What does Brown University Look For In Applicants

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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9 Attributes Brown University Admission Counselors Look for in Future Students

Getting into Brown University is no easy feat. As a member of the Ivy League and one of the best schools in the country, it attracts some of the most talented students from high schools across the country. This makes the admissions process that much more competitive and forces Brown’s admissions officers to be that much more selective. In order to make the most of your application, you’ll need to answer “what does Brown University look for in applicants?” Only when you get a deeper understanding of the application process overall will you know how to put your best foot forward.

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At AdmissionSight, we’ve had countless students and parents ask this same question. It’s a common question that our team has mulled over for each Ivy League university for years. Having successfully helped many students gain admittance into Brown along with other top-rated universities, it’s safe to say that we’ve cracked the code about how to get into Brown. Here, we’ll take a deeper look into some key attributes that students should exhibit on their application in order to greatly improve their chances of getting into Brown.

What does Brown University look for in applicants?

Brown University attracts tens of thousands of applicants each and every year. Although there are some minor changes made to the standard application and the supplemental essays each year, the core of what Brown University admissions officers look for doesn’t change.

There are particular characteristics that have been identified by the university that admissions staff are tasked with finding in applicants. Here, we’ll take a look at nine key attributes that will tell you nearly everything you need to know about Brown University’s expectations. We’ll help answer the burning question of “what do Brown admissions interviewers look for?”

1. Familiarity with the university.

A great way to kick start this process is to ask yourself a few questions. What is it that you like most about Brown University? What are some specific courses that you were excited to take? What kind of clubs and other extracurricular activities are you eager to participate in? If you have no trouble answering these questions, you’re on the right path to getting accepted into Brown University. However, if you were only able to provide a general answer such as “I want to attend brown university because it’s a great school”, then there is some work to be done.

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One of the most easily overlooked attributes that Brown University admissions officers are looking for in applicants is familiarity with the university itself. Everybody already knows that Brown is one of the best institutions of higher learning in the United States. It’s not enough to simply sing the college’s praises. In your application, you have to demonstrate a deep understanding of what Brown University offers, how you plan to take advantage of it, and how these offerings will help you attain your academic objectives.

2. Impressive GPA

One of the more obvious attributes that brown university admissions officers are looking for in applicants is high GPAs. As you probably already know, this rating is an average score of your high school grades. Through this score, admissions officers are able to get a better understanding of your overall academic performance in high school. As a result, you should choose your high school courses carefully.

You’ll want to take weighted courses such as advanced placement or honors classes in order to average up your GPA. However, you want to make sure that your high school courses are not too difficult as poor grades will end up bringing down your overall GPA and reflecting poorly on your application. It’s always a good idea to speak with your high school counselor about your intention to attend brown university in order to collaboratively choose the best course to obtain a stellar GPA.

3. Great SAT and ACT scores

A collective sigh from students is audible every time standardized tests are brought up. For decades, the SAT and ACT tests have been used as benchmarks to help colleges determine an applicant’s college-readiness. While a GPA can describe a student’s academic performance in high school, standardized tests are used to anticipate an applicant’s performance at the collegiate level. For this reason, it’s paramount that students prepare timely and appropriately for passing these exams. It’s advisable to sign up for dedicated courses that prepare students for taking the SAT and ACT.

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You might even be able to find questions from previous exams online. If you practice these enough and time yourself, you’ll feel more comfortable by the time the real tests roll around. Like many colleges around the United States, Brown University has decided not to require applicants for the 2020 2021 school year to take either the SAT or ACT. Although this has been a tradition at Ivy League schools for decades, the current pandemic is making it more difficult and potentially dangerous for students to take these exams.

However, if you still want to have a leg up on the competition, you could still consider taking these exams as they are still accepted. In future years, we anticipate that high standardized tests will continue to be an attribute Brown University admissions staff actively seek out in students.

4. Contributions to the university and community

Going to an Ivy League school isn’t a one-way road. When admissions staff at Brown University review your application they aren’t only interested in how Brown University can benefit you. In addition, they’re interested in what applicants can offer the university and the larger community in return. What can you bring to the table that would make Brown University a better campus overall? How will you contribute to your fellow classmates, your teachers, and the Brown community? It’s critical for applicants to consider these questions instead of only thinking about how they can benefit from Brown University.

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There’s yet another angle that’s worth mentioning with this attribute. Although admissions officers are interested in knowing how you can benefit the Brown University community overall, they’re also wanting to make sure you’re a good fit. Just because you have something to offer, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what Brown is looking for. In order to keep the attention of admissions officers, you have to somehow tie in your offerings to the university with its overall mission and theme. You should always seek to frame your contributions within the scope of what the admissions officers are hoping to find.

5. Growth and development

Above academic achievements like high GPAs and impressive standardized test results, admissions officers at Brown University will also be seeking out students who are continuously pushing themselves further both inside and outside of the classroom. Are you always testing your capabilities and pushing yourself further? Are you finding new ways to challenge yourself in order to grow or have you been resting on your laurels? Brown University isn’t just looking for people who are at the top of their classes.

