The Best Universities in New Zealand for International Students

January 7, 2023
By AdmissionSight

The Best Universities in New Zealand for International Students

Best universities for international students in New Zealand

What are the best universities for international students in New Zealand? If you decide to enroll in one of the many institutions in New Zealand, getting your degree doesn’t have to be a tedious, difficult, or time-consuming process. The Southern Alps will blow your mind! Whether you’re seeking the peace and quiet of sandy beaches, the gentle salty breeze of the coast, fresh perspective from the tops of mountains, or the dynamic energy of cosmopolitan urban areas, New Zealand has you covered. AdmissionSight listed the best universities in New Zealand for international students below:

University of Otago—Dunedin, South Island

The first university in New Zealand is located in picturesque Dunedin on an inlet leading to the enormous Pacific Ocean. With approximately 20% of its population enrolled at the University of Otago, Dunedin, Australasia’s only authentic student city, is recognized as the best university in New Zealand for the international student experience.

University of Otago stone landmark

The setting is ideal if you often daydream about being close to nature or reenacting your favorite Lord of the Rings episodes with friends. In addition to being extremely walkable, the campus is close to ski resorts, adventure hotspots (we hope bungee jumping is on your bucket list! ), and nature reserves.

On campus, there is even more to enjoy. The university is praised for its field-based learning opportunities offered for a range of disciplines, including pre-med (health sciences), humanities, science, business, and more.

University of Auckland—Auckland, North Island

The newest and most active volcano in New Zealand, Rangitoto, can be seen from the window of your dorm room. Amazing! Living in New Zealand’s largest city doesn’t always mean getting used to a life in a concrete jungle because it has coastlines to the east and west.

University of Auckland signage

The University of Auckland is located right in the middle of the city, providing you with unmatched access to kebab shops, hip coffee shops, global retail giants, and a vibrant bar scene. It makes sense why the University of Auckland is the best college in New Zealand for foreign students.

University of Canterbury—Christchurch, South Island

The University of Canterbury is one of the best universities in New Zealand for international students. Christchurch: The name of the city may be familiar to you from the terrible earthquake that devastated it a few years ago, but it is currently building a reputation for itself through its revitalization. You only need to look in your wallet to be motivated by this institution’s graduates.

University of Canterbury

Ernest Rutherford, Canterbury’s most illustrious alumnus, is shown on the $100 bill, while Apirana Ngata of Ngati Porou, the nation’s first Maori university graduate, is shown on the $50 bill.

Victoria University of Wellington—Wellington, North Island

We venture to say that the best way to describe our time in Wellington is “love at first sight.” There’s never a dull moment in New Zealand’s capital city, with its unique coffee scene, trendy cafes, and art galleries, as well as its oddball fish vendors. Students will be happy with their lives both on and off campus.

Victoria University of Wellington signage

The Victoria University of Wellington takes pride in its international orientation, which immediately makes international students (like you!) feel at home. You may be sure that Wellington will help you develop the skills necessary for successful jobs in a range of fields.

Auckland University of Technology—Auckland, North Island

Auckland is the only city to have twice ranked first on our ranking of the best colleges in New Zealand for foreign students, and it is a terrific choice for students interested in technology-related fields of study.

Auckland University of Technology building

The aim of AUT, which was established in 1895 (dang! ), is to serve as the “university for the changing world.” But this isn’t just a school for our STEM friends: You can take a wide range of liberal arts courses here, from public policy to Maori studies to hospitality and tourism management, among other topics. You are the only thing this top-notch education is missing.

These are the best universities in New Zealand for international students, let’s check out the scholarships for international students in New Zealand.

Scholarships for international students in New Zealand

Are there scholarships for international students in New Zealand? Now that we have an idea of the best universities in New Zealand for international students, let’s check out the variety of scholarships that are available in New Zealand to help international students attend New Zealand universities.

People from some developing countries may be able to get scholarships to go to college or get training for a job in New Zealand or the Pacific region.

