Is Tufts A Good School?

September 28, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Is Tufts A Good School?

Where Is Tufts University Located?

Where is Tufts University located? A private research university, Tufts University was established in 1852 and has locations in Medford, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts; Grafton, Massachusetts; Talloires, France; and two additional US campuses.

It is a medium-sized American institution that enrolls up to 12,000 students annually.

Some of the university’s oldest buildings can be seen on the Medford campus. It houses the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, the Schools of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and the School of Engineering.

The Chinatown neighborhood serves as the main hub for the Boston campus. It is the location of the Human Nutrition Research Centre on Aging as well as the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Graduate Biomedical Sciences, and Nutrition Science and Policy.

The Grafton campus, more than 600 acres in size and west of Boston, is home to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

View of school campus at sunset.

The National Association of Branch Campus Administrators has named its satellite campus in Talloires, California, as one of the top branch campuses. It is located in a magnificent mountain setting. The Talloires facility, which was formerly used to hold summer camps, was handed to Tufts in 1978 and currently hosts summer study programs where students are encouraged to live with local families and fully immerse themselves in French culture and language.

Is Tufts University A Top School?

Is Tufts a good school? U.S. News and World Report’s ranked Tufts at number 32 in the 2022 rankings. The institution secured a slot in the top universities in such a difficult situation caused by the pandemic making it a popular option for students looking to study in the US.

Here are the highlights of the Tufts University ranking to answer the query “Is Tufts University a top school?”:

  • In terms of national universities, the institute is ranked #32 by U.S. News and World Report in 2022.
  • Placed 48th for Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie).
  • #56 among the top undergraduate engineering programs.
  • #275 among the greatest performers in social mobility according to U.S. News and World Report, 2022.

World University Rankings for Tufts

You might wonder “Is Tufts a good school?” Tufts University came in at #172 in the Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) 2022, making it a sought-after option for students looking to study abroad.

One of the most prestigious universities in the United States of America is still Tufts University. Tufts University is one of the top private colleges in Medford, Massachusetts, and is ranked #275 in the world in the QS Global World Rankings 2021.

What Is Tufts University Known For?

What is Tufts University known for? The R1 research university with a liberal arts college vibe is something Tufts takes great pride in.

Students can select from over 150 undergraduate majors and minors to seek a distinctive multidisciplinary education that produces cutting-edge learning.

Three students talking while walking.

Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and School of Engineering all offer undergraduate programs. Each student will take classes in a variety of fields outside their area of specialization to get a more well-rounded education, whether they are majoring in computer science, the fine arts, or engineering.

An exceptional illustration of this cross-disciplinary educational experience is provided by The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Being one of the country’s oldest art schools, SMFA blends artistic ability with rigorous research and practical expertise. It is noteworthy that the school has ties to the local Museum of Fine Arts.

Internships, chances to exhibit their work, and guidance from some of the most accomplished artists in the country and internationally will all be available to students.

The School of Engineering is proof that art and science may interact in both directions. Students have the chance to conduct research in crucial fields like infrastructure, technology, and environmental sustainability. Students will get knowledge from ASCE members, take part in charitable organizations like Engineers without Borders, and see architecture from the perspectives of art history and sustainability.

You can also see the answer to “Is Tufts a good school?” with the access they give to students. Valuable research experience, brilliant mentors, and a community of learners who support one another in the quest to build a better society, regardless of the subject they choose to study are all available at Tufts.

Tufts students can also look forward to the yearly Spring Fling concert. Old and new students alike get together to rejoice with their classmates and take in live performances of their favorite artists after a long semester of studying and stress. Previous artists have included Kesha, Childish Gambino, and A$ap Ferg.

Finally, there are two possibilities for students to genuinely be a light on a hill in the spirit of the university’s founding president, who had a vision that Tufts would be like a “light on a hill.” Undergraduates will be given invitations to take part in the illumination ceremony once they arrive. As they embark on their new academic adventure, students are invited to light a candle at this Tufts community gathering on the president’s lawn alongside their peers. Students will be allowed to participate in the event once more after they graduate to formally conclude their stay at Tufts.

