Top 25 Best Online High Schools

November 15, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Top 25 Best Online High Schools

For students around the nation, more flexible and accessible education is now possible thanks in part to online high schools. A high school diploma can now be obtained online from the convenience of a student’s home.

Online high schools that are public, private, and charter are available to prospective students. Even high schools connected to several of the best online colleges and universities in the nation are accessible to them. The top online high schools are examined in this article, along with the usual expectations, needs, and opportunities for online study.

What are the best online high schools?

What are the best online high schools? Below is the list of the top 25 best online high schools.

Note that the numerical assignments are not intended to convey any sort of rank; rather, they are merely intended to facilitate organization and navigation.

1. Stride K12

All fifty states can enroll in the tuition-free online school Stride K12, originally known as K12 Online School (and Washington, DC). Students who like to learn at their speed and in their place can benefit from Stride.

Stride K12's website one of the best online high schools

The curriculum offered by this top online high school is interesting and dynamic, and it was developed by a group of seasoned teachers. Private classes are also offered by K–12, however, these are fee-based. Additionally, this top high school online offers STEM and special education courses.

This multinational nonprofit organization strives to make excellent education accessible to everyone. Their online teachers are accredited by the state. They receive regular training in efficient online and remote teaching techniques. Stride K12 is accredited by Cognia.

2. International Virtual Learning Academy

One of the best high schools available online is called the International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA). They give learners a different route to academic accomplishment. This top online high school was established in 2007 and offers personalized instruction in a welcoming and secure environment. They give students the freedom to learn at their speed.

A female high school student studying online using her personal computer

The International Virtual Learning Academy is recognized by Cognia and the Northwest Accreditation Commission as one of the top high schools available online (NWAC). They have received approval from the NCAA to offer their services to students in the United States.

3. Excel High School

One of the top online high schools in the Golden State and worldwide is Excel High School (EHS). Online self-paced classes with limitless tutoring are available. Middle school and high school courses are also provided full-time.

Female students looking out the window while thing about Cornell deadlines

Three options are available at this top high school online, leading to a regular diploma, an adult diploma, or an honors high school diploma. Students from Excel High School have transferred to four-year institutions like:

  • University of Michigan
  • Baylor University
  • Texas State University
  • Duke University
  • Arizona State University

4. NorthStar Academy

A non-profit online Christian school is NorthStar Academy (NSA). They provide educational services to students in grades four through twelve. NorthStar Academy, one of the top online high schools in northern Mississippi, is a part of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS). This top online high school provides a flexible learning environment for its students. Christian educators who are committed to a Biblical perspective are qualified and committed.

Female student looking intently on her laptop.

Through its distance learning alternatives, NorthStar Academy, one of the top online high schools, integrates faith & learning. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Cognia have granted NorthStar Academy full accreditation.

5. James Madison Online High School

One of the top distance-learning high schools in Georgia and beyond is James Madison Online High School (JMHS). The Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) has granted regional accreditation to James Madison Online High School. The DEAC, or Distance Education Accrediting Commission, has granted them national accreditation. This top online high school provides asynchronous diploma programs with flexible start dates.

Young woman writing in a desk.

Operating as a for-profit online high school is James Madison Online High School. Offering students an alternative study path to a high school diploma started in the middle of the 1990s. The University System of Georgia’s eCore academic programs, which are open to students in the 10th through 12th grades who desire to earn college credits while also receiving a high school diploma, have teamed with James Madison Online High School.

6. BYU Independent Study

Brigham Young University Independent Study gives students in grades 9 through 12 an economical option and alternative route to receiving a high school diploma. As one of Utah’s top online high schools, BYU provides students with individualized support in the areas of academic guidance, interactive teaching & learning opportunities, graduation planning, and tutoring services in a faith-friendly academic atmosphere.

Brigham Young University's signage - one of the best online high schools

The online high school of Brigham Young University is recognized by Cognia and MSA-CESS.

Brigham Young Academy served as the forerunner of Brigham Young University Independent Study, which was founded in the middle of the nineteenth century and ran for about 90 years. Students can now enroll in this top secondary school in Utah online through Brigham Young University.