They’re also interested in people who are always looking to improve themselves – attributes of hard work ethic and dedication. When filling out the Brown University application, it’s a great idea to mention how specific university offerings will help you to continue pushing yourself both personally and academically. It’s one thing to demonstrate an attribute of perseverance and growth. It’s something completely different to illustrate how Brown’s offerings are going to help you to carry on in this direction. Admissions officers will be pleased to see this connection made on your application.

6. Clear objectives and direction

Another attribute related to growth and development that Brown University admissions officers are looking for in an applicant is direction. Where are you heading academically, professionally, and personally? Many students have a tough time answering this question, especially before entering college. It’s difficult to know exactly what you want to study and what kind of job you want to pursue. However, Brown University isn’t asking you to predict the future or to know exactly what you want to do. Instead, admissions officers are looking for students who have clear objectives for the foreseeable future and a direction in which they want to go.

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Even if you end up changing this direction, you’re still illustrating the ability to set goals and make important decisions. Similar to the attribute of growth, admissions officers want to know how Brown University will play a key role in both your short and long-term objectives. Everybody knows that Brown is one of the best colleges in the country. However, is it the best place to help you achieve your goals? In your application, it’s critical that you mention specific offerings such as degrees, courses, and even extracurricular activities offered at Brown that can help you reach your stated objectives.

7. What makes you unique

Every year, tens of thousands of students send applications to Brown University. As a result, admissions staff have to read every single application to determine which students are eligible to attend the university. As you can imagine, it can become quite boring to read through more of the dry information included in these applications such as high school courses, grade point averages, SAT and ACT scores, and the like.

Although excellent academic performance can help greatly increase your chances of gaining admittance to Brown University, you can’t forget about the most important attribute on your application: you! Since all Ivy League attract some of the most talented students from around the world, what sets you apart from the competition won’t necessarily be your grades or test scores. It’ll be what makes you unique.

What kind of environment and culture did you grow up in? And how did it shape who you are today? Do you have a niche interest? Do you have a vision for how you want to impact the world? Although you won’t be able to hit on all of these topics when filling out your application, you should do your best to demonstrate what makes you different from other students. It’s this information that will provide admissions officers with a deeper insight into who you are and why Brown University would be lucky to have you.

8. Personal interests

As mentioned before, what makes you unique is perhaps the most important attribute Brown University admissions officers will consider. It’s nearly impossible for admissions staff to determine which students are best for the university by only looking at academic performance such as standardized test scores and GPAs.

When filling out your application, it’s paramount that you mention your personal interests both inside and outside of school. Although academic performance is going to be an important consideration for Brown, your personal interests will help admissions officers paint a more complete picture of you as an applicant.

What courses get you most excited? Which extracurricular activities do you enjoy participating in? Are you doing any athletics or intramural sports? What about hobbies outside of school? In addition to wanting to know about what interests you, Brown University admissions officers are also going to be eager to learn how you’ve developed and grown through these experiences. This kind of information will be used to help brown decide whether you’re a good match for the university or not.

9. Fantastic supplemental essays

Brown University’s admissions committee releases a new set of supplemental essay prompts each year. These essays are required by all applicants and are designed to give admissions officers a more complete picture of students. After all, the standard applies only covers surface-level content such as your GPA, standardized test scores, and high school courses.

The supplemental essays, on the other hand, are much more open-ended. They’re an excellent opportunity to let your personality and uniqueness shine through. However, in order to secure a spot in the next Brown incoming class, you’ll need to write fantastic supplemental essays.

Whether you’re an avid writer who’s mastered the written word or a student who despises any written project, it’s advisable to work with a specialized admissions counselor to master the Brown supplemental essays.

AdmissionSight is one such professional who works with students to help them better understand what the prompts are asking along with the best way to respond. We know what admissions officers will be looking for, and we can guide you in your answers to make sure they’re complete and captivating. Our essay editing services are comprehensive to ensure you only turn in the best essays you can write.

You’re one step closer to getting into Brown University

Although AdmissionSight is an excellent resource to use when perfecting your Brown supplemental essays, our services don’t stop there. As a comprehensive college admissions specialist, our expert team offers a host of services designed to help students drastically increase their chances of getting into the schools of their dreams.

While other admissions specialists might offer generalized programs, AdmissionSight focuses on Ivy League universities and other top-tier colleges in the United States, making us the obvious choice for those who want to get into the toughest schools.

Do you need help choosing the right high school courses to take? We can tell you which classes will set you up for success when applying to colleges. What about extracurricular activities? We even offer planning for non-academic activities. And summer programs? Yes, we even have you covered there too!

For parents who want to get started early, we have pre-high school consultation. All of our services are completely personalized to make sure we’re taking each student’s goals and strengths into account. After all, it’s all about making the most out of your collegiate education.

Why should you choose AdmissionSight? Well, because we’re the best of the best. We have a proven track record of helping students just like you achieve their long-term goals of gaining admittance into some of the best universities in the country.

No matter what school you want to attend or what you want to study, our insider tips and personalized services can help give you a leg up on the competition to greatly increase your chances of getting into your dream school. Feel free to reach out to AdmissionSight today to discover more about our services and how you can benefit from them

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