With the information, skills, and credentials provided by New Zealand Scholarships, students can contribute to the political, social, and economic advancement of their nation. Here is a list of international student scholarships available in New Zealand.

NZPS, or New Zealand Pacific Scholarships: These are accessible in New Zealand for both undergraduate and graduate study. The deadline for NZPS applications is always February 27. (Please note there is a pre-application)

Students lounging in the stairs.

New Zealand Regional Development Scholarships (NZRDS): These can be used for undergraduate or graduate study at a tertiary institution with a Pacific location. Applications for the NZRDS are due on February 27 of each year.

Short Term Training Awards (STTA): These are available in New Zealand for training that is vocational or skills-based and lasts shorter than a year. The deadline for STTA applications is always March 28.

New Zealand also offers the following scholarships:

Scholarships for New Zealand Development

International students from particular developing nations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean are offered these scholarships to study in New Zealand in order to gain knowledge and skills through post-graduate study in particular subject areas that will aid in the development of their home nation. The scholarships cover living expenses, insurance, and travel expenses.

1. New Zealand Awards for ASEAN Scholars

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholar Awards are scholarships for foreign students from Southeast Asian nations who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in New Zealand’s universities and colleges in order to contribute to the development of their home nations. The scholarships cover living expenses, insurance, and travel expenses.

2. Pacific New Zealand Scholarships

Candidates from specific Pacific Region nations may apply for New Zealand Pacific Scholarships (NZPS), which fund both undergraduate and graduate studies in New Zealand. The scholarships cover education fees as well as travel, living, and reunion expenses. They also cover insurance and settlement expenses.

Living expenses in New Zealand for international students

Is the living expenses in New Zealand for international students affordable? The various New Zealand cities where the best universities in New Zealand for international students typically live have distinct cost of living rates. The cost of living is higher in urban regions than it is elsewhere, and it steadily decreases as you get further from the city centers.

Without tuition costs, the average annual requirement for overseas students in New Zealand would range from 15,000 to 25,000 NZD. New Zealand’s immigration department requests a yearly total of $15,000 USD as durable proof.

A place to stay in New Zealand

The price of lodging in New Zealand ranges from 7,000 to 12,000 NZD. The prices are also heavily influenced by the students’ lifestyle decisions. The most expensive type of lodging is private, costing 180 NZD per week, while flats cost 120 NZD per week. The cost of the shared student halls, dormitories, and hostels is 200 NZD a week.

Food prices in New Zealand

There is a misconception that food is expensive in New Zealand. The truth is that food is reasonably priced and doesn’t drain a student’s budget too much. A dinner at McDonald’s costs NZD 4.97, whereas one at a budget eatery costs NZD 8.95. In addition to meals, one can get conventional food and beverages at relatively low prices.

Transportation in New Zealand

Due to the small population, public transportation is largely limited to good bus service between just the major centers and cities. People typically drive their own vehicles. The populace of the nation frequently makes use of its accessible car rental service. The three main train routes are between Auckland and Wellington, Picton and Christchurch, and Christchurch and Greymouth.

Group of middle school students talking in a table.

Domestic flights are available from the majority of bigger towns to Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch. Purchasing tickets in advance can result in lower prices. Sadly, not every airport has a public transportation connection.

Health Insurance in New Zealand

The cost of studying in New Zealand may increase due to costs associated with health insurance. The expense of medical care is high there. Passes for public transportation can help you save money.

For Indian students who desire to graduate from one of their top colleges or pursue a master’s or other post-graduate degree programs, studying abroad in New Zealand is a fantastic alternative. Living in New Zealand is an incredible experience, and the costs are reasonable. Additionally, all of the courses are taught in English.

Applying to a college that is far from your home will make the process of getting into college much more demanding and difficult. In order for international candidates to feel comfortable and at home, New Zealand ensures that they are well-informed. You can increase your chances of admission to the best universities in New Zealand for international students by making an appointment with AdmissionSight.

With AdmissionSight‘s proficiency in college admissions, you are in very capable hands. Book your consultation today to talk with our specialists about your application.




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