7. Florida Virtual School

For students who require a different, safe, and flexible educational path in middle school, elementary school, or high school, The Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is among the best online schools in the nation.

View of a female student studying in her room.

Any student who lives in Florida can receive free online education from the Florida Virtual School. In addition to offering flexible, full-time, or part-time educational options, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is one of the most cutting-edge and top online high schools in Florida. FLVS is also accessible globally through the Florida Virtual School Global school.

The Florida Virtual School, the first public high school offering distance learning on a nationwide scale and operating as its school district in Florida, was established in the late 1990s.

8. Penn Foster Online

One of the biggest, best, and most cutting-edge online high schools in the nation, Penn Foster High School Online (PFHS), provides self-paced academic high school programs and coursework that lead to a diploma. This school offers standard diploma programs, early college-level courses, and career tracks in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, I.T., and health care. The Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools and DEAC have both accredited this top high school online.

View of a male student studying in front of a laptop.

To help coal miners progress their careers and improve worker safety, Penn Foster Online High School was established in the 1890s as a correspondence school. It is now a distant learning educational high school.

9. Mizzou Academy

Mizzou Academy provides a wide range of special educational opportunities to satisfy the diverse requirements of its students. The only program of its sort that is housed with a college that prioritizes research operates at Mizzou Academy. Mizzou Academy serves students in Missouri and around the world, with students from more than forty international locations, and is one of the best online high schools in the state. The NCAA and Cognia both accredit this top-ranked online high school.

Young woman attending an online class in a room.

The University of Missouri’s College of Education and Human Development created Mizzou Academy to provide cutting-edge interdisciplinary education programs, initially for high school students but now also for kids in primary and secondary schools. The Mizzou Academy offers classes to more than 7,000 students from the United States and other countries.

10. Virtual Learning Academy Charter School

Offering a variety of educational programs for kids in elementary, middle, and high school as well as adult and working learners, Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) is considered among the most distinctive and best online high schools in New England and abroad. Any resident of New Hampshire is welcome to take advantage of these educational alternatives from the state’s top high school online program.

Male student attending an online class in a room.

The state’s Board of Education, the NCAA, and an A+ rated non-profit organization have all given their approval to Virtual Learning Academy Charter School.

The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS), which opened its doors in 2007, is a state-approved charter school serving roughly 700 students. After ten years, the institution now has almost 30,000 part-time students and more than 13,000 full-time students.

11. Virtual Virginia

One of Virginia’s top online high schools, Virtual Virginia, gives students in the state access to virtual learning options that can supplement or replace a more traditional high school education. Modern technology is available at this school, ensuring that online students have the same opportunities and access as their on-campus counterparts. Provides specialized and adaptable programs to assist parents in involving kids in their areas of interest.

Unidentified person using a gadget for art.

The Virginia Satellite Education network, which was developed in the 1980s, can be credited with helping to launch the Virtual Virginia (V.V.) program, which is run by the state’s Department of Education. The goal of Virtual Virginia is to offer remote students new educational opportunities that are tailored to their specific needs.

12. New Learning Resource Online

One of the top online high schools in the Southern United States, New Learning Resource Online (NLRO) gives students an alternative route to high school graduation by offering a straightforward, simple-to-navigate online education system. New Learning Resource offers open enrollment all year long with professionally crafted educational programs.

Young woman attending an online class.

Additionally, enrolled students at this top online high school can finish the coursework at their speed. High school kids, adults, summer school students, and a job corps center are just a few of the available programs.

A remote learning platform called New Learning Resource Online has received accreditation from the MDE, the DEACA, and the federal government. At New Learning Resource, all instructors are licensed by the state.

13. National High School

National High School (NHS) is one of the top online high schools in the southern United States, delivering comprehensive high school curricula created by licensed teachers and curriculum writers. Provides credit rehabilitation and credit repair courses for adults who want to get a diploma.

Young woman using a laptop in a living room.

For students between the ages of 13 and 18, the finest high school online offers two options for graduation: an advanced diploma or a conventional high school diploma. To graduate from each of these programs, 24 credits must be earned.

A platform for distant learning called National High School was created to meet the various needs of online students looking for an alternative route to high school graduation.