Famous Tufts University Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Is Tufts a good school in terms of clubs and extracurricular? Around 300 student groups and extracurricular activities are available at Tufts to suit a variety of interests, including fun, politics, the arts, Greek life, and more. Pre-professional organizations can serve as crucial starting points for students looking for advice on how to get ready for their dream careers. Pre-law and pre-med are just two of the pre-professional groups available to students at Tufts. Aspiring engineers will also have the chance to join some of the best engineering societies thanks to the university’s outstanding engineering department.

Two students walking in the hallway.

Other organizations that can give students the chance to have fun and earn valuable experience in the “real world” include various Greek life organizations, the school newspaper, and the student government.

Each of these enables pupils to develop a sense of belonging and leadership abilities that are immediately applicable to life outside of school. But participation in clubs doesn’t always have to be about moving forward; it may be just for pleasure.

The Tufts Culinary Society, Tufts Mountain Club, and the Tufts University Quidditch team are just a few of the interesting options available to students who are seeking a great way to relax after a long day of studying.

Tufts is also aware of the value of letting students develop their spiritual identities. Students will have access to a variety of campus religious groups, such as the Buddhist Student Association, Muslim Student Association, and Tufts Hillel, where they can enhance their religious practices or explore their spirituality.

Which Sports Are Popular at Tufts?

Sports at Tufts are part of the New England Small College Athletic Conference and NCAA Division III (NESCAC).

As a Division III institution, Tufts has a distinctive approach to athletics that guarantees students who participate in sports may combine their athletic and academic lives while attending Tufts. In other words, Tufts University students who participate in athletics are aware of the value of excellence both on and off the field.

Track and field as well as the university’s men’s soccer team, which won the national championship, are just two of the numerous elite sports teams that the university provides students the chance to join.

The university’s participation in the New England Small College Athletic Conference is evidence of its commitment to both athletic and academic achievement (NESCAC). Eleven liberal arts colleges make up the NESCAC, which is committed to creating student-athletes who can prioritize both their academics and their athletics. NESCAC member schools include some of the best Division III teams and some of the most competitive universities.

Is Tufts a good school in terms of athletic opportunities? Tufts recognizes the value of staying active for all students, regardless of athletic ability, and grants access to an indoor sports facility with an indoor track, state-of-the-art workout equipment, tennis courts, and a six-lane swimming pool to all enrolled students.

The school’s outdoor facilities include one of the greatest track grounds in the neighborhood and a dedicated training facility for rowing crews on the Malden River.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Tufts University?

If you’re interested to join Tufts, you might ask “How hard is it to get into Tufts University?” Tufts’ admissions procedure is very stringent. It receives a large number of applications each year due to its high demand. Tufts has a 16% acceptance rate as a result. However, Tufts set a milestone for the Class of 2026. The lowest ever recorded acceptance rate for Tufts’ early decision program was merely 9% of applicants. Admission has become more difficult as a result.

If you want to attend Tufts University, you must get a stellar GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Let’s take a first look at the Class of 2025’s profile.

The states that produced the most freshman for 2021–22 were:

  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Illinois
  • Florida
  • Texas

The competition is fiercest among students from states with an inexhaustible supply of qualified applicants, as it is at any highly selective university.

The following nations make up most of the international students in the Class of 2025:

  • China
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Mexico
  • Singapore

The composition of the Class of 2025, when broken down by ethnicity, was as follows:

  • Asian American: 17%
  • Hispanic: 12.5%
  • African American: 7.8%
  • White: 47.9%
  • Two or more races: 10%

The gender distribution of the class of 2021–2022 freshmen:

  • Male: 43%
  • Female: 55%
  • Non-binary: 2%

Each school’s freshmen enrollment for 2020–21 is as follows:

  • Arts & Sciences: 1,508
  • Engineering: 299
  • School of the Museum of Fine Arts: 82

The following high schools were attended by members of the Class of 2025:

  • Public: 53%
  • Parochial/Independent/Religious: 47%

GPA Requirements for Tufts

Now that we’ve tackled “Is Tufts a good school?”, how about its academic requirements? Tufts likewise has a minimal GPA requirement to accept applications, just like many other colleges. However, you must achieve a higher score if you wish to receive an acceptance letter from the university.

For instance, the Tufts average GPA score could be required for your application to be accepted. However, a lot of other pupils can have the same score as you. Therefore, aim to achieve a high score as much as you can to guarantee that you pass the Tufts University admissions process regardless.

