UChicago Spring Break 2023

February 17, 2023
By AdmissionSight

UChicago Spring Break 2023

One of the most anticipated events in the UChicago academic calendar is UChicago spring break. This one-week break in the academic year allows students to take a break from their studies, relax, and explore new places.

In addition, we will discuss a bonus topic: Are there any spring break trips specifically designed for students with disabilities?

When is spring break at UChicago?

When does the University of Chicago go on spring break? UChicago spring break typically takes place in March, which is a great time to travel to warmer climates or to take part in outdoor activities that may not be possible during the colder winter months. Spring break for UChicago falls on March 11-20, 2023.

Three students walking in front of a school building.

While many students choose to travel during spring break, there are also plenty of activities and events happening on campus for those who decide to stay in the area.

What are the events happening every UChicago spring break?

What kinds of activities are held during the annual spring break at the University of Chicago? The University of Chicago is known for its rigorous academics and intellectual inquiry. However, it is also a place where students can have fun and participate in a wide variety of events and activities.

Spring break is no exception, and the university offers a range of events to students both on and off campus during this time.

Scavenger Hunt

The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt is a highly anticipated annual event that takes place every spring break. The event is designed to challenge students to think creatively, work collaboratively, and engage with the campus and wider community.

The Scavenger Hunt is a four-day event that typically begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday night. Teams of up to 15 students are formed and are given a list of over 300 items to complete.

Group of students playing scavenger hunt.

These items are referred to as “tasks” and are designed to be both fun and challenging. Each task is worth a certain number of points, and the team with the most points at the end of the hunt is declared the winner.

Tasks can range from simple and straightforward to absurd and difficult. Some examples of tasks from previous years include:

  • Take a photo of a professor riding a bike with a banana on their head
  • Make a dress out of recycled materials and have a fashion show on the quad
  • Organize a puppet show featuring a storyline about a vegan dragon who is allergic to gluten
  • Create a human pyramid in front of a landmark building in Chicago
  • Record a lip-sync video of a popular song while wearing medieval clothing

The tasks are designed to test a wide range of skills and knowledge, including creativity, problem-solving, physical fitness, and cultural awareness. Some tasks require participants to engage with the wider community, while others are specific to the University of Chicago campus.

The Scavenger Hunt is not just a competition, but also a social event. Participants are encouraged to have fun and bond with their team members throughout the four days. Many teams create team t-shirts, costumes, or mascots to help them stand out and build team spirit.

Spring Festival

The University of Chicago Spring Festival is an annual event that takes place on the main quad of the campus during UChicago spring break.

It is an all-day event that typically features live music, food, and games. The festival is a great opportunity for students to relax and enjoy themselves after the stresses of academic life.

One of the highlights of the Spring Festival is the live music. The event usually features a mix of local and student bands and performers, playing a range of music styles.

The music is often the focal point of the festival and creates a lively and festive atmosphere. The audience can sit or dance in the open area in front of the stage, enjoying the performances.

Food is another important aspect of the Spring Festival. There are usually several food vendors on site, offering a variety of cuisines such as tacos, burgers, pizzas, and desserts.

The food vendors are carefully selected to ensure that there is something for everyone, including vegetarian and vegan options. The festival is a great opportunity to try out new foods and to socialize with friends and other students.

In addition to the music and food, the festival usually has a range of games and activities for students to participate in.

There may be carnival games, such as ring toss or balloon darts, as well as giant versions of popular games like Jenga, Connect Four, or chess. There may also be art activities, face painting, or photo booths, providing a fun and interactive experience for everyone.

The Spring Festival is a popular event that attracts both students and faculty. It is a great opportunity to connect with the campus community, relax, and have fun. The festival is usually held in early May, towards the end of the academic year, and is a way for students to celebrate the approaching summer break.

Other events

In addition to these events, UChicago students also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of service projects during UChicago spring break.

The university partners with local organizations to offer students the chance to volunteer and give back to the community. Students can choose from a range of projects, including working in food banks, building homes, and tutoring children.

For those who choose to travel during UChicago spring break, the university offers a variety of study abroad programs.

These programs allow students to explore new cultures, learn a new language, and gain international experience. Students can choose from programs in countries worldwide, including Japan, Spain, and South Africa.

Bonus topic: Are there any spring break trips specifically designed for students with disabilities?

Are there any trips over the spring break that are planned, particularly for students who have disabilities?

For many college students, spring break is a time to let loose and take a break from the stresses of academic life. However, for students with disabilities, traveling during spring break can present unique challenges.

Young man sitting on a wheelchair while smiling at the camera.

Fortunately, several organizations offer spring break trips specifically designed for students with disabilities.

Aerie Experiences

One such organization is Aerie Experiences, which provides adventure-based programs for people with disabilities. Aerie Experiences offers several spring break trips that focus on outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, kayaking, and camping.

These trips are designed to challenge students and build their confidence, while also providing a fun and memorable experience.


Another organization that offers spring break trips for students with disabilities is Broadreach. Broadreach is a global educational program that offers several adventure-based programs for people of all ages, including college students.

Their spring break trips typically involve sailing, scuba diving, or service learning projects, and are designed to be inclusive for students with disabilities.

Broadreach also provides trained staff and adaptive equipment to ensure that all students can participate fully in the program.

National Ability Center

Additionally, the National Ability Center offers several spring break trips for students with disabilities.

The National Ability Center is a nonprofit organization that provides a range of programs and services for people with disabilities, including adaptive sports and outdoor recreation.

Their spring break trips are focused on skiing and snowboarding, and take place at ski resorts in Utah and Colorado. The National Ability Center provides adaptive equipment and trained staff to ensure that all participants can enjoy the slopes.


These organizations and their spring break trips offer several benefits to students with disabilities. First and foremost, these trips provide an opportunity for students to explore and try new things in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Students can challenge themselves and build their confidence while having fun and making new friends.

In addition, these trips can also help students to develop important life skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

The outdoor activities and adventure-based programs require students to work together and rely on each other, which can help them to develop these skills in a unique and engaging way.

Furthermore, these trips can help to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes about people with disabilities. By participating in these programs, students with disabilities are able to showcase their abilities and demonstrate what they are capable of.

This can help to promote inclusion and acceptance both within the group and in the wider community.


In conclusion, spring break trips specifically designed for students with disabilities offer a unique and valuable experience for college students. These trips provide an opportunity for students to explore and challenge themselves, while also developing important life skills and promoting inclusion and acceptance.

If you are a college student with a disability, consider looking into these organizations and their programs to see if there is a spring break trip that is right for you.

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UChicago spring break is a great opportunity for students to take a break from their studies, relax, and explore new places.

Whether students choose to travel or stay on campus, there are plenty of opportunities for fun and enrichment. And for those who choose to participate in the annual Scavenger Hunt or attend the Spring Festival, they will be able to experience some of the unique traditions and culture that make UChicago such a special place.

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