Summer Introduction To Engineering program at Notre Dame is an exceptional opportunity for high school students to get a firsthand glimpse into the world of engineering education and the profession. To be considered for this prestigious program, there are several qualifications that a prospective student must meet, reflecting both academic prowess and a well-rounded character.

Primarily, the program seeks students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, particularly those who have maintained a very high GPA. The rigor of your coursework is also a key consideration; applicants who have challenged themselves with advanced placement (AP) classes, honors courses, or an equivalent level of difficult subjects will stand out.

This level of academic achievement indicates not only intellectual capability but also a student’s dedication and ability to handle the demanding nature of the engineering field. However, academics alone do not paint the full picture of a successful SITE candidate. The program is competitive, attracting a large pool of applicants each year, all contending for a finite number of available spots.

In this selective admissions process, the candidates’ extracurricular involvements are also taken into account. Participation in science fairs, math clubs, robotics teams, or other STEM-related activities can bolster an application significantly. These pursuits demonstrate a student’s engagement with engineering principles outside the classroom and a genuine passion for the field.

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Additionally, personal essays are a critical component of the application. These essays offer a window into the applicant’s personality, aspirations, motivations, and perspective. A well-crafted essay can showcase an applicant’s creativity, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills – all attributes that are highly valued in the engineering domain.

In terms of competitiveness, gaining admission to Summer Introduction To Engineering at Notre Dame is indeed challenging due to its reputation and the high caliber of applicants it attracts annually. Prospective students should approach the application process with the understanding that every element — from GPA and course load to extracurricular activities and personal essays — will be meticulously reviewed.

Thus, it’s important for applicants to present a holistic profile that not only reflects their academic excellence but also their unique qualities and commitment to engineering.

The ideal candidate for SITE is not just academically gifted with a strong GPA and challenging coursework but also actively involved in extracurricular activities related to STEM and capable of reflecting their zeal for engineering through expressive essays. The admissions process is highly competitive, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive and thoughtful application.

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When is the Deadline to Apply to SITE at Notre Dame?

They are currently accepting applications for Session 1 and Session 2! The deadline is yet to be announced.

When Do I Find Out About My Application to SITE at Notre Dame?

After the deadline, the anticipation begins. Initially, your application undergoes a review process. Within two to three weeks after you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be notified about whether you have been accepted. At this point, they will reach out to you to obtain your transcript.

Where is Summer Introduction To Engineering at Notre Dame located?

SITE is hosted on the scenic campus of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, a place renowned for its academic excellence and vibrant student life. You’ll get to experience life as a Fighting Irish, from staying in the dorms to enjoying the state-of-the-art facilities.

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How to get there

For those traveling by car from the East or West: Use Exit 77 off the Indiana Toll Road (I-80/90).

If you are arriving by air at South Bend Airport (SBN), Notre Dame offers a pick-up service — simply send them your flight details via email.

For those flying into Chicago, either O’Hare or Midway, you have the option to continue your journey by train, bus, or taxi to Millennium Station. From there, board the South Shore line, which will take you directly to the final stop at South Bend Airport, where we can arrange to meet and pick you up.

When Does SITE at Notre Dame Take Place?

The schedule for the 2024 Introduction to Engineering Program (IEP) sessions is now established, and here are the following dates:

  • The first session will commence on June 30th and conclude on July 13th, 2024.
  • The second session is slated to run from July 14th through July 27th, 2024.

How Long is SITE at Notre Dame?

This transformative experience spans two weeks—a compact yet intensive period designed to maximize learning and exposure to the various disciplines within engineering.

You are expected to check in at Notre Dame on Sunday, which marks the commencement of your designated session (Session I begins on July 2, and Session II starts on July 16). Your arrival at the residence hall can be at any hour, day or night when the hall staff will be available to assist you.

Program Costs

Participation in Notre Dame’s Introduction to Engineering Program is priced at $2,650. This fee encompasses all aspects of the program, including enrollment, excursions, miscellaneous expenses, meal plans, and accommodation within the university’s dormitories.

A team of Notre Dame undergraduates will serve as residential advisors, overseeing dorm life and orchestrating various recreational pursuits. These students will also be on hand to provide insights into university life and the engineering programs offered at Notre Dame.

Your registration fee grants you complete access to the university’s amenities and scheduled events. Upon arrival, you will receive an identification card, which is essential for accessing campus facilities and for dining services.

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Final Thoughts

The Summer Introduction To Engineering at Notre Dame is a gateway to a world of possibilities within the realm of engineering. For high-achieving high school students standing on the cusp of their senior year, it represents a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the collegiate atmosphere and gain invaluable insights from experts at the forefront of their fields.

SITE’s rigorous selection process underscores the program’s prestige and the high standards to which participants are held. For those fortunate enough to attend, the experience is not merely an addition to their academic journey but a transformative encounter that may shape their future in engineering and technology.

It’s an intensive, interactive, and rewarding two weeks that balance the hard work of engineering with the joy of discovery and the camaraderie of like-minded peers.

So, if you’re a high school junior eyeing the future and eager to test your mettle, consider throwing your hat in the ring for the Summer Introduction To Engineering at Notre Dame.

It’s an investment in your education, your future, and your potential to contribute to the engineering feats of tomorrow. Keep an eye on deadlines, gather your materials, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable summer adventure that just might set the stage for your lifelong career.

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