14. Oak Meadow School

One of Vermont’s top online high schools, Oak Meadow School (OMS) aims to develop each student’s unique abilities and interests through advanced educational options and rigorous academic standards. Middle, elementary, and preschool students can attend this top online high school as well.

Male student using a laptop on a table and doing research on how to format a college essay.

The curriculum of Oak Meadow School is innovative, and demanding, and promotes critical examination. The academic approach known as Waldorf Education has had a significant influence on Oak Meadow School, the school acknowledges.

As a secular day school that provides students with a supportive and enjoyable learning environment, Oak Meadow School was established in the 1970s. Veterans and active military personnel can receive a military discount at this top high school online.

15. Sevenstar Academy

Sevenstar Academy is a Christian distance learning school that offers a biblical viewpoint in addition to a demanding distance learning curriculum. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Cognia, previously AdvanceED, have both accredited this top secondary school online.

Female student writing in her desk.

In actuality, the NCAA and the U.C. have both given their approval to every course that Sevenstar Academy offers. For students in grades 6 through 12, there are courses available in honors, global languages, etc.

One of the 200 institutions that provide Kingdom education is Sevenstar Academy, an online Christian school that was established in 2007.

16. Laurel Springs School

Professional athletes and performers who need alternative options to finish their education frequently use Laurel Springs School (LSS), one of the most distinctive and best online high schools. As one of the top high schools online, Laurel Springs School provides curriculum alternatives for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Female student typing in a couch.

The WASC and Cognia-accredited Laurel Springs School offer a range of NCAA-approved coursework.

Early in the 1990s, Laurel Springs School was founded to provide remote learning that was flexible and adjustable for students with a range of requirements. Each of the fifty states, as well as more than one hundred countries, are represented among the students at Laurel Springs School.

17. Liberty University Online Academy

One of the most cutting-edge and top online high schools in Virginia and abroad is Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA), a private Christian online academy. This top online high school offers flexible enrollment options, individualized learning programs, and credentialed teachers.

Young woman typing in the floor.

Liberty University Online Academy offers programming options for kindergarten through high school, with opportunities for 11th and 12th graders to enroll in both high school and college.

One of the biggest institutions with a Christian curriculum in the world, Liberty University is the parent company of Liberty University Online Academy. The Liberty University Online Academy offers qualified instructors with graduate degrees in respective fields to its students.

18. Texas Tech University Independent School District

One of the most cutting-edge and top-rated online high schools in Lone Star State is Texas Tech University K – 12 (TTU K–12). Lubbock offers full-time, tuition-free programming to students in kindergarten through the twelfth grades. Students in Texas Tech University’s K–12 program learn at a comfortable speed, catch up on missed credits, augment a standard curriculum with classes that aren’t offered, or take summer classes without going to a more conventional summer school.

Young man using a laptop while sitting on a sofa.

A “special purpose school district” for students with unmet educational needs through a standard education path, Texas Tech University K–12 was established in the 1990s.

19. North Dakota Center for Distance Education

The NCAA, Cognia, and the state’s Department of Public Instruction have all granted accreditation to North Dakota Center. The center offers courses at the elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as dual college-level coursework in collaboration with Mayville State University. Start dates are provided continuously, and end data is automatically created for 20 weeks.

Young woman reading a likely letter.

Midway through the 1930s, the North Dakota Center for Distance Education was established to cater to the educational requirements of non-traditional students all over the world. The Dakota Center for Distance Education also functions as a nonprofit educational organization.

20 Forest Trail Academy

The top online high school in South Florida is Forest Trail Academy (FTA), which provides creative alternate approaches to help students with their educational demands that aren’t being satisfied by conventional high school settings.

The academy offers courses that follow a national standard curriculum and are only available online. Accreditation from Cognia, NACOL, Accreditation International (A.I.), MSA CESS, and the National Council for Private School Accreditation have all been granted to this top high school online.

A student taking an exam in a desk.

Private school Forest Trail Academy was founded and is officially recognized by the Department of Education of the Sunshine State. Programs are available at Forest Trail Academy for students in kindergarten through grade twelve. Two homeschooling options are also provided by Forest Trail Academy: a secular program and a Christian-based correspondence program.

