These Are the Best Math Colleges in the Country!

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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These Are the Best Math Colleges in the Country!

Nearly every college in the country offers math courses and even math majors, but not all these institutions have offerings of similar value. Some colleges and universities stand out amongst others because of their dynamic curricula, rich academic opportunities, world-class staff, and specialized focus.

We’ve reviewed some of the best math colleges in the entire country so you can spend less time researching and more time focusing on improving your application. These colleges represent the best institutions of higher learning you’ll find in the country and the entire world, especially in the math departments.

Earning a degree from one of these highly esteemed universities means a wealth of professional opportunities, in-depth knowledge within the field, and a host of skills to help you succeed in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at the best math colleges and universities in the country.

1. Princeton University

Among the best math colleges is Princeton University. Princeton is a top-of-the-range university all around and no less in mathematics. The university employs a dynamic approach in teaching and applying Mathematic principles that are majorly built on student understanding.

Among the courses offered in Princeton are calculus foundations, algebra, which is conveniently broken down into individual units for easier understanding, multivariable analysis, probability, and stochastic systems, among others.

The professors at Princeton are highly qualified in their fields of specialization and the techniques they employ in delivering the courses to the students. Mathematics is integrated with other courses to increase practicality.

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An example of an integrated math course in Mathematics in Engineering incorporates mathematical principles with an engineering objective. After completing courses in mathematics, students graduating from Princeton are better equipped to handle everyday problems and have a broader outlook towards math in general.

2. Harvard University

Harvard University is another prestigious university that has served the United States and the world in general for centuries. Slowly expanding the total number of courses offered, it currently offers various mathematical courses.

The math majors offered at Harvard include the graduate Mathematics program. It is focused on producing key players in research and practical application of Mathematics. It also offers many other math courses like discreet mathematics, algebraic geometry, and almost everything else mathematics.

Harvard University has consistently held the top five percent for years on end and has at some point been ranked second in the world. The university encourages research from the grassroots level, availing research programs to students doing their undergraduate courses and not only to postgraduate students as is the norm in other universities.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Famed the world over for its academic excellence in technology and engineering, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also a first-class university in science and especially math.

There are plenty of options to choose from, from undergraduate degrees in math from MIT. The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics offers concentrations in pure, applied, and general Mathematics.

This, however, is not the only course available for math lovers. A degree in Mathematics and Computer science, in stride with the technological focus of the university, can be obtained after a four-year program.

It is arguably among the best math colleges and has attracted large groups of students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities over the years.

The university offers the opportunity to pursue and graduate from two major degrees, placing them in an advantageous position after their studies are complete.

5. Stanford University

Stanford University has consistently proven its academic prowess in different fields. The Department of Mathematics at Stanford University is said to be the best globally.

The university offers three options in single-variable and multivariable math. It also offers numerous other math courses and boasts an all-inclusive mathematical course catalog. Stanford University is probably teaching math if it has anything to do with math.

Unique to Stanford University, the math courses aim to improve the reasoning and understanding of mathematics in solving mathematical problems and improve the lives of humanity by providing practical solutions to everyday life.

The undergraduate math courses prepare the students for a life in corporate, banking, technology, and other vital fields. They can also form a foundation for pursuing graduate programs in Mathematics. Be part of the Stanford experience and partake in its knowledgeable environment.

6. University of California

They rarely come any better than the University of California – Berkely in selecting the best math colleges. With a relatively higher number of graduates in mathematics as compared to the other top universities in the United States and worldwide, the university boasts of a large math student population that works in its favor in more ways than one.

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For students pursuing the program of mathematics and statistics, Mathematics is among the most crucial of their majors. Other math-related courses are applied mathematics and statistics. Many students mean that the University of California – Berkely is among the most popular universities to study math from.

The university is at the forefront of research, and this trickles down to the students pursuing math majors who actively participate in advanced-level research exposing them to the much-needed experience necessary for survival in the market.

7. The University of Chicago – Chicago IL

Like many other universities, mathematics is an important major for mathematics and statistics programs, and Mathematics with specialization in economics at the University of Chicago.

However, unlike many other universities, The University of Chicago is ranked high in national rankings of the best math colleges in the United States, putting it among the top one percent, which is an incredible feat.

With over thirty track-proven math courses offered under the Department of Mathematics, students can choose what works best for them and excel in it. The faculty in the department include renowned scientists and recipients of numerous awards.

This, coupled with a lively student-teacher interaction program, ensures that the students get the best out of the material they are engaging with to grasp mathematical concepts and ideas properly. An added advantage is that students from other majors can complete a minor in mathematics.

8. Columbia University

Solidly ranked in a high position among the best math colleges in the country, Columbia University remains an excellent choice when selecting institutions of higher learning that offer undergraduate degrees in mathematics.

A fairly popular university, the programs offered in this New York-based university include a Bachelor’s Degree in Math and applied mathematics. The University organizes many student-led seminars that improve student participation in the learning process, which forms a cornerstone for the principles employed in teaching at Columbia University.

This feature is unique to the university. The University also has tutoring services made available to any student that might need them.

The tutoring system is such that senior students tutor their younger counterparts, and therefore, in the end, both stand to benefit tremendously. The flexible learning programs at Columbia University are also a bonus for prospective students.

