What Is It Like to Attend Harvard?

December 28, 2022
By AdmissionSight

What is it like to attend Harvard?

How is college life at Harvard?

How does one go about their studies at Harvard? What is it like to attend Harvard? Here’s a glimpse of students’ college life:

Residential Life

At Harvard, you’ll find that the spacious libraries and ancient classrooms are great places to meet new people. You’ll find yourself stumbling through sun-kissed lawns, discovering snug reading nooks, learning the joys and trials of staying in your dorm room and having roommates, and studying late into the night.

You’ll start to identify something else as you become more acquainted with the people and things around you, and that something is a sense of belonging, and you can put yourself at ease and relax.

The majority of the first-year students’ meals are served in Annenberg Hall, which is located adjacent to Harvard Yard. Their residence halls feature shared rooms. You’ll get to meet the other new students here while engaging in wide-ranging discourse at this gathering spot.

In addition, you will interact with other first-year students at the many activities that have been planned specifically for you.

One of the most recognizable customs associated with Harvard is the House system. At the conclusion of your first year at Harvard, you will be assigned to one of the university’s 12 academic “Houses.”

Each House has the capacity to house between 350 and 500 students and contributes to the development of a tight-knit community within the larger context of the University.

Thus, the residential life itself basically will allow you to know “What is it like to attend Harvard?”.

Dining Halls

As part of a larger effort to make your house the center of your Harvard community experience and to ensure that all members of the house can participate in every activity on an equal footing with their peers, the Harvard dining hall offers only one meal plan that is unlimited in scope.

This plan is available to all students. Through its extensive residential meal program, HUDS is glad to be able to contribute to the formation of these ties that are an integral part of house life.

Harvard is a firm believer that outstanding food should be prepared using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients as near as possible to the time it is served to the students.

Their menu is extensive, showcasing a wide range of delicacies and paying homage to a multitude of cuisines and eating styles from around the world.

You’ll get to experience the familiar tastes of home, but you’ll also get the opportunity to sample dishes from other cuisines.

Student Activities

There is more to learning at Harvard than just the classes. It includes having late-night conversations with friends in the dining hall, putting on plays, engaging in fierce (or friendly) physical competitions, and going on field trips to museums in Boston, among many other things.

Female teacher giving instructions to four students in a library.

Your awareness of the world and the people who live in it will improve if you participate in extracurricular activities because you will have the opportunity to meet new people, pursue your interests (or find new ones), and learn new things.

Harvard has the following:

  • 450+ Student organizations
  • 125+ Active service programs for Phillips Brooks House during the academic year
  • 400+ Students pursuing various service projects during the summer for Phillips Brooks House


It is not tricky for undergraduates at Harvard to make sports and physical health a regular component of their experience at the university.

Eighty percent of students at Harvard participate in some sort of physical activity, and nearly all of them put their Crimson pride to use by cheering on their friends and classmates who are competing.

Health & Wellbeing

Your welfare should always be a top priority, whether we’re talking about your physical health, mental health, or emotional health. The numerous health, wellness, and fitness services that Harvard offers can provide you with all you require to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Diversity and Inclusion

Every person who is a part of the Harvard community will be provided with the opportunity to participate in the development of a living and learning environment that is welcoming to all. Harvard strives to create an environment that is safe and inclusive for students of all different kinds of backgrounds by providing a variety of services and offices.

What are students like at Harvard?

The students are basically the model that will help us picture “What is it like to attend Harvard?”. This, what’s it like to be a Harvard student?

Students at Harvard are often well-educated, hard-working, and goal-oriented individuals who do not hesitate to approach their instructors with questions or simply to strike up a conversation.

Male student holding a book while smiling at the camera.

The vast majority of students at Harvard are exceptionally intelligent, engaged, analytical, and hard-working; in addition, they have an exceptionally diverse range of experiences and interests.

Moreover, despite the fact that students at Harvard are, on average, pretty driven, the population of students at Harvard is incredibly diverse. Because so many people are engaged in such a wide variety of activities, which is relatively neat, you wind up picking up a lot of useful information from one another.

People are genuine and enjoy having a good time, and as a result, most of the students have made some of their closest friends here—friends that they’ll have for the rest of their life.

What is the vibe of Harvard?

How would you describe the atmosphere at Harvard? The first impression lasts and the vibe will greatly help us identify “What is it like to attend Harvard?” and if it perfectly fits our needs.

Harvard is more than just a place to get an education; rather, it is a place where students come to be transformed.

It has faculty members who are among the best in the world, opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research, and a commitment to creating an inclusive community of bright, talented students.

Even before the United States of America was established, many of the wealthiest and most influential families in America already had a tradition of sending their children to Harvard.

Students at Harvard College live and study in communities known as “Houses.” In these communities, they are joined by their classmates, members of the faculty, and graduate students. Each House, which serves as a smaller home within the University, provides its residents with an atmosphere that is both enriching and supportive, allowing them to develop both as individuals and as contributing members of their community.

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