21. Franklin Virtual High School

The Florida Board of Education and Cognia have both accredited Franklin Virtual High School. The school offers students and families looking for an alternative route to a high school graduation a cost-effective educational option. More than 200 high school-level, accredited classes are available to full-time enrolled students at Franklin Virtual High School.

Young man typing an essay in his laptop.

22. Greenways Academy

Greenways Academy (G.A.) is a virtual international school for high school students that offers distance learning and is based in St. Louis. Greenways Academy serves as a resource for enrolled students in need of extra assistance or as an alternative path for those students in need of an alternative educational setting. Greenways Academy is one of the greatest online high schools in the Midwest.

Female student typing in a table for early application.

This outstanding academy is accessible for one class or full-time enrollment. The courses and programs have NCAA approval and are WASC and Cognia-approved.

The top online school in St. Louis is Greenways Academy, which offers courses and programs from a variety of vendors, like Florida Virtual and Rosetta Stone, to mention a couple. Programs can be altered for kids with IEPs or 504 plans.

23. North Carolina Virtual Public School

The largest and best online high school program in the Tar Heel State and the southern United States is North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS). A.P., flex, and mixed coursework, to mention a few, are just a few of the more than 150 academic programs available to students enrolled in this top online high school. Even middle school students who qualify can earn high school credit at this top online high school.

Using a laptop to type in a table.

Since 2007, North Carolina Virtual Public School has served as the state’s official virtual school, providing distance learning alternatives to residents of the whole state. The second-largest virtual school in the US, North Carolina Virtual Public School enrolls more than 35,000 students annually.

24. The Keystone School

In the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, The Keystone School (KS) offers one of the oldest and best online high schools. This top secondary school online offers Cognia-accredited programs and lessons to all of its students. Students of all ages, including those enrolled in this top online high school with a Pennsylvania location, can attend The Keystone School. Since Keystone School encourages students to fulfill their potential, it offers accelerated classes to motivate students.

A female student studying in front of her laptop while enrolled to an online high school

The Keystone School was founded in the middle of the 1970s to provide homeschooling options and a supplement program for high school students. The Keystone School’s programs have attracted more than 200,000 students.

25. Indiana University High School

Midway through the 1920s, Indiana University High School was established, providing students living all across the country with distance learning opportunities via the postal service. Nearly 2,000 students attend Indiana University High School each year.

Using a laptop to type in his lap.

Cognia has granted Indiana University High School full accreditation.

What are the admission requirements for an online high school?

What are the admission requirements for an online high school? Each university has a different set of entrance standards for its online high schools. They generally follow the specifications of conventional high schools.

Typically, applicants must have completed the eighth grade and provide all transcripts and report cards. Some of the top online high schools may require good GPAs or results on placement tests, while others may ask for documentation of residency in the state, essays, letters of recommendation, and the requirements.


The prospective student’s personal information is often included on the online high school application. There is typically a processing charge attached to these applications. The names and contact details of the applicant’s parents or legal guardians may also be required.

Official Transcripts or Report Cards

The majority of applications demand the prospective student’s K–8 academic records, including official transcripts and report cards. The prerequisites and overall academic strengths of the student are highlighted in these records. Transcripts may be used by schools to assess an applicant’s academic standing and program readiness.

Placement Tests

Test scores from the High School Placement Test (HSPT) or the Secondary School Admission Test may be requested by online high schools (SSAT). By determining an applicant’s academic level, these standardized tests assist schools in making admissions decisions or class placement decisions.

What can I do with an online high school diploma?

What can I do with an online high school diploma? Online high school diplomas are equally valued by colleges and universities as traditional diplomas. They give little consideration to the type of training the students received, instead focusing on those who attend approved institutions. In actuality, state and board-regulated curricula are followed by online public high schools and those linked with colleges and universities.

Accredited online high schools deliver instruction of a comparable caliber to conventional ones, and the AP courses they offer are equally transferable to colleges and institutions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that professionals with a high school education make significantly more money and have a significantly lower unemployment rate than those without one.

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