9. University of California

Popularly known as UCLA, the University of California – Los Angeles, just like almost every other university that made it on this list, offers the best in competitive programs designed to positively impact the lives of people everywhere. With this approach, the Department of Mathematics rolls out its programs.

For the Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics, math is an important major. With cutting-edge research, the university has pioneered many of the principles in applied mathematics.

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Their research has had far-reaching ripple effects on medicine, national security, and applied geometry. The consistent struggle for innovative solutions to humanity’s problems has earned the University of California – Los Angeles a ranking of second in the nation and eleventh worldwide.

Whether one is pursuing Financial Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematics of computation, or Mathematics for teaching, UCLA remains among the best math colleges.

10. California Institute of Technology

On very few occasions, universities come as decorated as the California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech. They have won it all when it comes to the field of Mathematics at least once, and repetitively in others.

They have bagged top honors in algebra, mathematical logic, and geometry. Under their belt is a book authored by the university in mathematical analysis that has been taken up as an important course book and research companion.

The math programs offered at Caltech are similar in structure to many of the other universities in the country and include mathematics and statistics; however, when it comes to the coursework, Caltech offers several unique courses geared towards improving an individual’s mathematical reasoning capacity. A perfect example of such a course is mathematical chaos.

11. New York University

Commonly associated with visual and performing arts and social sciences, NYU has been a lighthouse of information since it opened its doors to the public. The mathematical research school at New York University is known as the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Named after its founder, Richard Courant, CIMS houses the mathematical programs offered at the New York University, including Computer Science and Mathematics. The faculty from CIMS has received many awards, including the Kyoto protocol, and has transferred the ardent zeal of research onto the students.

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With thirty percent of the student population in CIMS researching that the national science foundation funds, it has the largest student population involved in research at NYU.

The achievements of the students and staff are a direct reflection of the capabilities of the Department of Mathematics at NYU in producing competent and adequately skilled professionals.

12. Yale University

Situated in the first planned city in America, Yale University is among the oldest universities in the country. It has, over the years, maintained high standards of teaching and is among the Ivy League universities.

The department of Mathematics at Yale has been in operation for centuries and has amassed wealth in knowledge throughout this period that is passed on to the students in an articulated manner.

To highlight a few, math majors at Yale undergo a vigorous program that includes courses in Algebra, logic and foundations, analysis, geometry and topology, and applied mathematics. The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree is among the many math programs offered at Yale.

It is true to say that Yale University is among the best math colleges. Graduates from Yale receive a significantly higher salary than their colleagues in the field of Mathematics from other universities.

13. The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The Department of Mathematics at The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor falls under the college of literature, sciences, and the arts. It has many competitive math programs, including pure mathematics, Mathematical Sciences, Actuarial mathematics, finance and risk management, and secondary mathematics teaching certificate.

Entry into any one of these programs grants students of The University of Michigan access to the field of mathematics from a problem-solving perspective.

Although the university has been associated with excellence in computer and technology over the years, math majors are quickly gaining popularity and attract a large percentage of new students annually.

It’s mandatory for all math majors in the university to take eighteen credits, six from the basic courses and nine from the core courses in mathematics.

14. Cornell University

New York is a hub of knowledge, and part of this is because of the presence of Cornell University, which has scholars from all major fields of sciences, arts, and languages.

Among this great collection of knowledge is Mathematical knowledge offered at Cornell University, among the best math colleges in the region and beyond, proven by being ranked highly in the field of mathematics.

The programs offered in the university include a degree in mathematics with seven concentrations. The courses highlighted in the mathematical programs are algebra, geometry, topology, numerical analysis, mathematical logic and statistics, and many more.

The university has always been mindful of mathematics as it is among the founding courses. Like any other leading university in math, Cornell University is actively involved in research and has played an important role in shaping the surrounding community.

15. Brown University – Providence, RI

At Brown University, the student’s competency is what determines the course they are going to pursue from the Department of Mathematics. There are many options available for undergraduate programs, all designed to propel the student into a life of excellence in academics and beyond when they join their desired industries.

The stimulating courses are supposed to cultivate the need to solve and theoretically create problems and then proceed to solve them. This unique approach imparts important skills of anticipation to the students. The department demands at least six courses in mathematics for one to major in math.

Deep-rooted in the principles of Brown University, students have the opportunity to major in other non-math-related courses while majoring in math. However, for those who want to focus solely on mathematics, the option of pursuing Sc. B in math is made available to them. Usually, this is the best option for students interested in graduate programs.

16. University of Texas – Austin – Austin, TX

Ranked fifth in the United States and tenth internationally, The University of Texas at Austin is truly among the best math colleges. The Department of Mathematics falls under the college of natural sciences.

Mathematics at the University of Texas is rapidly growing in the number of students enrolling annually and also by virtue of the number of programs available to the students. Among the programs offered are Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics and teaching, and Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Mathematics Honors, and Teaching.

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At the University of Texas – Austin, Mathematics does not always have to be from a scientific approach, part of the core beliefs of the Department of Mathematics is the versatility of Mathematics.

Math as poetry has greatly been implemented in the University, in teaching and application. The research interests of the university in Mathematics are diverse and include almost all the major courses. From algebra to calculus and even Mathematical physics.

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