Is 1590 a Good SAT Score?

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Is 1590 a Good SAT Score?

So, you got a 1590 SAT score and you’re wondering if it’s good enough to get into the school of your choice. You’re not alone. It’s not easy for students to make sense of their SAT and ACT scores since they’re not provided with any additional information.

Here, we’re going to take a deep dive to see if the 1590 SAT score is good, where it stands with other scores, and what it means for your college admissions options.

Is 1590 a good SAT score?

Yes, a 1590 SAT score is fantastic! It’s just 10 points (which is nothing on the SAT scale) away from being perfect. You should be immensely proud of that accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if this was your first attempt at the SAT or you had to try three different times before getting the score you want, a 1590 SAT score is great.

The average SAT is just 1059 which means you’re nearly 531 points above the average! If all other components of your application are just as impressive, you’ll have a great chance of getting accepted into even the most competitive and highly sought-after universities in the country.

On top of that, you’ve maximized the number of scholarships and grants you could qualify for based on test scores. Some financial-aid offerings from schools, private institutions, and even state and federal governments offer unique opportunities to high performers which you definitely are!

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What is the 1590 SAT percentile?

A 1590 SAT score puts you in the 99th percentile. This means you outperformed 99% of test takers. In other words, you’re in the top 1%. As you can see, any way you say it, the results are super impressive!

1590 SAT to ACT Equivalent

The ACT is a more common alternative to the SAT when it comes to taking the college entrance exam. Both the ACT and the SAT are standardized tests used by universities and colleges. The equivalent of a 1590 SAT score is a 35 ACT score.

Although the two tests aren’t as hard as one might think, the SAT and the ACT have their own strengths. The former is designed to help students with their math problems, while the latter is more challenging for some. Also, they have distinct approaches to essay writing.

The main difference between the two is how they are conducted. The ACT tests are more demanding than the SAT, which allows more students to answer multiple questions in less time. The SAT also has more room for error if students get stuck.

Should I retake SAT if I got 1590?

No, there’s really no reason to retake the SAT if you’ve received 1590. As mentioned before, this is a near-perfect score that puts in you in the top 1% of scorers. No matter where you apply, this is going to help you stand out from the crowd.

Yes, even Ivy League schools will take notice of this high score. As a general rule of thumb, there’s really no reason to retake the SAT if you score a 1530 or higher. The only advantage would be if you could nail a perfect score only because that 1600 has a powerful effect on colleges.

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However, when all of your other application requirements are taken into account, there won’t much of an impact differential between 1590 and 1600. We recommend you take the victory and focus on other areas of your application to improve. After all, a great SAT score isn’t enough to get you into the university of your dreams.

What is a good SAT score?

It’s been a while since the SAT has restructured its scoring system, which means what constitutes a good score has been going up each year. How is that possible? Well, the highly competitive nature of the college admissions process encourages applicants to push higher year after year.

What was considered a good SAT score just a few years ago might not be considered a good score for the same school. Colleges and universities change their expectations based on the competitiveness of the next incoming class. Needless to say, things have been getting pretty competitive over the past few years. So, what is considered a good score?

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In general, anything in the 75th percentile is considered good. However, it’s important to keep in mind that “good” is simply another synonym for average when it comes to applying for college. What you want to strive for is an excellent or near-perfect SAT score.

An excellent score would put you in the 90th percentile. This range is from 1350 to 1520. On the other hand, a near-perfect to perfect score is anything between 1520 and 1600. Although there are other factors to take into account, the higher your SAT, the better your application.

Colleges you can get into with a 1590 SAT score.

As mentioned before, a 1590 SAT score automatically makes you eligible for some of the top colleges and universities in the country. Of course, a fantastic SAT score alone isn’t enough to ensure your admittance. Admissions officers look at a lot of different factors, which we’ll discuss later, but a 1590 SAT score will certainly make it easier for you.

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Here are some of the best schools you could consider applying to with such a strong SAT score.

Brown University

Brown University’s open curriculum is different from other universities. It allows students to take various courses without following a set curriculum. This Ivy League school also encourages them to explore different fields.

However, students must first go through the approval process of a faculty member to pursue their interests in various concentrations.

One of the most popular features of Brown University’s liberal medical education program is its ability to complete the program with both an undergraduate and professional component. This allows students to pursue their MD without having to start from scratch.

Harvard University

One of the most prestigious universities in the Ivy League, Harvard, is also known for its low acceptance rate. Despite this, it is still regarded as a highly competitive school. This is because of its long history of academic success.

One of the main reasons why Harvard is considered to be a highly competitive school is its endowment, which boasts the largest amount in the country. This means that the school can spend more on its students. It also offers world-class research opportunities and faculty members.

Aside from these, Harvard also provides competitive tuition assistance. This allows students to receive a world-class education at an affordable price. The school is also known for its liberal arts programs. These are also well-known for their prominent individuals, such as heads of state. Its medical and business programs are also highly regarded.


Columbia University’s Core Curriculum has been instrumental in the school’s academic success. This foundation allows students to develop a deeper understanding of various fields.

All students are required to take at least ten major courses in order to graduate. Some of these include philosophy, art, and foreign language. These requirements can help students make informed decisions when it comes to their studies.