Male student attending an online class in a table with other students.

The minimum GPA required by Tufts is 4.04. Therefore, aim for 4.04 or higher to reserve a place. A GPA of 4.04 is equal to 94%. This calls on you to excel in your class. You must also receive an “A” in each of your Class 12 subjects. Additionally, it’s advantageous to hold an I.B. or A.P. certificate of completion.

To make up for a poor GPA, try to improve your ACT or SAT score. The SAT and ACT requirements at Tufts are detailed in the section below.

Requirements for the SAT and ACT

The criteria vary between schools. While some may request SAT scores, others may request ACT scores. Tufts University, however, admits both. Therefore, you can use your SAT or ACT scores to make up for a poor GPA.

The 6% of SAT takers that Tufts University anticipates among its applicants. How then can you join them? Simply achieve 1380 on the SAT. But if you can achieve an SAT score of 1460, your chances of passing the admissions process will rise.

Unidentified person writing in a paper.

A 32 on the ACT is required for admission to Tufts. But just like the SAT, if you score higher, you can go to the top of the Tufts admissions list. For instance, it can be difficult for many candidates to surpass an ACT score of 35. Students can receive less as a result, moving your name up the list.

Additional Tufts Admissions Criteria

Now that you are aware of the GPA, ACT, and SAT requirements for Tufts admission, you can start preparing. Moreover, you can increase your chances by making your application distinctive.

You can ask your teachers to write recommendations for you. Let your teachers speak for you when it comes to your performance. Make sure you have at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher.

Additionally, consider including an application essay with your form. You can discuss your thoughts and why you want to attend Tufts University in your essay. To improve your chances of admittance, make it appear credible, appealing, and real.

Lastly, make an effort to enhance your performance in extracurricular activities. As a result, you should also concentrate on your extracurricular activities if you want to be admitted to Tufts University.

Your application may benefit from extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation.

Is Tufts As Good As An Ivy?

We have answered, “Is Tufts a good school?” which is reflected by top students flocking to Tufts for its demanding academics, supportive neighbors, and devoted community. The university is well-known among its contemporaries and potential employers, whether for research or community service.

Tufts offers a bright future for a variety of pupils with its more than 90 undergraduate and 160 graduate programs. Nobel laureates, members of the National Academy, and heads of state are among the illustrious list of graduates.

More elite students are considering Tufts as a university to attend because of its successful alumni. Many CEOs and founders of significant businesses, like eBay, JPMorgan Chase, DuPont, and Time Inc. received their education at the university.

So, is Tufts as good as an Ivy? Despite not being an Ivy League school, Tufts offers a top-notch education on par with the best institutions in the nation. While many colleges make claims to be Ivy-equivalent, Tufts has the academic offerings and reputation to back up such claims.

The Division III NESCAC athletic conference includes Tufts. Several rating journals place the university among the top 30 colleges in the country, even though it may not enjoy the same international renown as the top Ivies.

According to Bloomberg, Tufts is one of the Little Ivies. This is an informal association of selective, small colleges in the Northeastern United States. In terms of standing, academics, and the vibrant on-campus culture, Tufts is comparable to an Ivy League university.

As more and more talented individuals opt to apply, acceptance rates have been declining each year. Most undergraduate students are top students in their classes with stellar test scores and secondary school records. Tufts has had a decline in acceptance rates as a result of an increase in applicants, similar to many other elite universities. There have been twice as many candidates in the last 20 years.

Ivy League universities are famous for their top-notch research as well as their outstanding programs. Similar ground-breaking research is being conducted at Tufts, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration and creativity as the cornerstones of discovery.

Tufts University is listed as one of the R1: Doctoral Universities with Very High Research Activity according to the Carnegie ratings. The institution invested more than $210 million in research activities in 2018. Tufts is comparable to Ivy League schools like Brown and Dartmouth with research spending of about $240 million.

If you still wonder “Is Tufts a good school?” it is worth spending years of your undergraduate degree. And if Tufts piqued your interest, it’s time to start your preparations. AdmissionSight has assisted thousands of students over the past 10 years in their admissions to top universities. Book an initial consultation with AdmissionSight experts to kick-start your application.

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