University of Virginia Supplemental Essays 2022-2023

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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University of Virginia Supplemental Essays 2022-2023

The University of Virginia—nestled in the historic city of Charlottesville, is a haven for those who seek academic rigor, a vibrant social scene, and a touch of Southern charm.

Before you can stroll down the Lawn, there’s a crucial hurdle: the University of Virginia supplemental essays for 2022-2023. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill essays; they’re a golden ticket, a unique opportunity to showcase who you are beyond the numbers and accolades.

This article will guide you through the labyrinthine prompts and help you craft essays that resonate with the admissions committee.

Why Are Supplemental Essays Important?

You might wonder, “I’ve got a stellar GPA and a laundry list of extracurriculars; why bother with supplemental essays?” Well, here’s the kicker: those essays are your voice, your chance to converse with the admissions officers. Imagine a room full of applicants with near-identical academic profiles; what sets you apart? Your essays.

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They offer a glimpse into your personality, aspirations, and how you’d fit into the campus culture. In essence, they’re the narrative that complements your academic transcript. And let’s not forget, the University of Virginia supplemental essays for 2022-2023 are tailored to gauge if you align with the school’s values and ethos.

The unique ethos of the University of Virginia (UVA)

UVA—the place where tradition meets innovation, where the echoes of Thomas Jefferson’s ideals blend seamlessly with the buzz of cutting-edge research. It’s not just a university; it’s a community, a microcosm of diverse minds united by a shared pursuit of knowledge.

UVA values academic excellence, yes, but it also cherishes intellectual curiosity, community engagement, and honor. The famed Honor Code isn’t just a set of rules; it’s a testament to the integrity that UVA expects from its students.

So, when tackling the University of Virginia supplemental essays for 2022-2023, remember: you’re not just applying to a school; you’re vying for a spot in a community that values individuality and collective responsibility.

The weight of supplemental essays in UVA’s holistic admissions process

Please don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted essay; it’s a significant piece of the admissions puzzle at UVA. The university employs a holistic admissions process, meaning every aspect of your application is scrutinized, from academic achievements to personal qualities. Your essays are the linchpin in this intricate mechanism.

They can tip the scales in your favor, especially when the competition is fierce. Think of them as your advocates, arguing your case before the admissions committee.

In the grand scheme of UVA’s holistic review, your essays could be the deciding factor that earns you that coveted acceptance letter.

What Are the UVA Supplemental Essay Prompts for 2022-2023?

The University of Virginia requires applicants to respond to an essay prompt specific to their school of choice. Still, all applicants must also respond to the College of Arts and Sciences essay prompt. The University of Virginia word limit is quite restrictive, but you can go over a bit if necessary.

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The University of Virginia supplemental essays for 2022-2023 are as follows:

The first prompt is still tied to the UVA school or college the student selects. We want students to answer the prompt in around 100 words. As always, the boxes on the Common App allow students to go a bit over, so we don’t expect students to write precisely 100 words.

College of Arts & Sciences: If you could create a college course that all UVA students would take, what would it be about and why?

School of Engineering: How will you use an engineering degree to change the world for the better?

School of Architecture: Describe a significant experience that deepened your interest in studying in the School of Architecture.

School of Nursing: Describe a healthcare-related experience or another significant interaction that deepened your interest in studying Nursing.

Kinesiology Program: Describe an experience that has deepened your interest in studying kinesiology.

In addition to these prompts, short answers to two of these prompts are required. The word limit for these responses is 50 words.

  1. What’s your favorite word and why?
  2. We are a community with quirks, both in language and traditions. What is one of your quirks?
  3. About what topic could you speak for an hour?
  4. Take us to your happy place.
  5. You can wake up tomorrow, and a skill you already have will become expert-level. What skill is that?
  6. What is the last gift you gave someone that wasn’t bought with money?
  7. What website is the internet missing?
  8. After a challenging experience, how do you recharge?
  9. Tell us about a place you’d like to share with everyone, but also keep to yourself.
  10. UVA students paint messages on Beta Bridge to share information with our community. What would you paint on Beta Bridge, and why is this your message?
  11. Tell us about a time when you faced an opinion or perspective that differed from yours, and you responded as an empathetic speaker or generous listener.

So, look at each prompt and create a strategy for your response.

How to write University of Virginia supplemental essays?

When you look at the University of Virginia supplemental essays for 2022-2023, it can seem a bit overwhelming. But if you are applying to the School of Arts and Sciences, you only need to respond to the first and second prompts from the short answer list. Let’s take a look at the prompt that everyone will have to consider.

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College of Arts & Sciences: If you could create a college course that all UVA students would take, what would it be about and why?

This prompt allows you to use your creativity and intellectual curiosity. As you may know, schools offer non-traditional courses, from a literary analysis of Taylor Swift’s music to a philosophy based on The Simpsons.

When considering this prompt, consider your interests and how they could be applied to a college course you’ve never seen before. But there are two components you need to think about. First, what would the system be about? This is pretty broad, and you can choose nearly anything. But the second part is answering the question: why is there a need for this course? A course about The Simpsons isn’t just students discussing their favorite episodes. It uses the plots and themes of the show to demonstrate and explain complicated aspects of philosophy. So, when designing your ideal course, think about the subject and consider the course’s purpose.

School of Engineering: How will you use an engineering degree to change the world for the better?

This prompt is specific to applicants to the school of engineering and asks a provocative question. Your answer to this question isn’t binding. Still, it asks you to use your creativity to consider what kind of impact you would like to make on the world—specifically, the difference you could make with an engineering degree from the University of Virginia.

When considering this prompt, think about the kinds of goals you would like to achieve. These goals have already been completed, or you could challenge yourself to think of a way to change the world that hasn’t been considered yet. The key is to use your creativity and passion for engineering.

The University of Virginia supplemental essays 2022-2023 for the colleges of Nursing, Architecture, and Kinesiology, are the same, and they ask you to reflect on experiences within those fields that have been significant for you and deepened your interest in the area.

The key to these three prompts is to be specific when detailing your experience. Was there a defining moment for you, or did your interest build gradually? Was there someone who guided you on your path? And most importantly, where do you see yourself in the future of this field? The goal is to demonstrate your passion and commitment to your chosen field.

At AdmissionSight, we aim to help you with every step of the college admissions process. The University of Virginia supplemental essays 2022 can initially seem daunting, but our experience and expertise will help you navigate the entire process confidently. Hopefully, this guide to the University of Virginia supplemental essays 2022-2023 has been helpful, but if you want more information about how AdmissionSight can help you realize your dreams, set up your free consultation today.



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