One of the ways Columbia University tries to differentiate itself from other schools is through its diversity. This allows it to attract more highly-qualified students. It also aims to break down the traditional barriers that prevent people from achieving a world-class education.


Instead of applying to Cornell, many students usually head to other universities. Although it is regarded as a less selective school, it has a high acceptance rate and has over 4,000 courses.

If you are not satisfied with the education that’s being offered by Ivy League universities, then consider other schools such as Cornell. It’s known for its hotel management program.

Aside from being known for its hotel management program, Cornell also emphasizes interdisciplinary education. This allows students to develop their own interests and explore different fields.


Being regarded as a service-oriented school, UPenn also emphasizes the need for a comprehensive education. The Ivy League institution is committed to helping develop a positive global impact. One of the university’s goals is to challenge students to think critically and creatively about the lessons they’ve learned in class.

If you are a passionate student who is looking for a world-class education, then UPenn is a great choice. Its dedication to global education and its vision are some of the reasons why it’s an ideal choice.


One of the most selective schools in the league, Yale University has a low acceptance rate of 5%. This prestigious institution has maintained its reputation for academic excellence. Its continuous efforts to improve its quality of education are also reflected in its low acceptance rate.

The student body at Yale is known for its dedication to its studies and for being able to lead effective groups, which is one of the reasons why it’s a highly regarded school. Its alumni include prominent individuals such as George Bush and Amy Klobuchar.

If you’re a passionate student who enjoys competing in a highly competitive environment, then consider choosing Yale. Aside from being able to produce exceptional leaders, the school also has a wide variety of opportunities for its students.


Dartmouth is a small university that’s known for its low student-to-faculty ratio. This means that it’s able to provide a more intimate learning environment.

The small size of the student body also allows the school to maintain a tight-knit community. This is because of the variety of activities and traditions that it has to offer.

Dartmouth is known for its liberal-arts education. However, it also boasts a wide variety of undergraduate programs that are commonly offered in fields such as engineering, biology, and computer science. If you’re a student who enjoys having small class sizes and being part of an established community, then Dartmouth is an ideal choice.

Princeton University

Despite Princeton being regarded as a leading university in the world for researchers, it also has a lot of importance to its undergraduate students. In the past couple of years, it has been named as one of the top universities in the country when it comes to teaching.

One of the reasons why Princeton is regarded as a highly desirable university is its commitment to hiring the best staff members. With a wide range of undergraduate programs and majors, it’s an ideal choice for anyone who’s looking for something a bit different.

Besides being able to provide outstanding academic programs, Princeton is also known to provide financial aid packages that are designed to help students from various backgrounds get an Ivy League degree.

What SAT score is needed to get into the Ivy League?

It’s important to note that while the Ivies have a lot in common, there are still some differences between them when it comes to academics, resources, and culture.

Although there are many advantages to attending an Ivy League school, it’s still important to note that it takes a lot of hard work to get into the league. For instance, to be admitted into the Ivies, one must have the best SAT scores.

View of a student taking an exam.

According to the college admissions data, students who are hoping to be admitted to an Ivy League school should have an average SAT score of 1470. They should aim to score somewhere in the 75th percentile to the 25th percentile.

If you are able to achieve a score of above the 75th percentile, it’s good news. However, if you are not able to reach the 25th percentile, it’s important that you retake the exam. In addition to improving your score, it’s also important to treat each Ivy League school like its own.

An SAT score of 1590 would most definitely qualify you to attend the Ivy League because it’s in the 99th percentile of scores which means you’re in the top 1% of performers. That’s something that will even make the admissions officers of the top universities and colleges in the world take notice.

Everything you want to know about the SAT.

What is it?

The SAT is a widely used college admissions test that’s taken by counselors to determine a student’s academic capabilities. It was first introduced in 1926 by the College Board. Like other standardized tests, the SAT is a multiple-choice and pencil-and-paper exam.

When does it happen?

It’s generally recommended that students take the SAT in the spring of their junior year. This gives them enough time to prepare for the exam and retake it if they want to improve their score. The tests are administered every year on various dates, such as June, May, December, and November.


What’s on it?

The SAT is divided into two sections: math and reading. There’s also an optional essay section. When preparing for the SAT, you’ll want to focus on the area where you feel you’ll have the most trouble. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s a timed exam so you need to get used to operating well under stress.

How long is it?

The standard version of the SAT is completed in about three hours. Those who opt to complete the essay section can expect to finish around 50 minutes later. Since the SAT is a timed test, the results of the essay section will not be affected if the students fail to finish it.

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How is it scored?

The math and reading sections are scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The total score, which is a combination of these two components, is 1600. For those who decide to complete the optional essay section, their score will be computed separately.

How do I register?

The registration process for the SAT takes place through the College Board’s website. Usually, deadlines for registering for the test are around five weeks before the date of the event. It’s important to register early to ensure that you can get a spot.

Get into the school of your choice.

Are you planning on attending an Ivy League school but not sure how to start? We can help you get on the right track. For the past 10 years, we’ve been helping students excel in their applications to help them get into some of the country’s most prestigious schools. In addition to helping students with their standardized test preparation, we also help them with other aspects of their education.

Our services are designed to meet the varying needs of each student. We take into account the student’s personal interests, academic strengths, and professional goals to help them excel in their applications. If you’re ready to start preparing for the Ivy League, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.



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